I am pissed at a science being turned into superstition because of
a blatant desire for power, money and control.

     LRH was a God, and is not to be judged by human standards but by
God standards.

     I am also really really really pissed at freezone sycophants who
argue 'Hhubbard said this, so I am standard", no "Hubbard said this, so
*I* am standard."


     Hubbard said learn the material, make it your own, be able to give
it back to the coach in your own words, and for Gods sake let's build a
better bridge.

     And if you can't DO anything with the tech, then to hell with you.

     HE decided no one could, and we all believed him.

     Hell now even I HAVE a better bridge for myself, certainly one that
would have worked when I was in the Church in 1973 had they the wisdom
or fortitude to use it, maybe even a soloable bridge, although I
wouldn't wish that off on anyone.

       MODEL SESSION II et al.

     So what I want to see is a SCIENCE of clearing vetted of the
personality, opinions, views, and warp of any founder, creator
researcher, or law, free to be peered reviewed and CORRECTED, even if
wrongly, and allowed to prosper and flourish or not without market
suppression from any other group of make wrong robots living their own
service facs to the hilt on their latest GPM term/opp term which always
includes the intent to cause the death FOREVER of the other side.

     If you aren't auditing the exhilaration of drowning in the blood of
your enemies, what pray tell then are you auditing?

     Don't you believe otherwise, if you aren't a Scientologist in good
standing with the Church, and a folder under their arms full of your
session confessions, they DON'T WANT YOU AROUND.

     No withholds, no control.

     You think the Muslims, Christians, Nazi's and Jews are bad, their
bigotry is frou-frou compared to the Scientologists, that have bigotry
down to a fine science.

     Fair game, disconnection, harassment, dirty tricks, black ops


     Show the fairness of the tech, and the scourge of its power pushers
and their dupes.

     And the Scientologists are breeding new generations of themselves
every day, spreading like cockroaches in the night, brought up entirely
within the world of Scientology, not allowed to talk to anyone outside
with a different view, not allowed to engage in the free communications
on the internet, constrained by SELF IN-FRACKING-POSED nanny programs
that let them know what is good to think and what is not.

     Jesus, just dump the whole lot of them in China, they would be
happy as a pig in mud there, the Chinese have mental blinders down to a

     These Scientology kids go to school in Scientology Madrases,
separated from their parents by a commie mentality of communal ownership
of the children, learning to memorize ONLY THE WORDS OF HUBBARD, as the
only thing they know, along with their fear and hatred for anything not

     Perhaps an exaggeration for some, but it is worse than you have a
clue at the core of the Church.

     Do you want this kind of canker sore on the face of God, spewing
out their mentally infected children into the middle of our society?

     Well OK, someone has to compete with the Christians for pure

     But the Christians have an excuse, they STARTED with stupidity at
the base of their beliefs, God made you, God loves you so much he
invented hell forever for those that don't love him back, etc.

     Christians are abused by vile nonsense, ignorance and exceptional
multi dimensional bigotry from the day they are born.  Their children
become marching zombies at an early age, trying to purify the world of
heathens or those with a brain.

     Scientologists have no such excuse.

     Scientologists started with WISDOM, THE BEST THIS PLANET HAS EVER
SEEN, PERIOD, and they have turned it into an inter galactic cess pool,
a show of disgrace and SHAME.

     And I don't want to hear about what Hubbard said, except in
passing, or as an example of how the bastard from hell was WRONG.

     Or maybe a joke or two: Did you hear what happened to Hubbard on
the Clearing Course?

     He as-ised his analytical mind.

     And I do not want to associate with those who refuse discussion on
his failings and the failings of his tech, I am already shamed enough
that I have Hubbard juice all over me, and I will not associate with
those who suppress or delete my postings because they aren't consistent

     PARTY LINE: A party line is that fixed idea, pet theory, or other
philosophical vanity, that when confronted by evidence or reason that it
is wrong, over rules that evidence or reason.  See The Proof at

     I have always had a vile hatred for private mailing lists for just
those reasons, beyond the fact that things only posted to a private list
are lost forever to mankind.

     And just recently I had this vile hatred validated on two private
face book groups dealing with 'ability to communicate with anyone on any


     Christ if you want a group for noodles, just called it

     No, you know the real problem with these private groups, ("How dare
you post about OT stuff on MY walls, it just freaks out my friends"), is
they are all TERRIFIED OF THE OSA and so they live in hiding in private
invite only groups.

     Does a person have a RIGHT to be protected from his own fear of his
own visage in the mirror?

     If he is not paying you, do you have a DUTY to provide him that

     If you are afraid of your own shadow you are an implanter, so what
fracking rights do you have now?

     So these assholes allow the entire group to be brought down to the
level of the lowest out Grade zero in the group.

     Hell I would be willing give a direct feed to OSA from these
frackzone pinheads, maybe the two will annihilate each other,

     And its all about MONEY all over again, the frackzone wants a
private place where they can sell their professional wares to new
preclears, Division 6 kind of thing.

     By invite only, as long as you don't talk above Grade IV.

     "Don't talk about BT's, its bad for the bottom line."

     "We can't do a bait and switch if people know about the switch
before they taste the bait."

      Thetan's are cause, and BT's are thetans, so living in a swarm
of BT's is like living in a swarm of angry wasps.

      It's fine to ask the thetan what he is doing kicking the
wasp's nest, or you can come in with some raid and spray the whole
cluster, that works too.

     WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THEY AUDITING?  Congenital bug food?

     Sorry, if I am going to audit someone, they will have to give The
Proof back to me VERBATIM in their own words with full understanding,
and we are going to START with "Spot some life/death", incarnate and
discarnate, and the intent to cause the death/life of.

     And you know, if I solo my way to a point of comfort, against
everyone's say so that it can't be done, will any of those self
righteous assholes come to me and ask me how I did it, and how it might
benefit them all?

     No, they will declare me suppressive and operate their intent to
kill against me, to the endless detriment of Earth for the rest of time.


     And let's get this straight, once and for all.

     They don't give a GOD DAMN ABOUT YOU.

      Except as a money producing cow on their cow farm.

     They have sold a bond out, borrowed money, on every preclear that
comes into the Church, payable against the productive output of the
preclear during this life.

     You think perhaps that free beings belong to a Church?

     As far as I am concerned those that think an evil thought towards
me, can all go to hell forever for free.

     I will not support them, I will not aid nor abet them, I will not
worship at the alter of a Cult of Personality, and when the rest of the
sane world finally gets around through peer pressure to kicking
fundamentalist Christian-inanity out of our children's lives as
institutionalized bigotry and mental child abuse, and they start to go
after the Scientologists as a mind control police state aborning in
religious cloth, I will only say have at it and have fun, the super
bigoted bastards have it coming to them in spades.

     Do not tolerate the intolerant, do not tolerate those that think
you are going to hell forever NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU HAVE
DONE, for these Reichian plague personalities are a spreading zombie
sickness in the Zombie Zone.

     And if you buy into their OrthoShit, YOU BECOME ONE.

     That's the vector of contagion, agreement in the moral
irredeemability of others.

     And no, the Psychiatric Zombie Lords are not your friend either,
they will not rest until every body, heart, mind and soul is polluted
with their spiritual poisons, prosac, zoloft, luvox.

     Christ, homocidal ideations indeed, which do google please.

     The fear of life is real, the danger is real, all the drugs do is
hide the fear so you CAN'T SEE THE DANGER.

     But then neither can you love or cry.

     Most people live their lives dealing by not dealing.

     The drugs help you continue to deal by not dealing long after the
kettle was wont to blow.

     If you try to get off those drugs, the pressure cooker does blow,
and you go splat all over Native State.

     Our lives are all forfeit if we do not wake up and deal by dealing.

     Put those whose vision of the future is an ever expanding mental
slavery, to clap and pay homage and tithings to the Gods of death
forever, and hell forever, out of our misery.

     There are good strong Scientologists with balls and integrity, but
possibly not as many as you might want in the good standing of the
Church, there are good Christians, but they don't believe in hell
forever, and good Muslims and good Jews.

     Good Jews taste best rolled up in lox and cream cheese.

     There is peace in the thought that one day ALL men will be attain
the enlightened state.

     "Class is an attitude, that ALL should live forever and be my

     This dream ends forever, when the circle of friends are all holding
hands again." -Adore.

     And you will know the good people because you will feel better
about yourself and God and the AllThatIs, when you are around them.

     We all ARE God incarnation after all, the salvation of God from
eternal ruin is equally important to all of us.

     Notice feeling better about yourself, doesn't mean feeling saved.
There is no eternal damnation, so there is no eternal salvation.

     There is however Eternal Justice which reigns at all times, the
time delay between the overt act and the payback is how long it takes
the being to regret his actions.

     And boy karma is a bitch, because self judgment is a bitch.

     The sorrow behind the death of a single cat is a keyhole into the
infinite Love of God.

      Be blessed that you were afforded such a keyhole.

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