This is New Clearing Technology.


      The End Phenomenon of Life Repair is:

      Awareness of Truth and the way to Personal Integrity.

      Integrity means knowing what you know, and knowing what you do not
know.  It may have other meanings, but without this meaning in
operation, any others will never be attained.

      We want a simple and totally non evaluative process to run on the
brand new preclear off the street, a process that can be run on someone
you just met by accident on the concourses of life, with noticeable and
astounding results.

      Sessions should last between 20 and 90 minutes at most, and take
place every 3 or more days apart.  Less than 3 and the preclear will
still be in the previous session getting wins.  Too many more than 3
days, and he will be bogged down in life out rudiments again, upsets,
problems, withholds, wars of make wrong etc.

      That said the results of this process are firm and stable, and at
the end of this process, the preclear will be able to deal with incoming
realities properly rather than being ruined by them.  It may however
take you and the preclear more than one session to accomplish this,
perhaps 10 at most.

      The auditor is allowed to run the process, ask the questions, give
the commands, but is forbidden to answer the question or execute the
command for the preclear.

      Totally non evaluative technology is hard to come by because of a
number of reasons.

      First the very fact that you are running a given process on the
preclear indicates an evaluation by the C/S and the auditor that the
preclear needs to have the process run on him.

      This indicates that the preclear is presently not operating with
the E/P of the process, but that at the end of a reasonable (financially
supportable) amount of time of running the process, he will be operating
in life with the E/P of the process.

      At the end of session the preclear should be happy with the money
spent for that session, which is charged by the session not the hour,
and within a few days the preclear should feel serious return on
investment coming from what you did with him during that session.





      There is a SHORT time delay measured in a few days, between a
session and full return on investment for that session to make itself

      Second, every process needs a necessary modicum of indoctrination
at the beginning of it, such as what we are doing in this posting,
including word clearing the words of the process, and clearing the basic
concepts of the process that will be used.

      Words and concepts used in a process may be different than their
normal loose English usage, so such differences need to be clarified and
understood by the preclear.

      If a preclear can't change his definition of the word God to mean a
watermelon, he is in trouble.

      Beyond that, once the session starts, the auditor asks the
questions, gives the commands, and the preclear responds.

      A violation of this is a High Auditing Crime, no matter how
reasonable it might seem at the time.

      Answering a question for the preclear WILL result in an ARC break

      The more the preclear begs for an answer, the more they will
crucify you later if you give them one.

      In session means the preclear is interested in his own case and
willing to talk to the auditor.

      Out of session means the preclear is not interested in his own case
or not willing to talk to the auditor.

      Out of sessionness is either an IMMEDIATE present time problem,
such as needing to pee, which you should allow to be handled, or two way
comm'd to a release per standard tech, or withholds, or an ARC break.

      Handle ARC breaks with "What would you like me to know about you?"

      Once you find the item or items, make SURE the preclear KNOWS you
understand and know what he wanted you to know, even if you have to give
it back to him in your own words.  That's called a super ack.

      Then continue with the process.

      You do NOT super ack during normal session processing.

      In normal processing, giving back to the preclear what he just said
is called echo auditing and will cause the preclear to go out of
session.  He expects you to get it the first time.

      If he asks if you got it, say yes, and then continue.

      On a new preclear, they will be very sensitive about withholds,
sexual pecadillos etc.

      Indicate to the preclear you do not need to know them unless the
preclear wants you to know them, but that the preclear should indicate,
if he can, that there is something he is not talking about and let it go
at that.  This will greatly relieve the new preclear who will start
spilling the beans anyhow as things progress.

      Notice, in session means the auditor asks the questions, and the
preclear gives the answers.

      Out of session means, the preclear asks the question and the
auditor gives an answer.

      It is OK for the preclear to ask a question in session, but it is
NOT OK for the auditor to answer it, unless it is a question about the

      Preclear questions DURING SESSION need to be handled with standard
TR (Training Routine) procedures.


      A being is an operating system of desire and view.

      Desire is what he wants, his goals, and are the source of his
emotion, feelings and drive through out the day.

      View is his view of the Cosmic All, the AllThatIs.

      Views are opinions, bets, beliefs, convictions and perfect

      Your preclear will have desires and views along all 8 dynamics or
action from himself to The Infinite.

      The 8 dynamics of action are self, family, groups, mankind, life
forms, MEST, Spirit and The Infinite.

      He will also have desires about his views and views about his

      Your average preclear will be found to be in a state where his
views constrain, invalidate or make impossible his desires,

      Thus coming to believe his views with great conviction, he has
retired, submerged or outright buried his desires that were not
consistent with his views.

      This is the opposite of how a God works.

      The human makes his desires subservient to his views.

      The human rearranges his desires to accomodate his views.

      A God makes his views subservient to his desires.

      A God rearranges his views to accomodate his desires.

      Views consist of considerations as to what is true and what is
false about the nature of things, ranging from himself, up through the 8
dynamics to The Infinite.

      Views thus consist of items of belief in true and false, right and
wrong, desirable and undesirable.

      Beliefs fall into 5 categories, and the preclear thus has 5
'buckets' into which he has tossed all of his beliefs.

       The 5 buckets are:

       1.) Perfectly Certain is true.
       2.) Probably true.
       3.) No clue if true or false.
       4.) Probably false.
       5.) Perfectly certain is false.

      More bullshit will never be found on Earth than in those 5 buckets.

      Preclears confuse perfect certainties with convictions.

      Convictions can be wrong, because convictions gain their 'evidence'
from overwhelming force.  The more it knocks him unconscious, the more
he is just sure it is true.

      FORCE is the pretense of cause in the physical universe.

      Force is a mask over the underlying eternal postulates that are the
true cause.

      Perfect certainties are self obvious and can not be wrong, because
perfect certainties gain their evidence from direct perception which is
capable of continuous present time reverification.

      The preclear must be drilled on the difference between conviction
and perfect certainty until he no long confuses the two.

      For the record, the term 'perfect certainty' is redundant.

      For anything your preclear says is true, ask if him he would be
willing to bet his eternity in hell forever on it.

      If yes, then ask him if he would be willing to bet EVERYONE ELSE'S
eternity in hell on it.

      If yes, then probably the item is a perfect certainty.

      If no, then its not.

      Get him to spot a perfect certainty, then a conviction, until he
can notice the difference between a deeply held belief and a direct
present time perception of a perfect certainty.

      "Spot two different colors in the environment.

      Are you perfectly certain there are at least two different colors


      At some point he will get honest with himself, and recognize the
facility of perfect certainty within himself.  That is NOT the E/P of
the process, that merely allows him to continue the process with honest

      However, since the facility of perfect certainty is what makes him
conscious and not a machine, it's an important first step towards
awareness of anything, let alone truth and the way to personal

      Now what we want the preclear to do, figuratively, is to dump the
confused contents of all his buckets on the ground in one big messy

      Then one by one, individually inspect each item of knowledge and
replace it into its correct bucket, based on his present time mature
adult judgment.

      Once all items have been reevaluated by the preclear and are in
their correct bucket, his awareness of actual truth and personal
integrity will be restored.

      Life is a path on the way to greater evolution as a spirit, towards
spiritual sovereignty, which starts with the ability to TAKE full
responsibility for all things and actions as one's own, whether one
'created them' or not.

      To take means to see a silver dollar on a table that is not yours,
and TAKE it, so that it becomes yours.

      Theft of things might normally be considered bad, but for a God,
theft of responsibility for all things is normal operating procedure as
long as the being allows other's to take full responsibility for all
things at the same time.

      The Many in time are related via the One in Eternity, the same way
the Many heads of the hydra are related to the One body.

      Inside of time the Many look like they have only individual

      But from Eternity, the view is of One responsibility.

      Thus the way from the Many to the One is theft of responsibility
while leaving it there for others to take also.

      "All choose that all should choose, and that all should choose
more." -Adore

      That's like taking the silver dollar for yourself, but leaving one
on the table for someone else to take too.

      If you can put it there, put the silver dollar there, so that
someone else can also put the same silver dollar there, who now is
responsible for the silver dollar being there?

      The path of life through spiritual evolution towards sovereignty,
has been ruined by various views, which views where then used by the
being to submerge his desires related to life and walking that path.

      The being has 'chernobled' his true desires with his questionable

      To chernoble means to bury in concrete, in this case 'mental mass.'

      The impulse to chernoble desire with view results from high
appreciation for ludicrous demise.

       It is a game of the Imp Soul, who wishes to play the game of
seeking God while getting tied up playing the games of life instead.

      Eventually the Imp Soul ends of seeking God by seeking death.

      By running the Life Repair process fully to a complete E/P, that
walk of Life on the path towards the game of evolution will no longer be
ruined, and his High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise will be restored.

      Rather than walk in anger, fear and sorrow, he can walk in
Living Peace.

      Living Peace is a kind of serenity of beingness that still allows
for high action without the hysteria about doom.

      And so too will be restored his get up and go, because now he has
reoriented himself with what the games of life are about, fun and not
shackels on his feet to trip himself up, during the game of evolving
back towards sovereignty.

      In other words he can pick himself up in life and walk that path
again without getting sucked into the drama of really bad life games.

      Before that he is sitting in a mess, doing life as best he can, but
no spiritual evolution is taking place and the PURPOSE of life games are
lost to him.

      The process is NOT an effort to rehabilitate any particular life
game of survival on any dynamic, but to rehabilitate WHY the preclear is
involved in life games in the first place, win or lose, and how to
readjust himself in the game stream, not for maximum wins in life games,
but for optimum play.

       By desiring to play, he will put life games there rather than
playing them to get rid of them forever.

      He does this BY TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY and failing to bury his
desire with his views.

      As a side result, the win/lose ratio of life games will change
markedly, along with what games he chooses to play, but more to the
point, the preclear will have his get up and go operational again and
will be feeling good and enjoying the path to greater SPIRITUAL
evolution, on the 8 dynamics of action.

      Love is such a game.  Love is an emotion, a warm and powerful
feeling that drives the efforts to enhance the future of yourself and
another across all dynamics.

      It is the Many seeking the One, via interacting with other Manys.
while retaining itself as one of Many.

      Feeling good about get up and go in time, and certainty that one is
now SPIRITUALLY evolving properly towards Eternity, is the return on
investment of this process.


       "Tell me something true."
       "What evidence do you have for this?"
       "What bucket does it belong in?"
       "How does knowing it is true make you feel?"

       "Tell me something false."
       "What evidence do you have for this?"
       "What bucket does it belong in?"
       "How does knowing it is false make you feel?"

      Two way comm between preclear and auditor is critical to this
process, let the preclear hash it out, he took a long time to get all
his beliefs in place, it will take him some time to release them all.

      The feeling question is also CRITICAL to the process.

      The preclear will start off with desire being subjugated by view.

      Eventually he will realize that his VIEWS are killing his will to

      He will eventually have to decide between believing what is killing
him, or looking deeper until he finds a more palatable view to forge
ahead with.

      He will realize he ran into this conflict long ago between what he
thought was true and what he really desired was true, and he made the
wrong choices to deal with the conflict by bowing to the view and
suppressing his desire.

      He chose the idea that view is sovereign and desire is not.

      The truth is, desire is sovereign and view is not.

      He will have to learn that desire CREATES views, even those views
that suppress desire.

      Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign FOR A

      Thus the concentration on taking responsibility for total

      The guy choose to not know he choose, this process will start to
run that out for good.

      Eventually once the process is completed, after one or many
sessions, including between session background solo time, and running
the process on his friends and getting them to run it their friends, he
won't accept any view that makes him feel bad.

      We are dealing with a fundamental operational aspect of the mind.

      That consists of asking is this true, and do I like it?

      He has never before been willing to consider that the fact he
didn't like an idea, was itself evidence that the idea was not true NO

      Meatballs won't understand that statement, so don't piss them off
by showing it to them.

      But in fact it is impossible to have something be true that you do
not like.

      So either the idea is not completely true, or you do like it and in
fact wanted it from an Eternal perspective.

      Thus a clear being is one whose desire and view are in perfect

      When a being can finally find accord between his desire and view,
his willingness to take responsibility for those views goes up to the
point where he CAN take responsibility for them, and thus create or not
create views as he wishes, including views that send him right back into
the auditor's chair.

      Since views ARE ALL THAT ARE MAKING A PERSON FEEL BAD, once this
process completes, he will be running in the strong interest and
positive emotion range most of the time, and will be able to handle
crushing emotional losses as positive influences to his spiritual
evolvement back to absolute Sovereignty rather than as crushing blows to
his future enjoyment of life.

       Everything lives in a 'while', by putting the thing in a while,
even if he doesn't know the beginning or end, he pops himself out
of that while and the inevitable loss of what is in the while.

       By doing this with everything in his life on an on going basis,
he starts to take responsibility for things by putting them in their
while, and thus he can handle the ending of the while BECAUSE HE
ALREADY ORDAINED IT, even if not knowing when.  That is part of his
ordainment of that while.

       "Spot something you love."
       "Put it in a while."

       E/P: Torrents of love and laughter.

      Joy does not come from playing, winning or losing the games of
life, it comes from spiritual advancement back to sovereignty.

       In games of life happiness comes from playing, overcoming not
unknowable barriers towards known purposes.

       The games of spiritual evolvement, happiness comes from being able
to take responsibility for anything the games of life throw at you,
whether play, win or lose, each successful action of taking
responsibility being one more step towards sovereignty, the ultimate and
inevitable outcome.

       Being able to CREATE games is more enjoyable than playing,
winning or losing them.

      What is being tested is not how well or good a being can live, nor
how compassionate he can be, but by how able he is to take full
responsibility for all conditions of existence, and all actions on all
dynamics whether good or bad.

      If his house gets robbed, and he says 'Well I didn't do that, HE
did that!', then he starts a cycle of karma from that moment on, that
continues and commits to the idea that he can be an effect of causes
that he had nothing to do with, leaving him less and less able to
control others directly on the physical, emotional mental and spiritual

      So he is more likely to get robbed again, and he will get involved
in all kinds of life games having to do with anti robbery etc.

      In the meanwhile his emotional tone is future tainted with the
worry about being robbed again, and others being robbed.  He will
eventually solve this emotional irritation by making robbery right, and
taking to robbing others.

      That ain't sovereignty.

      If he takes full responsibility for the robbery, he is saying HE
caused the other guy to do it, even if only after the fact, for no
reason at all, then he can step out of the consideration that he is an
effect of unwanted causes, and thus regain a touch of his absolute
eternal sovereignty.

       *THAT* is spiritual evolution.

       It's not about being good, the being as A CHARACTER is trying to be
good against evil he would never create.

       It's about being AUTHOR, the being as AUTHOR creates grand
tapestries of good and evil.

      One can only get stuck in a tapestry of dicoms, by siding adamantly
with one side and refusing to while the pair, put it there.

      CHARACTERS do that, back themselves and hide in the corners of one
side of a dicom, not Authors.

       One doesn't have to go out and BE evil, but one does have to be
willing to write the story of his life so its a better story.

      He can't do that without being willing to put it there AS HIMSELF,
as the effect of some other authorship.

       God is authorship, that's Sovereignty.

       Grand tapestries of good and evil.

       Got it?

       If you want control of your life, you have to author it, into a rip
roaring good story, not an easy win against your most detested enemies.

      You think God the Author detests any character in its story?

      He loves them all equally because they TOGETHER make a good story.

      What?  I thought evil was a BAD thing!

      Yes to a character it is, but not to an Author.

      Without evil Authors would be out of business as not even
the good would read a book that had only good characters in it.

      Therefore worship your most detested enemies as yourself, lest your
life become boring as hell, or you get eaten by the bad you would never,
could never, should never have created.

      Your entire track from the beginning of time to where you are
sitting in your chair right now is a composite of all the times you
either took full responsibility for something or didn't.

      Those things you did take full responsibility for vanished with no
wake left in time, so all that's left is ...

       Which way are you going to turn?

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