Thaddeus said:
>     Homer: especially in the link = 2nd response i'm probably more w/you
>than u know, but i don't know yer bpc enough to totally dig yer post or
>1st response.  What r u running into & what have u tried?  i will loose
>respect for u if u havent tried granting beingness to the church and fz.
>my sit is pretty different, yet i would b amiss to not to say admiration
>& granting being has worked goodish for me so far.  some response to this
>comment sought.  ps: have u considered the possibility that dividing
>a.c.t might not have been best?  in 97 i saw 0 signs that a.c.t. would
>b homer's soap box at all.  how 'bout a.c.newstuff or a.c.r&d or some
>such.  remember: research vs $ = constant headache so give a thetan a
>break; haw?!  have u even tried getting in comm w/fz?  dex gelfland
>seems an at least fairly good guy to me - my best pick.  must say lotsa
>folks seem good within their own context.  not all r of scientific 
>gotta be better solution than yelling.  u seem to b the most important in
>fz to me, or @ very least the most underappreciated.  fz should declare ur
>bday a holiday.  all fz owes a.c.t..

Homer Wilson Smith said:

      I got frackzone friends all over the place.

      You know I sent in 5 bucks to a National Enquirer Ad a while back
offering me the secret to happiness, wealth and power.

      This is what I got back.

      "There is no compromise with full responsibility.  It lies above
20.0 on the tone scale and is descended from with the full knowledge of
its assumptions.  It means responsibility for all acts, all emotions, on
every dynamic and in every sphere as one's own.  It includes such
"disrelated" data as the death of an individual one has never met on a
highway on which one has never traveled at the hands of a stranger no
matter how culpable.  One does not send to find out for whom the bell
tolls, without full willingness to have tolled it and to have caused the
cause of its tolling." - Advanced Procedure and Axioms


      Oh well it was only 5 bucks.

      So I will make you a deal.

      If you take full responsibility for me and my irresponsibilities, I 
will take full respsonsibility for Hubbard, his Church, the churchie 
zombie zoners that infect it, the controlling overlords of evil that feed 
on the zombies, AND I will throw in for FREE taking full responsibility 
for the aborning police state, Bradley Manning spending the rest of his 
life in jail, the One World Government, the New World Order, AND I will 
add in 100,000 black helicopters to boot, armed with 1.6 billion rounds of 
hollow point, along with the environment going to hell, oil spills, the 
fur trade, the child sex trade, the war on drugs, that asteriod coming in 
with our name on it, chemical, biological, atomic and genetic war fare, 
our constitution being sold to the lowest bidder, the guy who ran over my 
cat, and the guy tolling that damn bell all day long waking me up every 

      That a fair deal?

      Mean while, read LIFE REPAIR at

Thu Mar 14 14:21:41 EDT 2013