> So one is laying cause for cognition at the feet of their auditor?

      Yes.  The truth is co cause, the computation is that co cause is

      It's one thing to want help, its quite another NEED HELP.

     In this world sometimes people NEED HELP, it can happen, but people
with a controlling intent will tell you need help when you don't, that
you CAN'T DO IT ALONE, and worse that you SHOULDN'T DO IT ALONE, because
it's dangerous, wrong, bad for their income, bad for the group, etc.  So
they turn needing help into an ethical imperative.

> Do not wish to be beholden to anybody?

     Not forever.

>     On the Chart of Human Attitudes at the top of the scale one owns
>the auditor, "Owns All", but there are viewpoints in that scale which
>emcompass "All that is".

     Yes, the hard part is PUTTING THE HELP THERE as fully responsible.

     My responsibility and put there level at the time I was in the
church was literally negative.

      Even today its only analytical, actually putting there the death of
Mira, or any part of my life is zip, beyond horrifying.  No willing to
take responsibility for.  Wanna kill whoever was :)

> I am co-auditing for free, so it that okay?

     As long as there are no agreements to not discuss YOUR OWN case or
gains or understandings out of session, except maybe for a sunsetable
while, and as long as both parties are considering they are getting a
fair exchange for the work they put into each other.

      Remember as auditor, you can help forever for free, because its an
out flow.  The practicality of doing so may be limited for he who would
outflow must inflow too.

      But as a preclear, being helped and helped and helped, is a degrade
and eventually the preclear goes into a refused help.

      Kids do this with their useless mothers, who won't let the kid help
himself, because the mother feels useless if the kid can be self

     It's psycho, but the kid gets to 'refused to be helped,' and starts
to feel useless also.  This sits on top of volcanic matricidal feelings.


Wed Mar 20 11:47:41 EDT 2013