We apparently live in a universe whose highest forms of pleasure
are fine wine and unconsolable sorrow.

     The sorrows are unconsolable because our very conception of the
Cosmic All is a direct violation of our Sovereign Desire.

     Every comm line you make will one day be taken from you.

     They were given to you without your say so, and so will they be
taken from you without your say so.

     Life consists of an endless stream of expected and unexpected
interuptions in relationship.

     You will be crying after that cat forever until you meet up with it
again and whap it across the valley for getting itself killed under the
tire of a car.

     I mean that's why we spent so much time taking care of it so it
could waste us a big one in the end for no good reason, right?

     Perhaps then you can snuggle up with you cat again, and be

     "This universe treats love like the oceans treat sand castles in
the sand." - Adore


      Spot NO   CHANGE.
      Spot SOME CHANGE.


      Get the idea of NO CHANGE.
      Get the idea of SOME CHANGE.

     Run it on all flows, creatively and historically, for better or
worse, past, present and future.

     Don't even think about running this solo, find a friend.

     No friends, no auditing.  Friends first, auditing second.

     Oh of course, if you are God in carnation, you can solo it, but if
all you are is a human turd basket who can't even cry about your cat,
let alone your Eternity, then no.

     Get real.

     Of course if you are a God in carnation, you could probably create
a friend too, that would be an interesting change.

     And certainly creating a friend would be easier than trying to solo
CHANGE alone.

     The being is caught in a CHANGE/NO CHANGE reality.

     Everything is changing, and that isn't changing.

     He is using CHANGE (flows) to create NO CHANGE (stuck ridges).

     Then he is using NO CHANGE to change others via demand for

     Time is the basic change, and boy does he have the brakes on time.

     He is no longer putting time there, time is putting him there and
everything he does put or find there, time eventually takes away from
him, usually in worse shape than he found it.

     He is trying to stop knowing, looking, emoting, effort, thinking,
eating, death, sex and mystery.

     He does this by crushing these things, making nothing of them,
not-ising them, and nailing them out of existence with FLOWS.

     Anything but adore them, operate them or put them there.

     Ridges produced by colliding flows (change) produce the illusion of
no change, almost static.

     All aberration is the effort to vanish something by not-ising it
with force producing flows, blackness and mental mass.

     But there is no freedom in that darkness, freedom to choose what
you experience, in of that faux static.  A ridge radiates one thing,
pain and misery, continuously, constantly and forever.

     Although the ridges LOOK like they are not changing, they are white
hot from the vibration of being smashed together so hard and so long.

     All your preclear has to do is LOOK for vibration, get faster
himself, and he will see the writhing motion in the stillness of the

     He may only see blackness at first or invisibility, but that's a
shield against the blind light of the ridge.

     Like dark clouds hiding the sun.

     And like magma under high pressure it may look like it is going
nowhere, but changeless it is not.

     He has turned linear change (colliding flows) into oscillatory
change (ridges) and considered the hard stuff that results to be no

     The route to a death spiraling marble is a tortuous amount of
squishing and squashing, over a long period of time.

     Thus in auditing a ridge, one can alternately spot that it is not
changing, namely its still there as a ridge, and that it is changing, in
that it is wiggling and squirming and radiating pain, darkness and light

     When it starts to burst with candy land color, you know the ridge
is coming apart.

     That the ridge continues to writhe is CHANGE, that it never lessens
in intensity or improves in quality is NO CHANGE.

     And yes, your preclear considers the apparent NO change to be
actual NO change, and it becomes his not so hidden standard, because it
is what he is trying to kill FOREVER AT ALL COSTS, NO CHANGE, and thus
what is killing him for being in his own line of fire.


     All charge of importance is covered under the apparency of no
charge and no change.

     Remember that no change is a solution to too much change.

     How does one run out NO CHANGE?
     By getting honest and creating it, of course, as he already is,
with CHANGE IN COLLISION, and then by direct postulate.

     Now NO CHANGE usually refers to pretended no change, on the CDEINR

     Curious, Desire, Enforce, Inhibit, *NO*, Refused, and Sub Refused.

     Yes Goober, there is a Sub Refused, watch for it on the meter, it
won't read and release unless you get it, especially upsets and ARC

     "Has some affinity been sub refused?"

     Most people don't want to run that deep, but most people don't
really want to get better either.

     They want to change without changing.

     So they have this classic AND going, change AND not change at the
same time.  Then the whole thing sinks down into oblivion on a REFUSED
AND and SUB REFUSED AND, and they wonder why they feel malaise all day

     Or engage in the fine wine too much.

     Try going straight some time.

     Then find out how loud you can scream your love across the span
of all universes that ever were or ever will be.

     Maybe the cat will hear.

     And come back to you and meow in your dreams.


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