Had a really good session this morning, Ta 6.5 -> 4.5

    I seem to be not talking about some murder or another in
this life perhaps, one that may not even have happened yet.

    "Murders to be..."

     It just gets weirder and weirder.  I follow the meter and the physical 
releases, which is all I care about.  Probably most of it entity charge, but 
mother was always trying to kill father, and there is the question of how my 
mother really died, and I was wishing death and damnation off on both of them 
from early on.

     Then there is the alien/CIA/NSA PDH chain, sometimes I wonder if I am not 
waiting for my manchurian candidate signal to set me in motion :)

     Anyhow, I want the movie rights.

    The basic injustice on the child hood Service Fac chain seems to be enforced 
and inhibited ARC, mostly communication.  Kid isn't allowed to talk about 
something, ask a question, express an answer or opinion or emotion etc, or is 
enforced to communicate.  Forced/prohibited work, play, sleep, eating, study 
etc also come into it, but basically its a saying or not saying about the whole 

    He pulls in the service fac in order to deal with this.

    Thus auditing 'something you are not talking about', and
'something you are talking about' runs with lots of energy.

    There is would, could, should and must talk, and wouldn't,
couldn't, shouldn't and mustn't talk.

    Lots of trying to talk and not talk at the same time.

    Doubts, wonders, mysteries, questions, and ANDS galore.

    Parenticide, nosympathy/sympathy seething away inside.

    Basic on stuttering, rotting teeth, sinusitis headaches etc.

    Also "what would you utterly and absolutely never be?"

    A 'hitman' comes to mind :)

    All this scientist, philsopher, musician shit is just a cover for what I 
really want to be doing in life...

    I am getting work cycles done, being a good little wood chopper...


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Mon Oct 14 15:52:44 EDT 2013