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>Kathie Lynch ( wrote:
>>Resisting something only means you will
>>end up with just that.

>A popular misconception.  You MAY end up with that, but you may not.
>If you think of many things you've "resisted" to some degree in this life,
>you didn't end up with all of them, and probably won't manifest them
>henceforth either.

      That people 'win' by using force resisting things, doesn't mean
they didn't sink deeper into the spiritual quicksand of life, by doing

      People climb the mountain, and are triumphant that they got to
the top, but they fail to see that they and the mountain have sunk
together down into the abyss.

      Thus the small view is they are higher up, the big view is
they and everything involved are lower down.

      Now Carol you may in fact be right, if you are, then all of
scientology is completely and utterly wrong.

      So you should understand what Scn is saying.

      Anything 'vanquished' by resistance and force in space and time
leads to a permanent impression called a ridge that the person keeps
along with him forever afterwards, not only as a lesson learned, but
as a shield against becoming that which he resisted.

      One resists the murderer by shooting him first, but one lessens
ones space so one can not BE the murderer and simply cause him to toss
his weapon into the bay.

      Meatballs always think they are winning when in fact they are
losing.  They are winning as humans, but losing as gods.

      Their fate is monster food.

>If one buys the idea that resisting something means you will end up with
>that, he will create resisted circumstances more often, will also fear
>that happening, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, an adopted
>postulate of not-necessarily-true data, inadequately examined data.

      The problem of resisting resistance, fearing resistence etc, is
an important one, not to be lightly sloughed off as you are doing.

      Resisting resistence is in fact necessary to making any
resistence persist at all, it is thus part of the excaliper and grand
design of how the thetan created and jumped into the spiritual
quicksand in the first place.

      Play with cornstarch in warm water until you understand how
struggle in quicksand makes things solid and more rigid.

      You can roll a *LIQUID* cornstarch blob up into a ball as long
as you keep it moving, the moment you let it rest it melts into a puddle.

      If you stick your finger into it, it solidifies, if you relax
it melts.  The ultimate chinese finger trap.

      The actual quicksand of life is more complex than the cornstarch
mechanism, one needs to study the caps lock key to understand it

>It would pay not to be so fast and loose with the new age slogans.
>"The unexamined life...." - Socrates

      You teach best what you most need to learn.


>- CBW

Mon Jun 22 16:42:27 EDT 2015