A machine is defined as a system of parts interacting via cause and
effect across a spacetime distance.

      Machines operate due to the flow of energy within them, guided by
force, from anti-entropy to entropy.

      No force, no flow.

     We call it spacetime, rather than space and time, because
Einstein's work with Relativity has shown that space and time are
probably two forms of the same thing, and can be converted into each
other under certain circumstances.

     For example matter and photons are two different forms of the same
thing we call energy and they can be converted into each other back and
forth.  So it makes sense to talk of energy rather than matter and
photons individually.

     Relativity tells us that when velocities get really high, or
gravity approaches the level of a black hole, one guy's space is another
guy's time, and one guy's time can be another guy's space.

     Since space and time can be converted into each other, it makes
sense to talk of spacetime, rather than space and time individually,
unless the context demands separate consideration.


     Spacetime is a manifold of 4 or more dimensions, each with a non
zero extension in that dimension.

     Manifold simply means many fold, in this case a manifold of
dimensions, or directions in which to travel.

     A dimension is a direction in which you can travel for an
extendable amount of distance.  A standard Rubiks cube, for example,
has 3 dimensions with about 3 inches of extension in each dimension
depending on the size of the cube.

     The size of an object is specified by a list of numbers
representing its extension in each dimension.  Thus a 3 dimensional
brick might be specified as 4 x 3 x 6 inches, in width, height and

     We write this as {4,3,6}, which means the object has 3 dimensions
because there are 3 numbers, and the extension along each dimension is
as specified by the numbers.


     Normally we consider spacetime to consist of 3 space dimensions and
one time dimension, but there are other models of existence.  String
theory for example posits 8 to 10 space dimensions and one time

     All these manifold theories have one thing in common, the number of
dimensions in them is non zero, for example 3, 4, 9, 11, but never 0.

     A 0 dimensional manifold is called a SCALAR manifold.

     In the sense that a manifold means a many fold, a many fold with
zero folds is kind of any oxymoron, but there it is, so we call a zero
dimensional object a scalar manifold.

     A scalar theory would have no space nor time, but might allow for
conscious illusions of space and time inside its holographic zero
dimensional substrate.


     A hologram is a projection of dimensions with extension, where
there are in fact no dimensions in which to have an extension.

     A hologram provides an illusion of dimensionality projected onto an
underlying film or substrate that has no dimension at all.

     When you go to a movie, the movie screen has 2 dimensions, width
and height, but the movie itself tries to make it look like there is a
3rd dimension or depth also, where in fact there is none in the movie

     The movie screen is the substrate, and the movie is the projected
illusion of 3 dimensions where there are in fact only 2.

     In a fully scalar universe, there are no actual dimensions at all,
only projected illusions of dimensions in the form of perceived space
and time, and the force and energy in them.

     The scalar theory is called the dreamball theory, because
essentially space and time do not exist in actuality, and their
appearances of them in our conscious life is similar to a night's dream.
We see them but its only imagination at work.

     In a scalar theory, conscious images or pictures of spacetime do
not themselves take up any space or time, and thus by definition,
spacetime is a fully projected hologram in the mind's of beings viewing
and living in the dream.

     In other words in a scalar theory, life is a holodeck.

     Holodecks were used on the Star Trek Enterprise to visit renditions
of worlds that existed only virtually in the holodeck.

     It was generally missed that all of life is a holodeck.

     Since each being is living in their own dream then, there must be
some scalar causal substrate common to all those beings so that they can
synchronize their dreaming, and thus dream together and enjoy the
illusion that they are not dreaming at all.

     We call this basic cause of synchronization RESONANCE, so that each
being can dream what the other being is dreaming too.

     Hit a tuning fork and set it vibrating, and bring another tuning
fork near it, and it will start vibrating too at the same frequency.

     That's resonance at work, and just so does resonance allow dreaming
beings to dream in concert with others.

     One being dreams something and the other being 'gets' it, magnifies
it, and dreams it too.

     The entire physical universe is one huge co resonant virtual
reality in the multi mind of God (the conscious Cosmic All).

     Each conscious being is one of those minds co dreaming with
everyone else.
     "God" is not a single being, God is a multi I-AM being, some
of whom are incarnate as Me and Thee, and some of whom are not.


     Anti entropy is a concentration of useful energy, entropy is a
useless final dispersement of that energy once it is 'used up.'

     Energy itself may be conserved and so can never become 'used up',
but a useful concentration of energy, like in a battery, can become
dispersed as heat while it lights a bulb, at which point the battery, as
a pool of useful energy to light lightbulbs, becomes 'used up'.

     Remember anti-entropy, as useful energy, is good for beings, while
on the other hand entropy, as non useful energy or dissipated energy, is


     Adore tells us machines have constituency, arrangement, process and

     Constituency is what the parts in a machine are, and what they are
made of,

     Arrangement is how the parts are arranged.

     Process is the flow of energy from anti entropy to entropy through
that arrangement of constituent parts.

     Function is the useful purpose of the contraption to some end,
purpose or sentient being.

     Take a simple pocket watch.

     It's constituency is made of parts that are made of metal, plastic,
and glass etc.

     These parts are placed in a highly sensitive system of arrangement,
should any of the parts move out of their proper place in that
arrangement, the watch would stop.

     The process that runs though a clock is the movement of stored
energy from the wind up main spring, through the tick tock escapement
mechanism, through the various wheels that move the hands, out into
space as heat.

     The wound up main spring contains high anti-entropy which then
escapes by following the process path provided for it by the arrangement
of parts, until the energy is done flowing through the system providing
useful work, and ends up as heat radiating off into space.  Useful work
is function.

     Function is the end purpose of the entire constellation of
constituency, arrangement and process, namely the function of a clock is
to tell time.

     Usefulness is a quality of relation between the watch and some
being who gives a damn about what the watch does.  Usefulness has no
other significance.


     A quality of relation is a quality that is true about the
relationship between two different objects.  Qualities of relation are
equally true of both objects.

     It is true of the clock that 'being A gives a damn what the clock
does,' and it is true of being A that 'being A gives a damn what the
clock does.'

     Thus the quality 'being A gives a damn about what the clock does'
belongs in the complete quality sets of both the clock and being A.


     Science tells us the universe is a non multi non zero dimensional
manifold of parts made of space, time, energy mass and photons in
motion, guided by force, and that consciousness is like a watch, a
process in the material constituency and arrangement for the brain.

     If the arrangement or constituency of the brain is destroyed, the
process of consciousness is destroyed with it.

     The truth is that consciousness IS the constituency of the
universe, namely the eternal WHAT IS, the AllThatIs, and the purpose of
consciousness is to create illusions of kinetic spacetime
constituencies, arrangement, process and function, in its own self
luminous substrate.

     Self luminous means not illuminated by something else, such as the
sun illuminates the grass, and not luminous by emission of something
else, such as light waves.

     These self luminous illusions of the kinetic created by the scalar
static are called dreamtime.

     Kinetic means force and mass in motion through space and time.

     Static means cause above space or time, without mass, energy, force
or motion.

     Apparently, down here under the eternal clouds, the only proof we
have that we are eternal beings, is our overwhelming need that it be so,
and our happiness, joy and eternal good humor that it is so.

     Seriousness is the pretense that there is nothing above the clouds.

     That the ultimate truth is kinetics.

     Humor is the resolution of seriousness, born of lies, into truth.

     A mortal meatball is a dead man walking, most are born on life's
Death Row, and he feels and acts so.

     But the gates to Heaven as Being, rather than Hell as Becoming, are
guarded by Sorrow and Horror, both of which are made out of endless
pleasure enturbulated by Fear and Doubt.

     Everything in kinetic space time is made of endless beauty forever
for free, enturbulated into boredom, tedium, insufferable monotony,
anger, fear and sorrow by Doubt of Eternality.

     Doubt is self casting.

     If you doubt there is no eternal sun above the clouds (above time),
the clouds will grow thicker and darker from your own feelings of
eternal doom.  This increase in clouds then causes us to consider more
that there is no eternal sun, and the self fulfilling loop goes into
crushing saturation that no man can stand up to.

     The cage we lock ourselves into to avoid all this enturbulated
beauty nonsense is anger, hatred, resentment, NO sympathy, and covert

     The way out of that cage is through sorrow and horror to good humor
again, the High Halcyon of Adore:

     "The halcyon winds of summer heal the cold cruel winds of winter."

     "High Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time."
     One contemplates the expanse of dreamtime, before one enters it to
become lost, to consider never to have chosen, and to dream for a while.

     So that's the preamble, let's take a break, get a donut or



     Above Apparencies are Reality at 26.0 is Halcyon (hal-CY-on).

     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time.

     Up here:

     A Thetan is natively cause via postulates and considerations.

     A postulate is a posted beingness in the fabric of dreamtime.

     A postulate puts things there, and considerations create the
apparent relationships between those things, particularly causal
relationships, such as who or what begat who or what.


     Spot something, put it there.


     Spot something else, put it there.


     Spot a relationship between the two above posted beingnesses.

     Put it there.

     Run until 'putting it there' becomes real to you.


     Therefore ALL aberration is the result of causal postulates and
considerations about CAUSE.

     Cause can postulate that it

     Can        Cause       Able to Cause
     Cannot     Cause       Not Able to Cause
     Can    Not Cause       Able to Not Cause
    *Cannot Not Cause       Not Able to Not Cause  (Must Cause).
    *That last line reduces to MUST CAUSE or can't stop causing.


     Being an effect is an altered consideration of must cause.

     Try to follow this now.

     A being can cause him self to be unable to not cause.

     This is must cause, or compulsive causation "outside of the
preclear's control".

     He looks at the effect he is compulsively creating, and blames it
on himself or Goober, and then claims he is the effect of himself or

     So he has moved himself by consideration alone, from compulsive
cause to being an effect of some other cause.

     The basic way to to clear a preclear from an unwanted 'being an
effect' is

     1.) Have him spot the unwanted effect.

     2.) Change his consideration from "I am being an effect" to "I must
cause this."

     3.) Spot why he must cause this, and how it may serve him, until he
is happy again about being able to must cause it.

     4.) He will then be able to continue it or not continue it at will,
but will have a hard time keeping it around.

     Then have him get the idea of an unwanted effect until the idea is
too ludicrous to contemplate any more.

     He will finally get the feeling he is putting it there, no matter
who or what is putting it there.

     "Spotting it" will BECOME "putting it there," naturally and

     That's how beings erase their bank by inspection.

     And then the world.

     "Locate an item or incident", meaning finding such a thing by
looking for it, becomes "Locate an item or incident", meaning PUTTING it
where is, at which point the moment he starts to locate another such
thing, the first one vanishes for good because he is no longer putting
it there.

     An OT can vanish anything and everything simply by spotting
something, putting it there, then spotting something else.

     A true OT is a cosmic eraser to all of created existence.

     Everything thing continues to exist because some elemental OT or
another is embroiled in trying to make it not exist by not putting it
there or by putting something ELSE there to destroy the first thing.

     Remember true putting it there leaves no trace once the putting it
there is gone.

     No trace, no record, no memory, and no effect or consequence that
could be tracked back to it, in yourself or anyone else.

     There may be no persisting absolutes in time, but vanishments
produced through a perfect duplicate as-isness are absolute.

     Native state is always as if nothing has ever happened.

     The static does not keep records of old kinetics.

     Once a kinetic is deleted, it's *GONE* as if never created.

     Thus absolute newness and cleanness is always available should the
being ever want it.

     Native state is what YOU WANT.

     Everything else is icing on the cake.

     Get the idea of putting something there, and not putting it there,
putting it there and not putting it there, until the item is BRAND NEW
every time it is put there, never ever to have been created before.

     No being can be the effect of another being except to put it there
that the other being is putting him there putting something there
'against his own will'.

     B is causing A to cause something.

     Therein lies the saving grace of existence, no matter what B puts A
putting there, *A IS PUTTING IT THERE*, so A can stop putting it there
as soon as A stops blaming B for making A put it there!

     All A has to do is put B there putting A there putting the unwanted
thing there, and then let go of putting B there putting A there, and
suddenly, A is putting it there himself, and he can let go of it anytime
he wants.

     Of course if B puts A there doing the above, B will maintain
control, but if A again puts B there putting A there, then A will regain

     Cause (B) can only cause cause (A) to cause, that's it, and only if
the second cause (A) causes the first cause (B) to have the ability to
do so!

     This ridiculous chain of cause causing other causes to cause ends
at the first cause that simply takes full responsibility for doing so
and doesn't shunt it back to the other prior cause.

     You made me cause it, is what keeps beings being an effect going.

     Retract that permission to be caused to cause something by another
cause, and suddenly and irrevokably, no one can cause you to cause


     There isn't a case walking around that doesn't have something he is
afraid of finding out.

     A being who honestly has nothing he is afraid of finding out,
doesn't have a case per se, he has a fair chosen handicap.

     His handicaps are necessary to keep him here.

     The being who is having a hard time staying sunk, doesn't need
auditing, he needs reorientation towards his ability to sink himself.

     Have him spot the asinine ludicrosity of wanting to be here until
he is willing to leave.

     His handicaps will no longer serve their purpose and will drop away
automatically as he is holding on to them very tightly to make sure he
doesn't leave at an inopportune time.  He owes people you know.

     If it's something like "I want to help people", he will need to
notice that considering that he wants to help people prepostulates that
people need help.
     If his postulates are strong enough to help people, he might want
to watch how he postulates that they need help, as postulates are cause.

     He has been trying to harm people forever by mere postulate and
failed or regretted it, so now he can't help people by mere postulate
alone either, because of his postulate that postulates are too dangerous
to allow to be cause.

     Postulates that others need your help increases their need for your
help.  So your help is always fighting a self caused magnification in
their need for your help.

     Help can be a kind of pole trap for this reason, the more you
postulate that you have to fight your way with effort to get off the
trap, the more you have PRE postulated that the trap has you pinned.
     Which postulate wins now?

     Your mileage may vary on the above, help can be a fun game.

     But when help becomes serious, it becomes sadism, masochism,
sacrifice and martyrdom all rolled into one.

     That's how postulate traps work, you postulate 1.) that something
is there, then you postulate 2.) that it shouldn't be there and that you
need to change it.  
     Unfortunately the second postulate is lower tone than the first,
and thus has less causal power than the first, thus the being always
loses such games, particularly when postulated within the realm of
drama, seriousness, importance, *PERMANENCE* and pain.

     It's ok to want to change things, but getting serious about it will
guarantee a loss long term.

     Just stop putting it there, seriousness is trying to remove A by
putting B there!  You can never uncreate something by creating something
more, yet that is the sum total action of seriousness about any matter.

     The forevers and nevers (in time, under the eternal clouds) will
sink any thetan to the bottom of the ocean.

     Must never happen again, and must forever happen again.

     The way to handle any condition or postulate is to PUT IT THERE
with full fair chosen power, then get distracted and let it go.

     You can always hire some pretty girl to distract you can't you?

     Never try to get rid of a putting it there by putting SOMETHING
ELSE THERE, or else you get a persistence of the first postulate, and a
failing game forever of the second something else.

     It might seem like you could destroy something by dropping an H
bomb on it, but all force can do is change the arrangement or form of things,
and the flow of process and energy going through them.

     Force can destroy FUNCTION, but never prime STRUCTURE (constituency.)

     Force can never turn something into nothing, only into something
     Force is a grim joke on those seeking to use force to destroy
unwanted conditions.

     For thetans playing this game of dealing with now unwanted
postulates by creating more postulates, time is a very long conveyor
belt that dumps them upside down into a garbage pail at the end of time.

     The guy who needs auditing then, is the guy who is swimming
downwards at full speed, because he is afraid of finding out what's up

     Or who has lost his way, or who swims towards the reflection of the
sun below him at the bottom of the sea.

     He is no longer using handicaps because he WANTS to be here, he is
using handicaps because he DOESN'T WANT TO BE HERE, trying to get
others to help him get out or comfort his permanent stay here.

     At first he has a hard time staying around, so he uses handicaps to
limit himself so he can't leave.

     But then he rues being here, he wants to leave, but no longer knows

     So he creates MORE handicaps to help him withdraw from the game, to
be unable to play it, to entice or FORCE others to play it for him, to
collect his debts from others who owe him, to be overly dependent on
others to play his game for him, taking the risks and giving him the
rewards, to excuse himself from his team mates who depend upon his

     If you are headed for Heaven why bother to collect on debts
that other's owe you?

     He is trying to go back up by going down further.

     There is a peace at the top, and a peace of sorts at the bottom.

     He seeks the sovereign nothingness of the static, by swimming
towards the non sovereign nothingness of the kinetic below the bottom of
the ocean.

     Being sediment has become his ideal scene.

     De rigueur in fact for sick, dead and dying beings.

     *THIS* guy has a case.

     The cross over point is RUE.

     Rue for being cause.

     Imagine that.


     All gratefulness rides on a carrier wave of resentment.

     Gratefulness is I have what I want, but I didn't cause it by

     Resentment is I have what I don't want, but I didn't cause it by

     If you had a choice, did you CHOOSE to have a choice, and do you
have that choice BECAUSE you chose to have it?

     The common denominator of gratefulness and resentment is I DIDN'T

     All gratefulness and resentment must be erased from a case, because
both are born of total irresponsibility for condition.

     Most gratefulness is resentment whistling past the graveyard.

     "Man am I glad I am still alive (but I wish to hell I had some
*CONTROL* over this good fortune!)"

     If you are grateful for having been saved, you aren't.

     An omni sovereign being is pretty well beyond smug.

     Perfectly happy, alone, forever and beyond thank you.

     Gratefulness is a kind of hysteria.


     Case consists of ANDS.

     Ands are two incompatible things the being is trying to do at the
same time.

     A two way AND would be something like the guy doesn't want to die
forever *AND* doesn't want to live forever.

     Or if you are Shakespeare, "I don't want to BE HERE *AND* I do want
to BE HERE."

     ANDS create hysteria and use up all the being's power, because they
are not an indecision about which way to go, they are a DECISION to go
both ways at the same time.

     ANDS are isometrics of the mind.

     They don't make you strong, they make your crazy.

     Trying to decide to go right or left doesn't take up a lot of
power, it just stalls the being forever until he can decide which action
to take.  That's an EITHER-OR INDECISION.

     Sometimes beings CREATE an indecision just so they can take a rest
from the action and recharge up their energy levels.

     Deciding to go BOTH left AND right at the same time, takes up all
the being's power, tears him apart from the inside out causing hysteria,
and gets him nowhere.  That's an AND DECISION.

     Get the idea of holding a door closed with your left hand, and
trying to open it with your right.

     That's an AND, and that's CASE.

     If you had no more ANDS on your case, you wouldn't be moping around
all day long trying to determine what to do.

     Even if you didn't know what to do, you would be able to simply
quiesce peacefully in good humor doing nothing.  Breathing would be
sufficient reason to be.


     There are many 4 way ands, and these all need to be run out for a
case to regain their sanity and equanimity about being here and putting
things there.

     Many are based on things like afraid to find out, know or cause.

     Being afraid to find out is nuts because it is a failure to PUT IT
THERE in the first place.

     He assigns it as something else putting it there, which something
else he isn't putting it there either!

     Two strikes and you are a victim.

     He is afraid if he remembers what he forgot and WHY he forgot, he
will never live HIMSELF down, he can't quite remember what shame is
waiting in the dark to jump out at him while everyone is looking.

     He is afraid that finding out will kill his body or will to live
through overwhelming shame.

     I mean NO ONE will EVER like him ever again, once it gets out...

     He can also die of the fear of finding out itself, when his heart
starts pounding.

     What are you going to find out now that you didn't create or agree
to with full veto power in force?

     It's YOUR dream and YOUR case :)

     Who is going to fix it?

     Who is going to be UP to fixing it, but you?

     Help can be useful, but you didn't have any help leaving native
state and diving into manifestation of sorrow and horror.

     And so at some point in your journey back home, help can become a
trap if you try to get help for things you CAN'T BE HELPED FOR.

     Help can be a fun game, but help can also be a whine.
     "Please hold me tight while I look at myself, lest I freak out,
fall over sideways, faint from shame, or blowup and go splat all over
native state."

     He is afraid he will go insane if he sees something, or finds
something out about himself or the All That IS.

     The reach for help becomes the reach for someone else to look for
him, and tell him if it is safe to look for himself.

     The being is SO AFRAID of finding out, learning, knowing, and
causing, that he wants to see if someone else will live through it first
before he does it himself.

     Nice guy.

     Well truth is the human, interested in being good, is terrified of
divinity which is interested in creating grand tapestries of good and

     Divinity is not evil, good and evil are merely two colors on its
palette to paint with, among many others.

     Do not confuse Godliness with Holiness.

     Virtue for the Creature is not virtue for the Creator.  (Olaf
Stapleton, Star Maker)

     Holiness is the effort to be good.

     Godliness is divinity, the ability to operate good and evil in
grand tapestry.

     Holiness is care operating Divinity.

     So the GodSoul as Soul is VERY trepedatious of himself as God.

     It's SAFER to be a Soul in a meat grinder you see, rather than be
the God side that set it all up.

     Freedom is a scary thing, because freedom isn't scared, and thus it
is willing to create apparencies of scary things forever for free.

     And can and does.  :)

     Fear itself is made of pure pleasure unless of course you are
worried it might not be.  If you look into fear, trying to determine IF
fear is made of pleasure or pain, you will find endless pain, because

     Wondering will always show you the bad of eternality.

     For how can it be good that bad exists?

     Wonder operates a mal formed question that is doomed to self

     Same for Sorrow, it's made of enturbulated pleasure.

     Sorrow is worried love.

     Faith and Grace are the knowing willing end of self casting doubts.

     Grace is simply accepting your own infinite kindness towards
yourself and others, merely noting that infinite kindness to an infinite
indestructible God side being might not mean exactly the same thing to a
fragile Soul side being who is still wondering who or what is cause
around here and why is it such an asshole!

     The Soul sleeps on a pillow wondering where God is and why He has
forsaken him, God rests under the pillow wondering when the Soul is
going to wake up and change the bed he has made for himself.

     The pillow is a thin veil, you can see right through it if only you
look in the right direction.

     But what you will find through the veil is NOT what a child might
want in looking for an all caring parent.

     The child already has that all caring parent in himself, but the
child CAN NOT BE HURT FOREVER, so what is beyond the veil, that all
caring parent, may be a different concept.

     You should play this game with your kids.

     "What would a God do that had turned itself into a child?'

     The God side is not GOOD, it won't take care of you, care or give a
damn about you, feel sorry for you, or even warn you.  It will however
never turn you away no matter what you have done, think or are.

     The GodSoul's grace and self love are infinite, immutable,
indestructable, and absolute.

     Just as the Soul is.

     It's not that the God side doesn't give a damn, it does, giving a
damn is actually fundamental to its existence, but it gives a damn about
a good story, and reason to manifest.

     Good creatures are a dime a billion, but a good reason to manifest,
namely fall and redemption cycles, well now that's something else.  They
are highly valued by the God side being, and you can't have them if
everyone and everything is GOOD, as in human creature good.

     You don't have to have faith in anything you can't ultimately be
perfectly certain of, namely yourself and the High-US as source, you
simply have to spot the doubts, notice how they are self casting, and

     An ice cube, once spotted AS AN ICE CUBE, always melts, it can
do nothing other under the heat of sight.

     It's a fair chosen choice to engage in fear once you see how it
operates and have ended the ignorance of your own responsibility for
your own condition.

     Doubting the beauty of ultimate truth will always make truth look

     It would have to don't you see?

     It is beautiful of doubt that doubt works in this way, self casting
what it is worried about.

     Doubting if you can confront something will always make it

     Worry that you might not be able to confront something *IS

     Dig it and don't leave it.

     This is totally mechanical.

     Your postulate that wonders if postulates are cause is CAUSE of
postulates not being cause.

     Your postulate that something might be unconfrontable CREATES an

     There is no magic here, its YOUR postulates doing it.

     Postulates are power.

     Postulating against the power of postulates, is applying power
against power, and thus towards NO power.

     Thus you GET no power, which is exactly what you postulated the
possibility of in your wonder.

     If you postulate that maybe there is no power to a postulate, well
then maybe there isn't.

     That is CAUSE of NO CAUSE.

     And if doubt tells you maybe postulates don't have power, then
given enough time, some postulate or another won't, and you will have
your proof that you were right, postulates don't have power.

     This is what an unconfrontability is, something else that has more
power than you to avert your gaze and crush your willingness to live.

     So, if you doubt the beauty and healing power of truth, YOU are
postulating that maybe a healing truth doesn't exist and that is a bad
painful thing, and so YOU mockup the bad and the painful to verify that
truth isn't self healing.

     You look truth in the eye and hold up some hideous pain and say
"Here heal this!"

     Daring it too, hoping it can't.

     YOU know damn well that even if truth handles that pain you hold up
to make it cringe, that proves nothing about whether truth can heal ALL
     There might always be something worse, and in your worry to
determine whether there is something worse, YOU dig up every pain
you can, just waiting for the day that truth can't help you.

     Do you really want to know that truth can't heal or cure every
     Well then stop asking so hard, because it is your asking that is
the power behind doubt is self casting.

     How big a stone do you have to mockup before you postulate that you
can't lift it and thus prove to yourself that you are not all powerful,
that the stone is more powerful than you?

     That's a bad day when you fall for that one.

     But YOU invented it, and its part of your native power package
which you use to keep yourself surrounded by illusions of other cause
and delusions that you had nothing to do with it.

     You need to be able to make something bigger than you in order
to make a real game, but you don't have to make it, putting it there
again will vanish it once you stop doing so.

     So how bad can things get really?

     As bad as you make them, wondering if something else is making
them or can make them worse, without your say so.

     So don't dare it, because that's YOUR SAY SO, that it should
make something worse if it can.

     How bad can you make yourself feel wondering if the Cosmic All is
good or not?

     Try it until you learn not to do it.

     The good of the Cosmic ALL may not be a human goodness, but it is
the goodness of you as native state.


     The good is not the goodness of the character, but the goodness of
the Author writing good stories for it to live out later on as the

     Stories mostly of Fall and Redemption :)

     Of SIN and GRACE.

     *YOUR OWN*

     No one else is judging or redeeming you, who could judge or redeem
a God?

     So get with the program already.

     A native state being has no complaints, and no wondering about how bad
things might be or become.

     The very conception of bad, so the being can wonder about it, will
create the bad what he is wondering about in the very conception of it!

     And the being goes "Whoa!  Now THAT was bad!  Where did that come

     And that is the anatomy of Doubt is Self Casting, he can't doubt
something without conceiving of it, which creates it in the mere
conception of it.

     He can only doubt what he conceives first and thus creates it or the
possibility of it.

     "It maybe there" is one small step from "It is there".

     If he postulates that something 'may be there', who or what finally
determines whether it IS there or not when he finally gets around to
looking and finding out.

     He can only doubt that his desire is sovereign if he conceives that
there is other cause in the world other than his own, that he didn't
put there first.

     Capiche Toi?

     So watch it, Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     Because whatever BEs or BECOMES is his doing exactly as he does it.

     He may not know what he is going to create before he does so, but
he always has veto power over it if he doesn't like it (just stop making
it), unless he has given that veto power away for a while.  But he had
veto power over that decision too originally.

     The native state being is in fact tasked to even conceive the idea
of sorrow and horror long enough to make them stick around.

     "Let's see, I will invent this little kitty cat, and this car with
a driver, and a stormy night so the driver can't see the little kitty

     Christ that's ludicrous!"

     The magic is not in getting back to native state peace and quiet,
the magic is in getting lost in manifestation, and the sickness of doubt
and wonder until you become a rock in the sediment at the bottom of the
ocean never to be heard from again until the next great upheaval.

     That's when the Earth barfs from all the sick, dead and dying souls
trying to buy up space at the bottom of the sea.


     OK, we need to run out these 4 way ANDS flatter than a one sided
pancake, so that the oceanic undertows of life can never suck the guy
back down the tone scale and out and over the continental shelf again,
no matter what he causes or 'happens to him.'

     His endless futures are going to be chock full of kitty cats and
cars that crush them, life and death, soaring triumphs and abject
defeats, incomprehensible decency and overwhelming abominations, all by
his own design and eternal desire to manifest the best and worst of both
sides of all dicoms.

     It's ok to visit the continental shelf and go over its edge once in
a while, it's not ok to get stuck 5 miles down in the Mariana Trench
never to be seen again.

     Well he can do that once, but never again for a while, OK?

     The resorts in hell can be attractive, but the real adventure is in
being able and willing to know and not know again, and build new

     He can't get stuck in any resort in hell as long as he is able and
willing to build more and never run out of new ones.


      Get the idea of being

      NOT Afraid of NOT Finding Out.
      NOT Afraid of     Finding Out.
          Afraid of NOT Finding Out.
          Afraid of     Finding Out.

      NOT Afraid of NOT Learning.
      NOT Afraid of     Learning.
          Afraid of NOT Learning.
          Afraid of     Learning.

      NOT Afraid of NOT Knowing.
      NOT Afraid of     Knowing.
          Afraid of NOT Knowing.
          Afraid of     Knowing.

      NOT Afraid of NOT Causing.
      NOT Afraid of     Causing.
          Afraid of NOT Causing.
          Afraid of     Causing.

      E/P Facility in well being.


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