Your preclear wants to understand.

     Understandings are usually about relationships, between people,
places and things, specifically relationships involving cause.

     He is trying to understand cause.

     He is stuck in a wonder cycle about cause.

     He wants to know the nature of cause, for example the nature of its
motivations and appreciations.

     What exactly does cosmic conscious cause admire?

     Or seek for itself?

     He also wants to know the cause of the nature of cause, for example
whether that nature can be changed, and by what cause and by how much.

     I mean the most dangerous thing in the world is a God going around
causing things, eh?

     The apparent abyss of nature between God and Soul, Creator and
Creature, Author and Character is wide.

     It is in fact functionally wide because it is that very abyss that
keeps the world of space and time going because of total non
understanding of the prime motivation for it all, and the fundamental
mechanisms of persistence of this rift and everything in the rift.

     The Creator become Creature now doubts the Creator.

     This is the biggest Doubt Formula you will ever do.

     See the Scientology Book of Ethics.

     He pretends to understand that the Creator could, would and
should create the Soul, but to what end he dares not know.

     He figures that maybe one day the Soul may appreciate the end
result of his creation, but he wonders about the getting there.

     What he wonders is, if the Soul would create the Creator?

     What he finds out is he CAN'T understand the Creator and why it
created what it did, until he becomes that Creator and sees for himself
why and how he created it all for himself, with help from his friends.

     Only the being in the Creator state can understand why it Created
itself into the Creator state.

     Only God can understand God.

     Since the proof teaches that learning with certainty across a
distance or even a difference is impossible, only God can know God.

     A thing can only know itself with perfect certainty.

     That's a big statement, dig it and don't leave it.

     So the being in the Soul side creature state is damned to forever
wondering and worrying about what he had in mind as the God side Creator

     And as the understanding on the part of the God side Creator leads
to willingness and ability to do it again with High Appreciation for
Ludicrous Demise, the Soul side Creature is terrified of finding out
that understanding and being able to work with it again as the God Side

     As the Creature can become the Creator at will by being willing to
become the Creature, this makes present time a holocaust of turmoil on
the subject of actually getting 'better'.

     Getting better means becoming God, but what benefit is that if
you are only going to create yourself as another creature down the road?

     You don't have to of course, but the fact that you CAN and
therefore MIGHT means that you WILL given enough time down the road, and
that just simply gives the Creature the willies.

     His very control over his future makes him feel totally out of
control because the God side willingness is so alien to the Soul side

     Thus just aren't the same order of thing.

     Present time becomes a permanently operating AND in the being.

     "I don't want to be the Creator AND I do want to be the Creator.

     "I don't want to be the CREATURE and I don't want to be the

     Lord save him.

     Maybe he wants to be the Creator to save himself from being the
Creature, don't you see?

     The bones of Creatures who rue themselves sink to the bottom of the

     Who needs that?

     So the being has a problem, to be either the Creator who is too
dangerous to contemplate in its fascination with becoming the Creature,
or to be the Creature who is safe amongst hell and high water for a
while because of his limited ability to make himself worse for real.

     The peace that passeth all understanding can only be understood by
the being that creates it and puts it there, at which point he
understands it because he IS it.

     God is faith, God is Peace, God is Faith in Peace!

     But the being who can put peace there forever for free, can also
put anti peace there for a while.

     The Creator can wield the sword of ExCalibur.
     "Excalibur is the two edged sword of ExCaliber and ExCaliper.

     Caliber means worth.

     Ex Caliber means with out worth.
     Caliper means measure.

     Ex Caliper means (worth) without measure.

     A wizard is anyone who is a WIZ with the sword.

     The Sword is stuck in the star rock of your mind by your own
present time operational wizardry.

     A King is anyone who can free and wield the sword of Excalibur for
themselves and for others.

     King Arthur was able to pull the sword out of the rock because he
was willing to put the sword back in, so that OTHERS might try.

     The others were not so willing to put it back in so others could
try, they wanted to sword for themselves, so they couldn't pull the
sword out at all.

     Willingness to put it in and leave it there, freed it up to
be pulled out.

     Willingness to come in, leads to ability to get out, because you
have to be out in order to come in.

     Conception is causal, conceiving you want to come in preconceives
that you ARE out, so then you can come in.

     Thus practice coming in, puts you out.

     Conceiving that you want to change from A to B, pre conceives
that you ARE A, so that you can then become B.

     A being only gets into trouble with this if he wants to become
B because he never wants to be A again.

     Trying to escape a detested A, will pretty much put you in A.
     Thus willingness and practice becoming the creature, leads to BEING
the God side again, even if only for a split second to rearrange your
creatureness again, make things better if they are bad, or worse if they
are too good.

     Its not about seeking or finding God, or BECOMING God, because you
already ARE the God you seek who is in the state of incarnation in

     It's about willingness to OPERATE that God hood quiescing in
yourself by taking full responsibility for becoming the Creature, yes
that same Creature who is TERRIFIED of its Creator, and willing to
adjust your own created nature if you don't like it as it is.

     Creatureness is self created, an adornment to the Creator.

     Sometimes the Creator has to take the Creature to the tailors, to
adjust something here or there.

     What God DOES is come in, there is no other thing that a God does.

     So trying to become God in order to get out forever doesn't work,
it sticks you in Creature mode, because only a Creature wants to get out
and never come back.

     The God can't want to come back and is oh so smug about when.

     Trying to become God in order to come back in better adjusted does
work and is in fact the only way to make changes.

     The being becomes the Author for a moment to adjust HIMSELF as the
Character, then joins the story again.

     Being here CAN be fun, it just keeps vanishing on you.

     It can also be a nightmare.

     That's the only way to stay in it for long without having
to constantly put it there.

     It's your choice.

     Good dreams tend to bubble up on their own to sleep in
Native State.

     Bad dreams tend to sink down to sleep in negative Native State.

     Just don't make things so bad you can't believe you did it.

     For then you are stuck with it forever more, until you can put it
there with High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise, at which point you
will have a hard time keeping it around.

     But it takes some FAITH in yourself to get over your I don't
believe I made this thing and put it there until you see you did.

     You see you not only put the universe there, you also crushed your
faith in yourself that you could, would, or should have put it there.

     It's not the universe being there that is causing him to
be in a tizzy, it's the fact that he forgot that he was sovereign
in the matter.

     He is playing the game of Faith Be No More.  
     How long can he put his Faith out, how far down into the darkness
can he go, before his Faith reignites on its own and surrounds him in
light and certainty that he will always lose that game of dying forever
in the rigid apathy of MEST.

     It can't be done.
     No matter how hard he slams himself into the darkness, and locks
himself in like Houdini with DED's and DEDEX's, eventually his descent
slows and he cracks that smug smile and says "Dang lost another one to
     The DED is his slamming himself into the darkness trying to
die forever.

     The universe around him then becomes an endless symphony of DEDEX's
for him.

     The God suffers from High Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise, and
likes to hang out for a while in Halcyon, eternal good humor on the
verge of time, trying to design his next high dive into Oblivion.
     The Creature suffers from the shock and confusion of High Anti

     "I did what, you say?!"
     If he doesn't feel comfortable as a Soul creating the Creator, then
he has a major ARC break with Cause, and himself for being part of a
Cosmic Whole where God and Soul are not all on the same page.

     Can you imagine not being on the same page as God?
     Or the ultimate source of creation, a source that created a
creature that was opposed to its own creation or any other creation this
source might contemplate?

     Wondering is question asking, pretending you don't know the answer,
and trying, usually very hard with effort, force and drama, to find out.

     Go on, get some coffee and a donut, and take the rest of
this up in a while.


     So there is a postulate to not know, followed by an effort to find

     That is the cross over between postulates and force, and from above
26.0 Apparencies are Actuality to below 26.0, flows, universes and
opinions and games.

     From above "Static is cause," to below "Kinetic is cause."

     Kinetic is FORCE AND MASS IN MOTION.  Force is assigned cause by the
static, its a virtualization and has no actuality beyond the
convincingness and non lucidity of the dream of kinetics that the static
is proffering..

     Often your preclear doesn't want to find out, so he is running an
AND on wonder, want to know *AND* don't want to know at the same time.

     Wondering AND NOT wondering at the same time.

     The basic question is:

     "Who or what is cause around here and why is it such an asshole!?"

     Do you really want to know or would you prefer to spend your time
FOREVER finding out?

     Notice endlessly trying to find out never ARRIVES at finding out!
     Any somatic or unwanted condition or state of failure on any
dynamic is simply evidence of a chronic wonder cycle, whether conscious
or not, grinding away, unwittingly or covertly causing what it is
purportedly trying to solve through mis understandings.

     Can you imagine a problem or condition that persists simply and
only because the observer is wondering why it exists so hard?

     He is asking "Why is it?"

     Adore admonishes us to translate that into:

      "It is.  Why?
      "It is.  Why?

     "Good.  some people are so stupid they can't do the wrong thing

     Putting something there and then wondering why it is there is a
well arted form of Cosmic Lunacy.

     That is a reference to the idea that the first time creates it, and
the second time, through perfect duplication, erases it.

     Put the damn thing there again, and then let go, you know?

     Push once, the door locks.  Push again, the door opens.

     It's not quite like that, you gotta push once and then scramble the
scene with "Where did that come from and what should I DO about it?"
What should I do about it implies it is still there while to scramble to
find out what you should DO about it.

     To get rid of it you need to get back to the first push and then
simply forgo the self deceits about where it came from, so of course it
disappears when you let go.

     For a being that creates in the mere conception of things, where
his conception of something IS its creation, you can see wonder might be
a problem.

     Wondering WHY something is, conceives it, so it is!

     Cute, huh?

     How long can you do that before you run into the end of time?

     Notice that for a creator to get the idea he wants something, he
must first conceive that he doesn't have it.  This is how he places
chase and thus time between desire and havingness, between first
conception of desire for something and later conception of having it.

     Notice that if things are created in the mere conception of them,
conceiving that you don't have something is quite a trick.

     Practice it until you can master it, then the universe of having
and not having becomes yours.


     He has to conceive that conception is not sufficient to creation,
but that chase with effort through time might be.

     This is how things work in the physical body universe.


     Doing is intended to result in HAVING.

     If he fails in the chase, well that puts him back at the conception
phase of things, and he can do it all over again.

     One computes what to DO from what one wants and doesn't have, and
what he knows about the conditions in the universe.


     To an OT however, to whom conception is cause of what is conceived,
he might want to figure his way around this self fulfilling problem of
wanting preimplying not having, or conception of 'wanting preconceives
not having.'

     Prepostulation is the same thing as preconception.

     Postulating you want something, prepostulates you don't have it.

     One way to run this is deadly straight forward:

     "Get the idea of wanting something and not having it."

     It's an ARC break process though, so run it opposite with it.
     "Get the idea of wanting something and having it."

     You might also try

     "What do you want?"


     "What are you raging against?"

     Run until the idea of wanting something and not having it is too
ludicrous to contemplate further.

     A lot of ANDS will show up before the process is done,

     Wanting something AND NOT wanting it at the same time forever for

     The preclear who is being MEST rather than OT, is trying to find
out what is cause of having unwanted, or not having wanted conditions,
so that he can then CAUSE MORE, that is add his own cause into the pre
existing mix, in order to end, ameliorate or enhance the condition.

     This is how the body and kinetic problem solving in general works,
but it is not how a thetan going OT works.

     "Source sources what Source is not."

     Thus how things work in the source universe is almost always 180
degrees reverse vector to how they work in the sourced universe.

     A being using MEST logic and mechanics to solve theta problems
eventually becomes MEST.  Since MEST *IS* his basic problem, using MEST
mechanics to solve the existence and persistence of MEST has got to be
some sort of Joke.

     MEST means Matter, Energy, Space and Time plus Force, and is
kinetics operating in a created space time while, under the causal
auspices of Eternality, or the eternal Static.

     Eternality is a forever of no space and no time, from which space
and time whiles are created.

     These are conscious whiles by the way, they do not exist in the
physical world, physical whiles do not exist at all and in fact can't
exist because there is no physical anything to put them in.

     Dreams of stone are not made of stone.

     Dreams of time are not made of time.

     Dreams of space are not made of space.

     These are all made of conscious virtualization or rendition stuff.

     That stuff the proof playfully calls ZEV, or Zero Emission Visuals.

     Only a being playing games of arrogance and dominance would desire
a forever OF time and IN time.

     If they want it and try for it hard enough, they eventually get it.

     It's called a Black Hole forever for free.

     For a while of course :)

     Clearly Eternality did not use MEST mechanics to create MEST
mechanics and so surely it shouldn't use them to uncreate them either.

     If not MEST mechanics to effect change, then what?

     Change needs to take place in 3 different universes.

     The first universe is the being's own immediate universe where in
lies his home, his goals and creations and a lot of his timetrack and
     The second universe is a co resonant shared universe with him self
and his friends.

     The third universe is the total co resonant shared universe of
everyone called the physical universe.

     Each universe is more solid and fixed than the one above it, by
design, but all work on exactly the same principles.

     Putting it there and getting involved with trying to DO something
with or about it, creates it and makes it persist.

     Remember DOING something about A by creating B, prepostulates A
exists, so it does by your own power of postulate.  B is always in
another unit of time after A, so one is no longer duplicating A in its
own space and time, and so A persists from there on out.

     Putting it there and letting go of it (getting uninvolved with it),
in its original unit of space and time, allows it to vanish as if never

     AS-isness has no memory.

     Anything created is created in NOW at time = 0.

     As the being moves forward into time on a crusade to unmake his
original creation by making more creations, he thinks that the original
now is moving into the past in time.

     But that is an illusion, as all time is now, so at any time he can
simply declare that now is and always was and always will be time = 0,
reput there what he originally put there, let it go and the whole story
ends, no matter how long it was allowed to run.

     That might seem odd to some people who believe in persisting
consequences, but some things, like Hubbard said, are inexorable.

     At least you have a better idea of what true OT power is.

     Any being as the power to utterly eradicate all of Kingdom Come.

     This is the ability to put things there, in all 3 universes,
including their consequences, and then remove them all in causal order

     That's why erasing engrams works in the first universe, once you
get the original time = 0 creation, everything causally related after
wards simply goes as if never created.

     Things become more solid, that is more consequences, the more they
are created in the second and third universe, but only because there is
so much more agreement and effects of that original cause.  that need to
be reput there, reoperated, re perfectly duplicated.

     So don't worry, you will not be as-ising the physical universe any
time soon.  But there isn't any reason for you to be walking around with
a case, you see?

     The process is called rewriting.

     Basically get the idea of never having created a case for yourself,
spot something that happened or didn't happen, what would you be like
now if that event had never happened or had.
     How would you be like now if your mother had loved you?

     How would you be like now if you hadn't pushed her out a window?

     And run the opposites just to be fair.

     If you run it right, perhaps you might carry around some of the
shadows of these things for a couple of life times, but not forever.

     And it just eventually gets written out of everyone else's
existence too who might have been affected by your shenanigans.
     Be careful though, you wouldn't want to spook anyone by getting
totally better, or anybody who was keeping track of what state you were
in and why.

     They might begin to think you were magic or some such thing :)


     Kinetic problem solving by creating or adding more kinetics into
the mix, may result in 'desirable' change, but all the components of
space and time are still there to plague him later on down the road.

     The universe may work better for a while after adding more MEST
into existing MEST, but long term its heavier, and that MEST universe is
the yoke around his neck no matter how 'well' it appears to be
functioning in the short term.

     He may have some slightly more optimum games to play with that yoke
around his neck, but can he stop playing them?

     Making things work better by making them heavier is a dead end to
an OT.  The heaviest thing there is a black hole.

     The preclear is solving his MEST problems, not by putting them and
the universe they are in there fully and then withdrawing it entirely,
but by trying to find out who or what is putting it there for him,
blaming them, and then putting SOMETHING MORE OR ELSE THERE to change it
to a more desirable end.

     That is a terrible waste of time spent 'finding out' things.

     When he finds out the apparent "cause" of the problem, he engages
in another wonder cycle of question asking, "What should I *DO* to
change this?"

     "How do I cause this other cause to stop or change what it is

     When he figures out what "to do," i.e.  what ELSE he can cause to
effect change in the other cause, he puts that there as best he can in
order to effect the change he desires.

     There is no thought of CAUSING the other cause to do what it is
already doing, then change it.  

     That's called taking responsibility for the other cause.
     That's not MEST mechanics, that is the exact opposite, that's OT

     For MEST time moves on, MEST cause can't cause prior cause and then
let go of it, so MEST gets stuck with anything created which is

     For an OT now is always time = 0 for anything ever created no
matter how far into the future it has been allowed to propagate itself
and its consequences.

     Thus by looking AT NOW, the OT can vanish anything ever created if
only he can get what was created and put it there again AS HIS OWN and
then let go of it in the now.

     This is not an effort thing trying hard to remember, oh no, it
simply get the idea of putting it there now what the original creation
was if you DARE.

     Remember can't = won't.  It might not be true, but its more likely
true than not, and in any case its good auditing policy, especially solo.

     On the meter can't won't read where won't will.

     It's amazing watching the future time track rearrange itself around
the editing of any given event anywhere on the track by accessing its
original moment of creation NOW by declaration (consideration) of now as
time = 0.

     OK, go get another donut or something, let's take a break.

     Putting cause there is always OT mechanics, because that is the
true cause of cause, you putting it there AS cause.

     The static source is true cause, everything that it causes is
pretend kinetic cause which is all virtual.

     Kinetics understands the illusions of virtual self determinism vs
virtual other determinism, and applies its kinetic self determinism
against the other determinism to effect change that it finds desirable,
in the kinetic panoply of virtual objects and causes.

     The static understands only pan determinism, and applies actual pan
determinism to create areas of virtual self determinism and other
determinism in the finite kinetic whiles that the static creates.

     So from A's point of view sitting in a funk in a while:

     0.) B is putting something there that A doesn't like.

     1.) A wonders who or what is putting it there.

     2.) A considers B is putting it there.

     3.) A wonders what A should put there in return to nullify, change
or ameliorate what B is putting there.

     4.) A puts that there.

     The first putting it there (0 above) by the alleged other
determinism B defines one moment of time.

     The second putting it there (4 above) by the preclear A to change
the first one, defines a second moment of time.

     What do you get?

     You get time.
     You get the booby prize.

     You get consecutive time.

     You get now, and then you get another now.
     Two consecutive moments of time means disaster up head.
     A wants to know what A should CAUSE in the (presumably near) FUTURE
to stop B from causing something NOW.

     If A wants B to stop putting something there now, A should put B
there now putting things there, and then let go.

     You may well chide that this doesn't work in the physical universe,
but it does just exactly as stated.

     Remember can't = won't.

     However before you try to 'solve' the MEST dragon entirely by
putting it there again and walking away, you might try resolving the
bugs crawling under your skin first, and the candy land spiders crawling
out of the back of your brain.

     Pretty but scary.

     Well, you wanted to be able to see mockups, didn't you?

     Perhaps you thought you were going to be able to mockup boat loads
of pretty girls, without being able to mockup all the spiders and other
unmentionable things down in the hold?

     There is a reason your preclear is a black V.

     The eyes of a pretty girl are worse than the eyes of any demon he
might mockup.

     The demon he meant to kill, the pretty girl he didn't.

     The Black V condition is kept in place by trying to understand
cause, hopefully without looking at what cause is causing, nor looking
at cause itself.

     Remember a clear line of sight from below disaster all the way up
to native state will all look like disaster to the being.

     Native State is ultimately cause of disaster lower down, but cause
of disaster looks just as much like disaster as the disaster itself

     He is seeing everything above disaster by looking through
disaster which acts as disaster colored glasses to him.

     Thus his willingness to return to native state looking up
from disaster is limited.

     If instead he tries to look DOWN FROM Native State to some
newly created disaster, well then he's golden as he can withdraw
any time he wants as long as he doesn't start to look back UP
at native state from down in the disaster he created.

     Looking up at native state to find the cause of his disaster is a
trap as it puts where he is looking FROM, namely disaster!

     Looking down at the disaster from native state is freedom.

     There may be heavenly beauty up there near native state, but that's
a disaster to him, because he fell down to below disaster about that
beauty due to his own misdeeds.

     Thus a soul in peril looking up at God, if he were to see God,
would see just more disaster, BIG GODLY disaster.

     He is looking up through disaster colored glasses, just like a
person under water looking up through the water to see the sun.

     What does he see?  He sees water.

     Perhaps he sees a wet sun, but water none the less.

     Just so, looking up through disaster colored glasses, he sees
disaster colored God, and that is a LOT of disaster.

     He can't wrap his wits around either the ugly at the bottom, nor
the beauty at the top of the tone scale.

     The dynamic range between the wings of the dicom, from abomination
to adoration, exceeds his ability to span, so he considers that
actuality exceeds him, and that is a disaster from the top to the
bottom, don't you see?

     He considers that something exceeds him, and that IS disaster.

     He can't stand the ugly, but there is something about the pleasure
and peace which he dearly longs for that he can't comprehend.

     If things are so good, how come I am in such deep doodoo?

     The last thing he wants to put there is HIMSELF again, scalar
causal unit, because the last time he was such a thing, he ended up in
the kinetic mud.

     Well hell, if the price for getting out of hell, is to put yourself
there, let go and as-is yourself out of existence, then what's so bad?
He can always mockup himself up again.

     He holds on to the hell, because he is holding on to the context in
which he ended up in that hell.
     He can't get out of prison because he still has hopes for the world
in which the prison exists and which tossed him in it.

     Yeah he killed the girl, but maybe the girl will forgive him, so
the whole gestalt of himself, the girl, the murder, the prison, and the
hell persist TOGETHER as a unified causal whole.

     Every part of his suffering is accounted for in that whole, and
everything that had anything to do with that whole is accounted for.

     (I am not sure what the second half of that sentence means. )
     That's why finding the first moment of an engram is critical,
because the first moment is the root of the context and everything in it
that followed for that chain.

     When he erases a chain, he erases an awful lot of the Cosmic All,
in all 3 universes, in the past, the present and the future and all the
consequences and the experiences of the co players that went with it.

     Its amazing how much you can get others to forget about you, if you
simply run out the entire incident in which you affected them.


     Pleasure and pain can only be commanded by the God side of the
being, not the Soul side.

     The God side can command both pleasure and pain, the Soul side can
only run from one towards the other.

     The secret is they MUST BE commanded together in equal measure.

     Oops, that's called responsibility and putting it there, all of it.
     The God side being can't create just one side of a dicom.

     And the Soul side, well to a Soul side being any dicom is a running
wheel (like a mouse in a mouse cage) running forever towards the good
side and way from the bad side, while inevitably slipping towards the
bad side.

     Imagine a car spinning its wheels trying to move up an icy hill,
but always sliding backwards down the hill anyhow.

     Worse the more he tries to go up the slope, the more he
slides down it.  Better to be still.

     Thus a Soul side preclear will find it hard to find a comfortable
position anywhere on the tone scale, high or low, until he comes up
above disaster and can span the entire scale from top to bottom with
some sense of artistic intent and equipoise.

     But he would be a God side release at that point, wouldn't he.

     Eternal survival and willingness is for the story writer, not the
creatures that scamper within the created world of terror.

     He can't confront the ugly girl because he can't shun the sight of
her, and that's a disaster you see.

     The ugly girl MUST BE.

     She is enforced upon him by the scheme of things.

     He can't confront the pretty girl, because he can't shun the sight
of her either, and so that too is a disaster.

     The pretty girl also MUST BE.

     She too is enforced upon him by the scheme of things.

     Only by putting both there in equal measure, can he then shun both
by unputting them there.

     Hey that's not so bad, he can put all the ugly ones on the left
side of the room and all the pretty ones on the right side, and then go
visit the right side for as long as he wants.

     But he has to visit the left side too in equal measure other wise
he becomes that sliding car trying to forever go right and ending up
sliding left forever for free.

     He has a morbid fascination on both sides.  The Black V is actually
the result of an AND, of seeing both beauty and ugly at the same time,
but scrambling them to form a dull bleak gray, barren of interest
forever more.

     Barren interest is too much ugly and beauty whipped together into a
single bland "meh".

     It is no different than mixing bright white and neon black together
and then getting gray, bleak, dull, boring gray.

     Gray doesn't exist, only infinitely scrambled white and black and
every other color you can imagine.

     Those that have had their mockups open up for a fraction of a
second have felt the aesthetic vertigo of trying to span the dicom of
beauty and ugly, and falling on their face.

     Your preclear is still trying to solve one side of the dicom with
something ELSE other than the other side of the same dicom.

     The only thing that will assuage being burned by abject ugliness is
being burned by abject beauty.

     The two together form peace, BECAUSE THEY BOTH COME FROM ABSOLUTE

     The static has no problems with dicoms what so ever.

     And the static is the fountain head of peace, which is a kind of

     Thus if he is overwhelmed by ugly, he has to create an equal and
opposite OVERWHELMING beauty.

     If he is overwhelmed by beauty, he has to create an equal and
opposite overwhelming ugly.

     Angels and devils come in pairs.

     There is no sending the devils to the back of the room, but you can
make the angels and devils dance with each other.

     He doesn't have to scramble them into an ever present gray, they
can remain distinct covering their own part of the tapestry, in
interplay with each other, but the overwhelms from each will cancel out

     A God of peace surrounded by a whirlwind of devils and angels, you

     So much for pretty girls giving him the eternal willies, eh?

     He might have to mockup a few million cubic light years of earthly
spiders to match one pretty girl, but if he does it right, peace will
ensue and neither spider nor girl will bother him any more, with either
lust or revulsion.

     Yes, there may be a moment of laughter, that's like a moment of
matter and anti-matter getting together then blowing up as light.

     But woe be to him if he gets stuck in the game of I want all the
pretty girls for myself, and here you can have all the ugly ones, take
them away!

     Down the road he finds all the pretty girls are taken by others,
and he is stuck with all the ugly ones.

     That is the inception of jealousy.

     You want pretty girls?

     Make more of them and GIVE THEM AWAY, force them down other
people's throats.  They start sending them back to you, as they got too
many and never want to see them again.

     And that is the inception of Expanded GITA, Give and Take

     In fact, by creating full dicoms with both sides, the being becomes
the orientation point creating them both forever for free, rather than
the symbol who is too afraid to look in either of their directions,
stuck forever in a nightmare of scarcity of beauty, and abundance of

     And ALWAYS running.

     And the beauty is always looking at him with disapproving eyes,
and the ugly is always looking at him with 'You're mine!".

     Angels and demons always come in dicom pairs, and putting them BOTH
there together is the only solution there is, and the only help he

     If you have no demons, why call on Angels?

     If an Angel comes, you WILL have a demon :)

     And the game will be afoot.

     Another donut and some coffee is in order here, perhaps?


     A is asking "What should I *DO* to understand cause?"

     That wonder cycle prepostulates that he doesn't understand cause
and so away we go down the chute.

     You might try explaining cause to him, but until he verifies it for
himself with perfect certainty, he will never have it.

     Oh yes, he might believe you, but belief in being cause will never
produce a being who can actually cause.

     Instead he will say to himself 'I believe I am cause, that's good
enough for me.  To feel good about my future, I don't need to actually
LOOK and see if I actually am cause, because I might find out I am
not cause, and then what would I do?'

     So to maintain his belief that he is cause he only visits those
areas of life where he doesn't have to be cause, thus he never tests
himself on the matter, and never finds out that down the road aways he
is monster food just on the other side of his tombstone by the road.

     Since postulates are true cause coming from Static, his postulates
that he doesn't understand cause CAUSES him to not understand cause in
the mere conception of 1.) there is a cause, and 2.) he doesn't
understand it.

     To understand cause means to follow the causal pathway from start
to finish with nothing missing in between.

     Since true cause and effect are one and the same event created in
Eternality to look like two different moments of time, his only hope is
to BE that CAUSE and thus know it by conceiving of it.

     That's called CONNECTION by the way.

     He is trying to understand BEINGNESS (out of time) via BECOMINGNESS
in time.

     He needs to understand BECOMINGNESS via BEINGNESS.
     The static (out of time) does not need to be understood from the
viewpoint of the kinetic (in time) time.

     The kinetic (in time) needs to be understood from the view point of
the static which of course is a given anyhow.

     The static is a total knowingness, it knows what it is doing,
when it creates knowing aboutness in the kinetic.

     All knowing aboutness is about the kinetic.

     The physical universe tries to learn about causes by BECOMING the
effects of those causes.

     That's called Learning by Being an Effect.

     The OT learns about effects by BEING the cause of those effects.

     He has no need to learn about effects after the fact of creating
them, because they are exactly as he created them.

     Learning about cause by being an effect is nuts, it is space time
mechanics, and he will end up a scientist in a tar pit or major

     Same thing.

     Knowing about effects by having caused them is pure OT ability, and
he will end up creating and vanishing so many universes he will chose to
become a scientist in a tar pit anyhow just to avoid that fate.

     Imagine not being able to keep anything around?

     Since conscious cause is self luminous, he gets to learn about
conscious cause by being the conscious cause too.

     How cool.

     In the absence of being able as a kinetic to see cause directly,
and his continual efforts to learn about the nature of cause by
observing effects, and the resulting question asking about the nature of
cause, he continues this nonsense down the time stream, like someone
sliding down the chute to hell, creating the chute as he goes along, and
all the scenery along the way, wondering all the while where the god
damn chute is coming from and why he is on it!

     Once your own personal universe is under your control again, then
you can start working to adjust the many various shared universes up to
and including the physical universe, and every universe before and after

     How big are you willing to be, and how much are you willing to
erase absolutely merely by letting go of it and not being concerned
about nor running on the endless figure, figure wonder wheel about it.

     You know an OT is a cosmic eraser, where ever he moves, he leaves
nothing behind as he has taken his attention off of it.

     If you want the universe to remain, for God's sake, don't show him
a pretty girl as everything but will go poof!


     Remember you don't as-is something merely by taking your attention
off of it, you must span, put there, and then take your attention off
the WHILE the thing exists in.

     That's the only reason people can't as-is anything, they don't
realize that whiles exist, and things exist IN whiles (that's Q1) and
can only be as-ised by as-ising the while itself that the thing that is
in it.

     Q1; The basic action of a static is to create virtual renditions of
space and time, and put (locate) virtual objects in them and consider
virtual causes between them.

     The thing and its while are not two different things.

     Notice Hubbard leaves time out of Q1, adore considers this a big
     Anything that doesn't exist in time isn't going to persist anyhow.

     So to vanish any object located in space and time, one must as-is
the underlying substrate that allows the object to exist, namely the
space time while and all the false causation cast on the object
renditions in that while.

     Anytime an engram, postulate or consideration is as-ised, a small
amount of spacetime goes with it.

     But no while can be as-ised from inside it, it must be spanned,
exteriorized from, and THEN THAT VIEW IS THE AS-IS VIEW of that while
and everything in it.

     Thus exteriorization from time is way more important than
exteriorization from space, but space and time both come as whiles,
so if you exteriorize from one, you must exteriorize from the other.

     Trying to stay in time sticks you in space and trying to stay
in space sticks you with time.

     One trap is to get the preclear to think whiles of time can be
forever, infinitely long.  He KNOWS he can't span an infinite amount of
something finite, so he never gets a view point outside of the while
spanning it!

     And its only his own desire to stick OTHERS in inescapable whiles
that go on forever, that stick him in them also.

     He is trying to conceive an infinite amount of time and then give
it to another.  So of course he gets it too first.
     His very idea that 'you should go to hell FOREVER (in time)'
tries and fails endlessly to create a forever of time in the mere
conception of it so he can hand it off to another.

     That failure and its mockup wreckage then becomes HIS hell forever
as long as he continues to try to create it and stick it on another.

     HE's got to conceive and thus create the eternal hell and its
forever while in order to hand it to his enemy so he will suffer it
instead of its earnest but doomed to failure creator.

     That's why forever's (and nevers) kill, tar pit full speed ahead.

     Whiles can be as long as he likes, no upper limit, but never
infinite.  That's called an unlimited finiteness.

     When he puts his now exterior attention on another while or creates
a new one, the first while will vanish as if never been.

     Going exterior is always going exterior to a while and the objects
it contained.

     Trying to go exterior from an object while yet staying in its while
is lunacy.

     That is why making a perfect duplicate does not mean making a
second copy LATER IN TIME IN YET ANOTHER WHILE, it means making the

     It's already there at time = 0, just spot it and own it
as yours, then let go of creating it.

     That means he has to stop moving down the time stream for a moment,
go exterior to the original while, span it, and bam its gone.

     He just won't be able to keep it around unless he messes himself up
in it all over again real fast.

     That's why people don't want to go near the abyss of annihilation,
they KNOW nothing will be left if they enter it completely.

     They didn't create all this stuff just to get rid of it, don't you

     So down deep vanishing things is the last thing on their minds.

     It's easier to find out why someone WANTS a condition than get him
to get rid of it.

     The joke is once he spots why he wants the condition, that's the
end of it unless he puts it there again claiming he doesn't want it.

     You see the preclear is doing this one-two step full time at a
lower harmonic, there is something he doesn't want to see (disaster), so
he pretends he isn't seeing it by forcing himself to look at something
else easier to confront (inactuality).

     But again, there are those two moments of time, first seen and
second seen, with FORCE between them to not see the first by looking at
the second, and thus one gets time and oblivion.

     And the dwindling spiral, as he second item is always lower tone
than the first.

     Disaster, inactuality, delusion, hysteria, shock, catatonia and

     And that's why when preclear's start to get real, poke their heads
up out of inactuality, they come up to disaster, the most fantastic
disasters you could ever imagine.

     So dangerous, so precious.

     Something to be scared of, don't you see?


     A 9 to 5 mortal life with no awareness of before this life or any
responsibility for putting it there, and who can only muster cat calls
at the mere suggestion of such, is the start of catatonia and oblivion.

     Rather than put the wall and its while there and then letting go,
he is banging his head on it from inside the while.

     That's a nice way to extend the while forever WHILE REMAINING IN
IT, but its way hard on the head.

     He never gets back to the beginning of the while that contains the
wall, and thus he never spans it, exteriorizes from it, and thus he can
never let it go.

     Walls you can't do anything with.

     Whiles with walls in them you can toss at will.

     All hell is, is being inside a while, and trying to end it by
staying inside it.

     You can never get rid of a while from inside it.

     You can never toss a while, while its got you inside it.

     You see?

     It's a quick easy ride from oblivion (who me?) on down through
detachment, duality, hallucination, sadism, masochism, elation, glee,
fixidity, erosion, dispersal, disassociation, criminality, uncausing,
disconnection and unexistence.

     UNEXISTENCE AS A SPIRIT and thinking he is a body.

     As a meatball he may be looking like he is DOING stuff, but a 9 to
5 mortal life is not much more than head banging 24x7 against a dark
impenetrable spiritual wall trying to not do something actual (handle
disaster), by doing something else (inactuality).

     He is operating a won't cause or must not cause, and calling it a
can't cause.

     That's a rough one, but there it is, OT as Q1.

     The wall is impenetrable because it is self causing via the
mechanism of wonder about cause, question asking about cause, and
looking for something ELSE to DO about the wall (head banging) which
leads to endless failure.

     Surely you can see that for a God who gets what he conceives in the
mere conception of it, banging his head against a wall will never get
rid of the wall!

     For what then would he bang his head against?

     HAVING a wall to band his head against is more valuable than
getting rid of the wall.

     If he got rid of the wall, who would he have to play the game of
of "Ain't it awful!" about the Cosmic All.

     To a God that can do anything, NOT being able to do anything is

     This mechanism is the only reason that things persist.

     If things persisted for any other reason than negative resistive
self feedback, then the GodSoul would be in permanent deep trouble with

     He would have to DO SOMETHING ELSE in order to get rid of anything.

     As it is, all he has to do is NOT DO SOMETHING ELSE, except put it
there, to get anything to vanish.

     People don't like putting it there, not because it doesn't work,
but because it does work, but it works too fast and too deep, and they
reel from the power that unfolds as the universe comes apart (ascension
experience), and so they shut it all down by screaming how it doesn't
work, how they have been betrayed!

     But you want trouble?  Observe a being sometime who has doubted and
turned away from putting it there, and is hysterically looking for what
else to put there to stop the first thing from being put there.

     "disaster, inactuality, delusion, HYSTERIA..."
     Lord save the being who creates in the mere conception of things,
who conceives that conception is powerless.
     The wall is there because he considers it is there, then he
considers he needs to figure out WHY it is there, (who or what is cause
around here?) and then figure WHAT TO DO about it.

     "It is.  Why?  What to DO?"

     Figure, figure, figure.

     Time1...time2...time3.......time forever....

     Tar, Yum!

     Figure figure is question asking, wonder, trying to understand the
nature of cause, that's all it is.

     The thing was understood in the CREATION of it, what the HELL is he
doing trying to understand it's cause LATER IN TIME?

     Cause is observable as it is at the moment of creation, not
later which some time away from it.

     ANY time away from the moment of creation means the
original moment can't be seen any more because a being can not
see into the past.  Get it?

     At time = 1 be best he can do is look at a MEMORY or picture taken
of what happened at time = 0.  And a picture of an event is not an
as-isness of the event.

     So looking at a picture of time = 0 which continues on into
time = 1 or 2 or 1000, is not looking at time = 0, but looking
instead of a picture of time = 0 at some time > 0.

     So of course it persists for ever, which gives him the idea that
vanishing as-isnesses do not exist.

     He creates with looking by knowing, and ends up dying with knowing
by looking.

     If he figures out anything at all it will be some party line theta
trap nonsense that will just make things harder for him.

     'Ah NOW I understand walls, we need to bow and pray to them because
they are good for us, they make our heads strong and hard, and we need
to leave our entrails at their threshold so we can prosper and


     No while contains the source point that created it inside of
     The source point of a while is always outside of that while.

     Notice outside doesn't mean BEFORE.

     Before means before in kinetic time.

     Outside means above in scalar no time.


     Not EVER does full undestanding come from anything done later in
time inside that while.

     Not ever, ever, ever, ever.

     Not even one little exception just for you because you are so cute.

     You can't handle a tomorrow what was created yesterday in the same

     That is why tomorrow is MADE OF created yesterdays all piled up on
top of each other inside the same while.

     Yesterdays and tomorrows are create at the same scalar moment when
the while is created, thus the while contains both.

     That's because the while contains both yesterday and tommorrow for
the persisting problem with the being in the present, and the WHILE
needs to be handled, not the god damn problem.

     This sheds a new light on the nature of consequences which are
simply a collection of yesterdays and tomorrows collected into the
same while.

     Thus you can't handle consequences by auditing causally connected
yesterdays and tommorows, you have to handle the while they live in, to
vanish both yesterdays and tomorrows and any possible conceived causal
connection between them.

     That's a rough one, people just won't believe it, you gotta do it
to see it.

     And you gotta do it on a gradient scale, start with stuff in your
own universe, then the second universe, then the common universe we all

     And Lord help them if they are a prove it case, or a "need to know
its going to work be they go" case.

     Of course, no matter how much they whimper like a little puppy in
the cold, they aren't at all serious about getting better yet for some


     "What would happen if you really got better".

     "What's the problem with NO more problems."

     E/P No more whimpering.

     Oh OK, Christ, run it properly.

     "Get the idea of NO problems."
     "Get the idea of SOME problems."

     E/P after a rough run would be classic Grade I, ability to
recognize the source of problems and make the vanish.

     The problem is a relationship between two items in a single while,
you can't as-is the problem without as-ising the while that contains
them both (duration).  Scientology left that one out.

     The creation of the problem didn't happen DURING the problem.

     This analysis of course makes kinetics squirm in its grave, but
makes the Static smile as wide as the sky.

     That's all a theta trap is.

     DOING something later in time to 'deal with' something created in
an earlier moment of time.

     All a theta UNtrap is, is dealing with something in its own
original while of NOW time=0, and then getting distracted.

     So you create a Pandora's box with all kinds of things squirming
out of it.

     Boy are you now in trouble.

     So a moment later you create a lid and put it on the box.

     Problem solved?


     The things inside the box keep pushing the lid open.

     So you decide to sit on the lid to keep it closed.

     First moment of time you have a box with things crawling out of it.

     Second moment of time, you have a box, hideous things, AND a lid.

     More mass means heavier don't you see?

     Well things are better aren't they?  The hideous things are

     Sure, but YOU are now jailed into having to sit on the lid for the
rest of time to make sure it stays put.


     "Get the idea of a CLUTTERED  SPACETIME, *EVERYTHING* IN IT."
     "Get the idea of a CLEAN SPACETIME, *NOTHING* IN IT."

     E/P No longer prone to solving unwanted mass with more mass.


     A being as a symbol is stuck in a space filled with hostile junk,
the best he can do is create more junk to defend or offend, or entice
some of it around to his way of thinking, by paying them more to eat
those on the other side instead of him.

     A being as an orientation point can solve any problem by creating a
CLEAN SPACE with nothing in it.

     "Get the idea of NOTHING THERE."

     E/P, Nothing there!

     Wouldn't that be a relief.

     The first reaction of a being in trouble is to look for something
he can create or use against what is bothering him.

     TO CHANGE the balance of forces assaulting him.

     The first reaction of an OT in trouble is to let go of the dirty
space filled with problems and put a clean space there with nothing in

     Then he can repopulate it as he wishes with new problems or not as
he chooses.

     Most beings who are stuck with a problem they don't want, were
prevented from having a problem earlier that they did want.  And before
or after that they either did or attempted to do the same to others.

     So things are not as they might appear from a being crying innocent

     At the kinetic level the being's wonder about cause is creating
what he is wondering about to a point where it crushes him out of
existence as a spirit, and he becomes a "What wonder?" case.

     A "What spirit?" case.

     A meatball: glowballus carrionus.

     These are dangerous because if you get near them, their position is
SO LUDICROUS, you will begin to wonder if they are right and you are a
meatball too and don't know it.

     How could SO MANY BE SO WRONG?

     "SOMEONE is insane around here".

     You see their reality throws you into doubt about your reality, and
doubt magnifies what you doubt until you are convinced it's real enough
to bet on.  Then YOU become a meatball too.

     "Whew, I would rather die forever than be a meatball!"

     The condition in others restimulates YOUR whole track and the
question asking that goes with it.

     You know, the kind of preclear that never thinks about anything,
except maybe his job.  His job is the head banging trying to create a
state of catatonia so nothing will remind him of the prior *SPIRITUAL*
disaster in cause.

     A moment of pity and disaster so strong he knew he would NEVER get
over it.

     He may be a saint as a mortal, but he is a done for criminal as a
spirit and no longer wants to know who or what is cause around here, and
why it is such an asshole.


     How could a God ever REGRET ANYTHING?

     You better figure that out, because that's what a human is,
a God who managed to regret being a God.

     He *MADE* time, and now he wants to turn it back?

     Logic is sparse in these woods.

     How do you take a God, and turn him into a guilty sinner to the
point where he gives up trying to redeem himself and joins the dark side
of the force until he is no more, born of self crucifixion and self

     Remember only the good feel guilty.

     Well it has to do with this cycle of trying to fix something by
creating something MORE, something ELSE.

     There is no greater trap than making amends.

     And when he gets down into punishment he simply joins the Villain,
Victim, Hero whirlpool until he whirls down the drain never to be seen

     Well, for a while, for a very long while.

     For who or what will save him, and how will they do it?

     His backing off from his crime makes the crime persist.

     He is not putting the crime there.

     He considers that would be a crime, don't you see?

     It was wrong to do the first time, surely it would be wrong to do a

     So anything that a being couldn't have, wouldn't have or shouldn't
have created, can never be as-ised.  He has moved off its creation point
to make sure he has nothing further to do with it that might make it

     No creation point, no vanishment.

     He has to be there and make it, to get it to vanish, so somewhere
in here there is some humor, as dark as it may be.

     That humor is the motivation for manifestation.

     That's a big statement, dig it and don't leave it.

     The crime is not anything he did per se, but that he considered it
bad and refused to ever to do it again.  That back off, that refusal to
put it there again, precludes making a perfect duplicate and thus an
as-isness of the crime and the while it exists in along with all the
pain it caused in that same while.

     First moment, second moment creates time.

     The first moment is fancy free.

     The second moment is a panicked effort to fix the mess made by the
first moment.

     Time is the chute with the garbage pail at the end.

     He commits the crime in a while.

     He never wants to commit that same crime in another while ever

     But in his confusion and ignorance, he also refuses to recreate
that crime IN ITS OWN while again, thus guaranteeing that the crime and
its consequences continue to persist for ever more.

     One way or another, whiles are self replicating, they get
restimulated and cause re dramatization of themselves.

     The bank is the sum total of self restimulatable whiles.

     So when you are addressing the bank, you are addressing time and
this first moment, second moment thing in its entirety.

     The crime he is mishandling he considers must never happen again,
so instead of an as-isness he is punishing himself and others for the
crime to make sure they never do it again.  But that's AFTER the moment
of the crime, thus creating a wake of MORE whiles after the first one,
filled with more crimes of punishment and retribution, even if only
towards himself.

     Every crime is a while that is persisting because it must never
happen again.

     How does a God get this messed up?

     It's an artistic expression of His Divine sense of Humor.

     He is not taking full responsibility for his crime without

     And he is not allowing others to take full responsibility for the
things they did to him not to mention them taking full responsibility
for the crimes he did to them.

     "Oh you bad boy, look what you did to me, you had better regret
that forever.  Here, I got some time for you, now reverse it forever,
and begone with you."

     If someone ELSE took full responsibility for the crimes they did to
him, he wouldn't be able to remember those crimes to hold them against

     Blame is an effort to PRETEND at taking or allowing others to take
responsibility for what they did, blame is usually mixed up with
punishing others for what they did.  Creating more to counter what they
created.  No as-isness here.

     When a being blames another for doing wrong, the first being is not
taking responsibility for CAUSING THE OTHER BEING TO DO WRONG.

     He is not putting the miscreant and their deeds there.

     Who let who in to their dream now?

     Oh dear, you mean we need to think about our and their choice to
allow being make into a victim now?

     So THAT is the proper way to make amends.

     Vanish the crime.

     But you can't do that looking up from UNDER the bottom of the sea
below unexistence as a spirit.

     For the light of Grace does not shine below unexistence.

     The light of Grace is always still there, but if you postulate that
YOU don't exist, then ipso facto your Grace doesn't exist either.

     And Grace unfortunately only follows the command of your postulates
and orders.

     Only a spirit can put something there once and make it persist.

     Only a spirit can put something there twice and make it vanish.

     Only an Eternal spirit can operate grace.

     *HIS OWN* God damn it.

     Grace shines from the infinite eternal scalar substrate connecting
all beings, so when it shines from one, it resonates with all, the
entirety of the High Us, including those you would prefer didn't exist.

     Those are your most detested beings, by the way.

     So this is a big deal we are talking about here.

     If YOU could grace others, they could grace you back, no matter who
had done what to whom.

     If you don't let your grace out, its harder to let others grace
your back, for other's grace to come in.

     They might be able to bust you open like a nut with a grace
cracker, but its easier if you just open the door and let them in.

     Who or what is knocking at your door anyhow, that you can't open it
even a crack?

     Someone you didn't invite?

     Wouldn't have, couldn't have, shouldn't have?

     That's your monster, your Nemesis One.

     Free flowing grace in all directions reconnects you to the fountain
head of Source, because you aren't pissed at Goober any more over there
in the constellation of Orion, and suddenly for no reason he stops
feeling guilty all day long for the things he did to you.

     And Dufus over in Andromeda is no longer pissed at you, and
suddenly for no reason you are guilt free for what you did to him.

     You want to stop feeling guilty about what you did.

     Are you willing to stop wanting others to feel guilty about what
you did?

     People won't go guilt free unless they know all is well between
them and the person who was hurt.

     Grace vanishes the crime so no one WAS hurt.

     As-isness is absolute.

     Grace is gracefully letting go of the while the crime is in, so
that it is no more and NEVER WAS.

     Grace is eternal, not a temporal thing.

     Forgiveness of others through your own grace, allows the grace from
others to flow into you, whether they want it to or not.

     Because at Eternity we are connected by the One, while the Many
part of us sleeps.

     If you can grace others, it is almost impossible for anyone to
continue to hate you back.

     If you block your own grace to others, you will block it to
yourself, and guess who doesn't get any grace to light the way any more?

     So you see, justice reigns at all time.

     Justice means you get exactly and only what you postulate.

     Worthwhileness or worthlessness?

     So one day Goober and Dufus, a trillion trillion miles from each
other, will think of each other and crack up laughing at how much they
hated each other and how much guilt they felt about it all.

     The ocean of love just wipes it all away for both.

     And they won't know why.
     Because by the time they are aware of it, it never happened in the
first place.
     Damn!  Lost another one to as-isness."

     That is the magic you all are seeking.

     Oceans do not leave traces of the walls of sand and castles they
wipe away.

     Neither does grace.

     For accepting the infinite grace of themselves, the finite wall of
gracelessness in others can not stand.

     Thus one person in a karma group can release everyone in that group
from their suffering and travail.

     You can't heal yourself only.  If you want to heal yourself but
still hold something against the group, you are holding what they did to
you AGAINST YOURSELF, you are hating yourself for having been an
unwelcome effect.

     That's you hating YOU, not you hating them.

     So of course you can't heal.

     Underlying all suffering is guilt and fair chosen self immolation,
and underlying fair chosen self immolation is a failure to operate your
own grace on yourself, and those who harmed you, and those you harmed.

     It is also a failure to accept their grace, for other others will
'forgive you' to lessen the seriousness of what they did to you, hoping
you will forgive them back.

     Take it and run.  Grace will always set the truth straight.

     It may be hard to be the first to grace a karma group, will they
accept your forgiveness of yourself and them?

     1.) It doesn't matter.

     2.) Of course they will, nothing stops the ocean from erasing sand
castles in the sand if only you would stop building them.  Take a
breather from your hatred and guilt.

     But someone has to start the ball rolling and if you are the first,
then so be it.


     The real question is will you accept their grace, their forgiveness
of themselves and you.

     Hell its easy to forgive, its a bitch being forgiven.

     The guilt gets in the way, which is why Grace for Self comes first
and it is tantamount to relating to others in a Graceful world.

     This is probably about the only magic you could ever want.


     And perchance to let the group do the same.


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