Case consists of wanting to kill a LOT of people.

      Forever and ever, Amen.

     We call this the Kill Wish.

     Your preclear may be parked in a valence that can't imagine the
idea, but that thing is unauditable.

     It has no problems.

     This valence is also a solution to a problem with the kill wish,
trying to put it on hold for a while or forever, while continuing to
carry it out anyhow at a compulsive covert level.

     It is powered by GPMs between opposing Nemesis One's, MANY of them,
and gets one involved in offense and defense FOREVER, and the resulting
collateral damage, doubts, and switching sides or playing both sides at
the same time.

     To understand GPMS, you have to understand the following five
items, along with total no responsibility for *EITHER* side:

     Fragile, unique, precious, scarce and FOREVER.

     Anger and regret cycles get one into collateral damage, which then
lead to fall and redemption cycles.


     The underlying structure of all persistence in this universe is
altering will and won't into can and can't.

     Auditing can't is auditing a dead brick wall.

     Auditing won't may open the door if you are good enough as an

     This is because can't is devoid of responsibility for condition,
whereas won't includes will and motivation, desire and purpose,
intention and volition, awareness, truth, decency, ethics and

     Can and can't are unauditable because there is no life in them,
they just 'are' for inscrutible reasons.

     People think Chinamen are inscrutible.

     Ask a preclear someday why he can't..., and you will find real

     Will and won't are auditable, because they are made of the living
lightning of self aware cause with purpose and motivation.

     Scott Gordon's process:

     "Spot a condition.

      Get the idea the condition may serve a purpose.

      Get the idea of trying to DO something about that condition."

      Serve a purpose?  Huh?


     "As you can be content with and accept things as they are, they
will not exist.  That is absolute." - LRH

     The only absolute is a full vanishment.

     Allen Hacker, speaker for Acceptance Services used to say that he
helped people accept things to make them better, but that people needed
a lot of semantic adjustment to operate that acceptance.

     I used to nag him about the name of his organization, Acceptance
Services, because I found it attrocious, it sounded like a morgue to me.

     "Accept, accept, resistence is futile, you WILL be askimilated." -
Popeye of Borg.

     Hacker finally said he would change the name of his outfit, but
wouldn't tell us what it was.  I haven't heard from him since.


     I eventually solved the problem for him with the following two

     Acceptance with expectation of persistence is resignation.

     Acceptance with expectation of vanishment is as-isness.

     The first means to accept something ELSE putting it there, which
goes no where except to the bottom of the sea.

     The second is accepting YOU putting it there.

     So when you audit, you need to audit in the direction of the second
meaning of acceptance, but trust me, that meaning is UTTERLY alien to
your average wog who is wearing a universe on his face like a mud pack
because he has been 'accepting' things for a squadrillion years.

     "Lord, give me the power to accept the things I can not change..."


     Now you want him to accept things to CHANGE and fix it all?

     Well the first kind of acceptance as resignation is alloyed with
resistence through and through.

     The second kind of acceptance is resistence free.

     Just remember to a wog 'resistence free' means abject bottom of the
sea of apathy.

     And yes, the only difference between the bottom and top is a sense
of choice.

     Which is why we audit WILL AND WON'T, and NEVER EVER EVER CAN and
CAN'T, for who knows where those abilities and disabilities come from,
you see?

     *HE* certainly had nothing to do with them :)

     If you discuss these matters with your preclear, he will look at
you in SHOCK at the idea that all this stuff around him, from the
universe he lives in, to the pain in his nose is a CHOICE based on a

     A forgotten decision.

     Which he DECIDED to forget.

     Decision, choice, intention, will and motivation born of the ethics
of aesthetics, are the archstone of existence.

     Pull them, and the whole Cosmic edifice will fall like fairy dust.

     If you can't put 'decided' meaningfully in front of the item, it
won't audit because it won't be true.

     Try running "Recall a time when you didn't decide for something to
be there, but there it was anyhow.", and see how far you get.

     You know, try it on someone you detest who has a lot of karmic
revenge coming his way, maybe in the form of YOU.

     Your preclear is a decision SOURCE.

     Everything in existence was decided by someone, and if its in your
dream, either you decided it should be there, or YOU decided that
someone else could decide things into your dream for you and visa versa.

     So preclears can decide the general, if not the specific, but only
if he decides to decide the general and not the specific.

     "Ok, Goober is going to make a mess of my space, what mess I have
no clue, but I am sure it will be a good mess...  :)"

     Hey Goobie old body, surprise me!
     Wham, you just gave Goober free license to create anything in your
space he wants without you having to concieve exactly what it is
going to be first.

     Goober conceives YOU conceiving it, so you get it!

     Thus your preclear can have suprise and delight.


     And so we have semantic adjustment, which is basically changing all
can's and cant's into will's and wont's.

     Semantic adjustment is a very interesting subject because people
don't believe in it AT ALL.

     They have created a universe built on the fairy dust of will and
won't, and turned it into rock solid brick and mortar by converting all
will's and won't into can's and can'ts.
     How on Earth can a God Soul that can put a mountain there,
find himself unable to remove it?

      Boy will people roll their eyes at you, and get up and walk out of
the room, the moment you start talking about this stuff.

      The guy can accept that he is being crucified 'against his will'
for no good reason.  
     That makes 'sense' to him you see, the universe is bad so OF COURSE
it does bad things to you.

      But try to get him to wrap his wits around the idea of his own fair
chosen design in the matter, and he will take to crucifying YOU.
just to make you wrong and cry uncle and admit he had nothing to do
with his crucifixion because now you see that YOU are having nothing
to with your crucifixion, HE IS!

     SO NEVER try to convince anyone of their responsibility for their
condition because their first reaction will be to make you wrong about
YOUR responsibility for your condition by creating for you a condition
that NOBODY could be responsible for.

     They simply can't conceive the level, nature and willingness of a
cause that would engage in so much self deceit, let alone a Cosmic All
that REQUIRED this kind of self deceit just to keep things around (in

     Let alone a Cosmic All where the fabric of self deceit was made of
the fabric of awareness, truth, decency, ethics and aesthetics.

      Grace in other words.

     The upside is that requiring self deceit to make things persist is
SAFE in the long run, consider how dangerous it would be to have things
persist without your total say so.

     Self deceit is born of self Grace, because self deceit is the only
way we can be here in time for a while, and share our self love with
others via lies of ludicrous demise.

     They can't understand that the decency of the character is not the
decency of the author.

     That a decent author will write decent stories which will NOT have
only decent people in them.

     So there has to be some seriously decent indecencies to make the
story decent.

     You get this?

     But pure gratuitous indecency to no greater purpose is not decent

      But redeemable indecency, ah well, now the story is afoot.

     And its your redemption we are talking about, so pay attention.

     The Author's game is:

     How bad can you make it, and still have it all turn out OK in the

     In a finite while of course :)

     The author that makes it the worst and the longest wins the Nobel
Prize for writing the story he would most want to visit again.

     Then when the story ends, ALL the actors, having shed their
character, and recovered their co-author status, can bow on the stage at
the end of time, and receive the applause equally for all, with the
cries of 'Encore!'.

     "This dream ends forever when the Circle of Friends are all holding
hands again..." -Adore

      Bowing to an appreciative audience we presume, and hitting each
other on the heads in a pillow fight to end all pillow fights, before
the Big Snooze and the Mother of All says one Last Goodnight to all of

      Never to have known each other before, but always to know each
other again.

      In time if you create something once, you are stuck with it
forever more, even if you smash it up into little pieces.

     It will always be true now and in the future that the thing WAS
created in the past regardless of its present state.

      In eternity, you create something once, you are stuck with it
for a while until you create it again, then it uncreates as if never was.

      Time can never be cleaned of prior creations.

     Eterntiy is eternally clean of prior creations.

     So we start off with a little symantic adjustment to add
responsibility for condition into our preclear's descriptions of their
own ludicrous demisings.

     Ludicrous means game, look it up.

     Thus ludicrous demise is a self created games condition where
one is fighting oneself and blaming others for the game and one's
involvement in it.

     All it takes is changing one's mind about who or what is cause
around here and why is it such and asshole, and the game and its
ludicrous demise ends.

     And there is your undreamed dream come true.

     People are constantly driving themselves downtone by the way they
describe their own states.

      "This is driving me crazy!"

      Can you adjust that into something closer to the truth?

      If all you did was change every "I can't" into a "I won't", and
then find out and reevaluate why, you would start the process of
miracles happening in your life as a matter of course.

      (Eyes roll...) 
     Will is a miracle in itself.

     Can and can't, well who knows where they came from, they are an
anti-miracle out of the gate.

     Ability without will is death.

     Ability powered by will is eternal life.

     So we have 3 item pairs here



      ABLE        - UNABLE

      Each one is modified by MUST and MUST NOT.




      Can't cause is must not cause, must not create, must not be able.

      Can't destroy is must cause, must create, must be able.

      So he has a persisting somatic or condition that he CAN'T make go

      Or he's a Black V and can't mockup anything.

      The persisting somatic described as a can't make go away, is

      The can't make mockups is MUST NOT CAUSE, MUST NOT CREATE, MUST NOT

      So this can be run with a very simple global process that will
work miracles on many within a few minutes.

      Spot this's and that's:

      "Get the idea of MUST CAUSE THIS".

      "Get the idea of MUST NOT CAUSE THAT".

      "Must cause, must not cause, must cause, must not cause."

      Run with cause, create and able and their dicoms.

      Here's the magic, any must cause has underlying it a prior
must not cause.

      So if the chronic somatic won't release (must cause), spot the
prior chronic no somatic or nothing there that powers it.

      He is keeping his attention on what won't go away, in order
to make sure something else bigger stays away for good.

      This process will go a LONG ways toward producing the E/P:

      "Awareness of Truth, and the Way to Personal Freedom."

      The truth?  Can't = Won't .

      Can't get rid of = must cause.

      Can't make = must not cause.

      The Way?  Semantic adjustment from Can't to Won't using must cause
and must not cause along with the others, spotting the intention,
volition, purpose, aesthetics, ethics, decency, truth, and awareness.

      That E/P by the way can't be gotten any other way.

      Since the Church does not have the above process nor anything like
it, it will never have Awareness of Truth and the Way to Personal

      My opinion.


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