So you take your preclear into session and start running

      "Tell me about your future".
      "Tell me about your present."
      "Tell me about your past."


       "Get the idea of a future."
       "Get the idea of a present."
       "Get the idea of a past."

       Or "Conceive a future." etc.

     The first 'Tell me' group gets him into CREATED, the second 'Get
the idea of' group gets him into CREATING.  There are a LOT more
futures, presents and pasts than he has ever actually had.

     It is the conceived scarcity of available future/present/past
triads that gets him so stuck in the one and only one he has.

     You can actually get him unstuck from his present
future/present/past, by getting him to conceive and thus create
completely other futures, presents and pasts, whether they happened
or not.

     Anyhow, back to this posting and "Tell me about your future."


     On the first command, he says "What future?"

     OK, so he is a "What future?" case, and probably a Black V to boot,
meaning he "cant" mockup anything.

     The Black V has no future, the future is WHAT he can't mockup.

     (Oh he can mockup alright, his future is what he IS mocking up,
black invisible electricity and stone, dead forever for free.)

     The ability to create a future depends upon the ability to mockup
what you want in full 4D stereo surround sound, touch, taste, smell and
vision, space, time, force, mass and motion, and impress it upon the
MEST universe.

     So no mockups means no future, at least of his own creating.

     And no future means no mockups, unless he actually wants to not
make any, but space and time are both mockups, so no mockups means no
space or time, which is pretty much what he means by 'no future'.  He
still has his eternity intact and always will.  But eternity is mostly
dream free sleep :)

     What little he has of a future ends at a black wall of the grave
with worms eating out his eyeballs.

     Maybe you get him to mock that up until his back track starts to
turn on, which of course is the record of all past deaths to end all
past deaths.  You would be running the GE though, not the thetan.

     Watch it though, if he's not getting maws and teeth, other's and
his own, he isn't running the process, but instead ducking into safer
parts of the bank containing death by crucifixion, war, fire, disease,
crushing, starvation, suffocation, thirst, skinning, boiled alive,
buried alive, earthquakes, tsunamis, lightning, tornadoes, volcanos,
nuclear anihilation, radiation poisoning, planetary collisions, and suns
going nova.

     But not a maw or tooth among it.

     So you say,

     "Thank you, tell me about your future."

     He says "Dim and grim."

     Well good, dim means he can't see it very well because he's a Black
V, and grim means long slow demise via force.

     (Remember there are also very fast engrams, one moment he's
there and happy, and the next he is gone, he never sees it coming.

     It is tempting to look first for visio on the track, but many
engrams don't have visio, they are too fast, so you go for touch which
reaches him last and kills him, or visio which reaches him first, or
sound which reaches him second.
     Both viso and audio act as forewarnings of what is to come, namely
touch, so the engram seems to start at the touch, but really starts at
the sight or sound of the incoming force wave.

     If an atom bomb goes off, he often has a number of seconds after
the flash to call up his girl on the cell and say good buy.

     He has given you two very good items to audit later, after the
present inventory process is done.

     But first you have to find their opposites.

     So when you finally go to run the process, you ask your preclear
what the opposites of dim and grim are.

     Say he says, "Bright and grin."

     Well the first one is obvious, but not a preclear in the world will
tell you the opposite of grim is grinning, but indeed the opposite of
seriousness is humor.

     The thing is your preclear can't comprehend a life made of humor,
he can only comprehend constantly running to avoid the blade on the
slice and dice wheel of the meat grinder called life, the physical

     You know, the mortal gauntlet.
     The physical universe is a dog eat dog world, EVERYTHING is eating
EVERYTHING, from simple atom and chemical reactions, to DNA eating DNA
to bodies eating bodies.

     What's worse, being eaten by a lion, or being coughed up
on the road side after wards?

     And he is looking for dignity?

     He is still trying to get better within the context of that meat
grinder and its grand finale of the worms in his grave eating his eyes.

     He figures that much is given, so 'getting better' is constrained
by what can be done inside that meat grinder.

     Mostly not think about it, and live a 'normal' 9 to 5 life.

     Dying forever in the end anyhow no matter what he does, when he is
finally reminded again that his dream is up.

     But your preclear WILL NOT get better within that context for long,
for he is PTS to everything that will eat him alive knocking at his door
24x7 including his own mother.

     PTS means Potential Trouble Source, a person who will rollercoaster
because he is trying to make the suppressive wrong, in this case, those
things that are out to eat or kill him.

     So to really get better and stay better he HAS to find a context
outside of the meat grinder wherein humor and freedom are the reigning
law and justice of the day.

     And then perhaps he might get up the gumption to enter the meat
grinder again with a better more grateful attitude even while knowing he
will be sliced and diced in the end for a worm gourmet.

     Grateful for the opportunity to play the meat grinder game, FOR A

     Only the best play it, no one wins, its how many rounds you went
that are written on your tombstone.

     Anyhow with the 4 items in hand, you can start running a process
that will help him exteriorize from the present spacetime based context
into an eternal one, and then come back in with more equipoise and
willingness to be here.

       "Get the idea of dim."
       "Get the idea of bright."

       "Get the idea of grim."
       "Get the idea of grin."

      The reason we don't ask him to 'Tell me about it' in between is
because if he doesn't want to talk about it, he shouldn't be forced or
cajoled into talking about it, as it will kill his havingness, and when
he wants to talk about it, he will.  Then he will talk about all the
stuff he didn't talk about too, if its still important.

      The intra session withholds do not slow session down or even intra
program withholds, and being able to withhold is part of the ability to
take full responsibility for the event or idea, along with everyone else
he is withholding.

      He is putting a whole stadium of people there, and withholding
that he stole 100 bucks from the main office.

      If you can get him to put the 100 bucks there too, along
with the main office, you got a full OT going who can put anything,
and who is going to deny a full OT his right to his own 100 bucks.

      It is sufficient for the preclear to simply say 'There are things I
am not talking about.' and the session will go just fine, and finally
end in a flood of blab later down the road.

      Once he finds the underlying charge to what he doesn't want to talk
about, the grin so to speak will come out, then the later grim will be
relatable with eternal good humor.

      Part of the problem is he has everyone ELSE's considerations on
many of the things he has done, degraded, detestable, perverted,
criminal etc.  No feel good there.

      But they won't erase with those attitudes even if he talks about

      He has to see the eternal beauty to things, no matter how
detestable they are from the present viewpoint, and then he can have fun
making the auditor throw up and feel really good about himself after he
has dumped it all out on the table.

      The end phenomenon of all auditing is self respect.

      No self respect, no auditing.

      And by self respect we DO NOT mean no longer a sinner, but instead
we mean "I never sinned."

      Auditing is not a game of confession and repentance, its a game of
confession to grand artistry, worthwhile being, no matter how
'unworthwhile' it seemed at the time it was going on.

      In side of every "thats not funny" there is a joke hiding waiting
to be found.

      That's what jokes are, moments of good humor wrapped in dark
wrappers of 'thats not funny!'

      If the very fabric of consciousness is ridiculous, then how much
more so is any pretense of seriousness painted on its surface?

      These may be pearls you do not throw before swine, because the
swine will take you to task for them, so you had better be able to live
up to these ideas yourself before you go giving a pig a pearl necklace
for its birthday.

      Pigs not withstanding, the result of auditing is regained self
respect, the final E/P being Master of Respect.

       "Oh Gorgeous and most ExCaliper Lord,
        Master of Magnificence and Respect..."
        High Prayer from Adore,

      A Master of Respect can see the magnificence of the mess in life,
and respect not only the mess but everything in the mess as WORTHWHILE.

      "MESS means Magnificent Examples of Shames and Shambles." - Adore

      And by worthwhile we DO NOT MEAN worthwhile because we learned

      That is lessons learned, and they are a yoke around the neck.

      Imagine wagging your finger at God and telling him there are things
he can create that he shouldn't?

      The whole purpose of the MEST universe, and the war for men's
minds, is the eradication of self respect in its entirety.

      A worthwhile game for a God, eh?


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