Run to a win.

       Get the idea of space in front of you.

       Get the idea of space behind you.

       Get the idea of space to the right of you.

       Get the idea of space to the left of you.

       Get the idea of space above you.

       Get the idea of space below you.

       Run to a win.

       Get the idea of a future.

       Get the idea of a past.

       Get the idea of a present.

       Much better to dual, and swap roles with auditor often.

       It is two way communication that makes auditing stirr up stuff
to as-is, the process is important also, but a live comm line to a trusted
terminal magnifies it by 1000.


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On Tue, 27 Jan 2015, AAndrade wrote:

> I am back to reading Adore posts, to collect some Processes I can do Solo.
> thank you.
> Adal
> On Sat, Oct 25, 2014 at 1:57 PM, Homer Wilson Smith
>  wrote:
>       ?? ??All of adore materials is at
>       ftp://ftp.lightlink.com/pub/archive/homer
>       ?? ??There is lots more than 600 :)
>       ?? ??There is no organization to it, its just one long research
>       record
>       except for the material on the proof at
>       http://www.lightlink.com/theproof
>       ?? ??Postualte Processing is best found by googleing
>       ?? ??scientology postulate processing.
>       ?? ??Bob Ross's work is mostly lost after his death.
>       ?? ??Homer
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>       On Sat, 25 Oct 2014, AAndrade wrote:
>             Hi Homer, I've been lately reading much of your
>             ADORE teachings on your
>             site. I wonder If you have put together all ADORE
>             teachings in a single
>             book. I am copy/pasting ??a Word doc but the number
>             of articles with the
>             subject ADORE is over 600, and many of them is just
>             some comments from
>             readers about some previous article.??
>             Also I found an article on "Postulate Processing"
>             offer by Bob Ross which I
>             know he past away some years ago.?? Do you know where
>             can I buy or get this
>             process from ???
>             thank you .??
>             adal
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