If you wish to experience some really dangerous and rough clearing 
techology at work, get someone to run the following on you, or do it to 

    "Get the idea of not having a body."
    "Get the idea of having a body."
    "Get the idea of the body being in(side) you."
    "Get the idea of being in(side) the body."
    "Get the idea of BEING a body."

      Start at the top and run to the bottom, then starta again at the top, 
round robin style, past the puking your brains out part, or chasing your 
heart all over the room to stop it from pounding, to a good stable win, 
and awareness who is what, where and when, and what the relationship 
between the being and the body are.

    Demo session:

    Auditor: "Get the idea of not having a body."
    Preclear: "I can do that...  OK!"
    Auditor: "Thank you."

    Auditor: "Get the idea of having a body"
    Preclear: "No problem, yak yak... OK!"
    Auditor: "Thank you."

    Auditor: "Get the idea of..."

    Repeat the complete cycle of 5 over and over to cognition, win, 
exteriorization, or death.

    Make sure preclear says OK at the end of his communication if
any, that's his signal he is handing the auditing ball back to you.
ready for the next command.

    This process can be run again across many months and years as 


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