The written word of Scientology is a TRACK of discovery and theory.

      Early preclears were most easily audited by getting at the engram,
birth, AA's, dentists, past deaths, muderously marvelous mommy dearest,
because the preclear was HOLDING them in restimulation in present time
to his face, so they were there to be audited.

      You can't self audit these because you have to create
them in order to erase them, and the creation is usually from
another valence in one of them!

      When engrams are ready to run, they run themselves, they just play
out like a huge block bluster surround sound movie, often in dreams,
with very high very freaky reality.  The preclear will be lucky if these
runs are revivs (knows he is returned) and not a relive (thinks it is
actual now.)

      Watch the movie 'These final hours' if you need an idea of what a
real engram is like.

      Engrams are real, they are first created in the past and continue
on a continuing postulate that they exist unknowingly, they can be
restimulated acutely from present time occurances, again by agreement
that this is a good thing, but are HELD in place chronically by a
decision to do so, first made in the past but continued in present time.

      Remember the bank is basically animal in origin, and its a good
thing.  Animals restimulate, dramatize and then it all chills out.
Animals never actively keep a restim around into a chronic condition.

      Humans do routinely.

      Being human in a body IS a chronic condition.

      Thus the past is USED in the present to deal with the future.

      Auditing the future is way more beneficial than auditing the past.
He will find by auditing the future what he is doing in present time to
pile recorded facsimiles of the past onto him and allow them to run his
life or hurt him.

      By auditing the past he will find what was done to him and what he
did and what others did to others, all 5 flows, but he won't find out
WHY its all impinging on him in the present.

      Really who cares how many people you ran over accidentally on
purpose because you were drunk.

      *THEY* are responsibile for their own condition, and by buying into
the idea that they are poor dear innocent victims, you automatically in
the same breath buy into the idea that YOU aren't fully responsibile for
your own condition too and thus can live in fear of retribution.

      You can't elect someone else villain, without electing yourself
victim or ally, and you can't elect someone victim or ally without
electing yourself villain.

      Find his service computation in present time which relates to too
much danger or too much safety in the future, and all the past
recordings move away and become just so much pretty but astounding

      You won't find the service computation in present time without
auditing the future, which is goals and opp goals and the goal to oppose
all goals in everyone everywhere etc etc.

      That last is the war on goals, period.

      The war on goals in a big one, and people miss it, because it
collaspes all GPMS into one big mess on the preclear's face until he
can't breath or stand any more.

      Once you oppose the goal to oppose all goals, you become
a logical mess rolling down the hill to the tar pit below.

     WHAT is in restim is the past.
     HOW  it is in restim is in the present.
     WHY  it is in restim is in the future.

      Look to the future and you will find the whole causal chain coming
apart in the present because the future is held in fear due to his
PRESENT TIME considerations about the future, which are based in part
upon his experiences in the past.

      His two most detested futures are too much danger, loss disaster,
fear, catastophe etc, and too much safety, that is tedium, monotony and
suicidal boredom.

      Ask him which is worse, infinite tedium or infinite disaster?

      So case is not a ball of one, but a ball of all 3, past, present
and future, which an understanding that postulates may have first been
created in the past, but HE IS POSTULATING THEM NOW either consciously
or implied in his continued quests, or else they wouldn't be affecting

      Fear of Worsening, Being an Effect and Ruin are an interesting pass
through, and much is learned watching WHAT HOW and WHY a being does it,
falls down through these 3 apparently never to be seen again.

      The preclear is also swapping the order of timed events as fast as
he can create them :)

      He will say the reason I hurt you two years ago, is because you
hurt me yesterday.  Get it?

      His FEAR is shame blame and regret in the FUTURE.

      He is also parking himself in the past recordings, thus he is BEING
Joe Blow in 1587 suffering at the hands of the king, all the while
actually being in 2015.

      However the REASON he is stuck in the past is because it is safer
than to experience what happened in 1588, you see?  That's where who did
what to whom becomes critical to clearing.

      If you ask him when all the black stuff is about, he will say 1
year in the future.  He doesn't mean 2016, HIS future is 1588!  So
sometimes to audit someone's 'future' you need to audit what THEY
consider their future is, which is in their actual past.

      Remember the difference between reality and actuality.

      You are addressing realities, not the truth.

      So yes you want to audit the future, but it may be a future
relative to where he is stuck in a past reality and calling it present

      But pretty soon they come to present time, which means they aren't
parking themselves with regret in the past 1587, in order to stop
something from happening in the future 1588.

      You will still find them in stark raving mad fear about the future
ahead of 2015 and that will still be carrying a lot of safe solutions
with him in present that are patterned after injuries, sicknesses and
disabilities from his actual past.

      He is trying to be safe by being both dangerous and endangered at
the same time.

     How does being dangerous make you safe?
     How does being endangered make you safe?
     How does being safe make you dangerous?
     How does being safe make you endangered?

      Don't run with questions/answers, run with "Get the idea of being
safe, dangerous, endangered, etc." until he A-Ha!'s himself out using
power to have and not have power.ot have power.

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