Do not look to a cop to understand constitutional issues.

     Cops work for the government who filters out those who can
understand constitutional issues.

     Cops can understand AUTHORTY real well, but understand RESTRAINTS
on authority not so much.

     The government is fundamentally anti constitutional, they are
interested only in their own security and persistence through financial
gain and power for its own sake.

     Thus the only part of 'constitution' the government understands is
a police state.

     That makes cops feel warm and fuzzy inside because it implies job
security as long as they obey orders without question and gives them
their license to violence which they crave so deeply.

     The government will claim that in order to protect and serve you,
they need to protect and serve themselves, at your expense and
collateral damage.

     Thus we have peace and security through silence and compliance,
which is a corrupt government's one and only modus operandi for
appearing to serve the people when in fact it is serving itself at the
expense of the people.

     At some point, when the people begin to question the government and
its level of collateral damage to person, property and rights, and
alternative governments begin to vie for attention promising less
collateral damage, the incumbent government will call them terrorists,
not because they terrorize the people, but because they terrorize THE

     Understand this now.

     Many times when somsone says they have to hurt you to help you
without your permission and at the point of a gun, they really want to
help themseves at your expense.

     The definintion of evil is:

     Saying something is good for you, when in fact it is good for THEM
and bad for you, usually fatal, and they know it.

      Dig it and don't leave it.


Tue Dec 27 07:06:01 EST 2016