aaandrade5  wrote:
      > Hi Homer, could you please point me out to some drills or
>processes I could start doing to get me out of the lower levels of being
>in a dreamball state?  it gets tired after a while :) .

      This is misconceived.  One uses drills and processes to help others
who are clueless and incapable of solo.

      Even solo is auditing OTHERS, mostly entities, close in and far

      Solo auditing is a top down affair, and asking me about it is a
waste of time, as I know less than nothing presently.

      However that said, there is lots and lots in the archives at

      Pilot's work, Clear Bird, etc google for which.  Pilot killed
himself so watch it.

      If you are going to waste your time with my stuff, start at the end
and read backwards, early stuff is a waste of time squared.

      I would start by doing a thorough inventory on how you actually
FEEL about you and your context (all of existence past present and
future around you), until you get thunderstuck real on how and why you
are killing you and your existence.

      Then work it from there by putting it there.

      Remember a tone 3.5 well and happy human being can't solo, and
won't let you solo either, but a tone -30.0 Can't Hide, can.

      Maybe.  That's because the spirit is dead gone in the
3.5 human case, so its just engrams auditing engrams.

      The -30.0 is an alive and awake spirit, even if it wishes it

      Remember most people are failed -20.0 Being Nothing cases,

      Being human is a substitute for not being able to be nothing.

      They tried to Be Nothing, couldn't, and the result was becoming a
homo sap nut case with no memory and no sense of responsibility for
living in the context they are presently living in.

      They still think they are in the good hands of AllState, God,
and they are here to 'learn lessons'.  Boy are they wrong.
If you manage to get them to come up tone a bit, they will simply
come back up to Can't Hide and Being Nothing, and what lies
above that is, well people would rather die than confront it.

      So you got two questions you need might want to not look at.

      1.) Why would anyone want to be nothing forever (in time).

      2.) What would be an acceptable substitute for never being able to
be nothing ever again?

      The first will get you a clue about where we have been.

      The second will get you a clue about where we are now.

      Mortality which is belief in death forever, is highly preferable to
Immortality which is hell forever in time.

      Most people can't see Eternality outside of time above Immortality
and are absolutely convinced it doesn't exist or they won't ever find
their way back there again.

      They are still trying to find out who kicked them out of Eternal
Peace, the putting it there vector is reversed, other's to them.

      And you can't get back to total cause by being an effect.

      That's why we define religious insanity as the covert but
continuous question asking of "Who or what is cause around here and why
is it such an asshole!"

      Thus all the material existence you see around you is really an
infinite ocean of spiritual existence, gone down through disassociation,
criminality, UNCAUSING, disconnection and unexistence at the bottom of
the awareness characteristic scale into awareness of luck, chance,
fortune, fate, karma and destiny.

      That alone might give one pause to consider what a being becomes
right above being nothing, as it was the last thing he was before he
became nothing.

      Get the idea of beautiful criminality.
      Get the idea of ugly criminality.

      Run until the being enters next levels up, elation, glee fixidity,
erosion, dispersal and disassociation.

      Keep on going and you might get him up to masochism and sadism.

      We aren't talking bondage and S&M bedtime play here, we are talking
skinned heads on poles for as far as the eye can see in space and time.

      Keep on keepin' on, and your preclear will finally come through

      Ah well now you will know something about the screaming lust to
become nothing and the failure to do so, as is the fate of any move down
the tone scale to escape something higher.

      That's any human in the 0.0 to 4.0 tone scale range with a body,
they are below dead as a Spirit no matter how much they talk about
spirit, past lives God is love etc.  They have no clue.

      God ain't love I assure you, everything around you is
God incarnation, if that's love operating you got another think
coming to you.

      It's not hate either, but it is Divinity, and Holiness is care
operating Divinity.

      Clue starts with I CHOSE, a sense of artistic responsibility for
ludicrous demise.

      Try scouting out a person's sense of responsibility about his
condition and the context of his condition (the universe), and you will
come up with NO responsibility.

      Nothing, nada zip, zero, zilch, rien, squat.

      Once a dead spirit comes up tone to vaguely understanding what you
are getting at, they will look at you real intense like say "No way man,
that's insane!  I didn't have anything to do with anything!"

      The problem with most good auditing, is it is the TALK that makes
the process work, if you can't find, steal or create someone to talk to
and who can talk back to you, you are probably pretty much out of luck.

      Being able to communicate with anyone on any subject, is not very
useful if you can't find anyone worth communicating to, of who can
receive the communications easily and return them in like kind when the
time comes to audit them.

      The goal, should you choose to accept the mission, is to shift from
making too little case gain at a time, to making too much case gain too

      Then the solution to that problem becomes easy, any good frozen mix
of valium and tar with a twist of lemon.


> thank you 
> AA

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