> Oh,well, at least I am immortal.

    Eternal, not immortal.

    Important distinction, immortal means stuck forever in one time stream,
that's hell forever no matter how good it is.

    Eternal means above space and time, and can create, enter, get stuckl 
in and ultimately leave FINITE whiles in space and time as often as 
wished, all by choice.

    Theory 2, the dreamball theory, involves a new kind of infinity called 
an unlimited finiteness.

    The being can not create an infinite number of anything finite, but has 
no upper finite limit on how many he can create.

    Thus he can't have an infinite amount of marbles or space or time
at one time, but there is no upper finite limit to the number he can have.

    The only exceptions to this are

    1.) There are an infinite number of potential beings, each a full 
instantion of the Eternal Infinite in carnation but only a finite number
can incarnate at one time in one finite time stream.

    2.) At any one 'time' there may be an infinite or finite number of 
independent non interacting whiles in operation.

    3.) Through out all of Eternity, there have already been an infinite 
number of whiles created, played out, and erased with no trace of their 
existence left.  And there will be an infinite more number of whiles 
moving forward.

    Thus all universes end one day, the being returns to eternal sleep for 
a while and then sallys forth again with a co resonant game with other 
beings of like mind, but again only a finite number of players at a time.

    The above statement of course is a major oxymoron, as past and future
don't make much sense when taking about a timeless super cause, but then
its no worse than the garbage that passes for quantum mechanics or
special relativity.

    If our main theories of the all that is are not made of axiomatic
oxymorons, they probably aren't right :)

Fri Oct 23 16:29:09 EDT 2015