Author's write stories in which there are characters.

    Good stories have good and evil characters.

    Virtue for the Author is not the same as virtue for the characters.

    A good story is not a story in which all characters are good.

    "But Homer are you saying we should go out an commit evil?!"

    As character the decision is up to you, remember you are in a body
that is going to suffer the consequences of your actions, good or bad.

     However as Author, as 'you as an OT', you certainly should create
majestic tapestries of good and evil, hide the humor in the conflict and
hold it up for all to partake in.

     As Author one is not harming the universe by doing so, one is in
fact enhancing the universe, by enhancing the story.

     Dicoms are like sandwiches, they enfold and hide humor.


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