> Hi, do you know of anyone (other than your family) using this type of 
> auditing ?  This is very different than Scio to As-Is things if ever 
> they know what As-Issing means in practical terms.  Your explanations of 
> duplicating the not-isness to as-is resonates with me , why is it that 
> till now no-one have come up with new ways of As-Issing case? Is Adore 
> you outside this Universe/Matrix? I would like to see more people like 
> you on the Net. I've put Filbert's on hold for some time as I don't have 
> enough Scio background to be able to apply his Excalibur.

      The problem is case accessibility.  Is-ness cases are easy to
audit, you ask them what is it, and they say Oh yes its a whadapoodle,
imagine that!  ...  and away they go.

      Inaccessible cases are not-isness cases, they have essentially
ruined their ability to be audited by what questions.  You ask them
whatsit?  and they say 'I don't know'.  LOOKING doesn't work.

      Bank doesn't respond, file clerk is dead, bank has total contempt
on the auditor bringing it stupid questions.

      Check it on the meter if you have one.

      OK so then NOT LOOKING should work, but they continue to LOOK for 
WHAT they are not looking at.  That isn't NOT LOOKing.

      So asking what are you not looking at, won't work as it tries to

      The not-is case has lost his confidence in his ability to
not-is!  He used to be able to not-is anything and knew it,
but he lost that, now he thinks he can only keep a not-isness
in place if he doesn't know he is not-ising it.

      This is true anyhow, because once he KNOWS he is not-ising
and WANTS to be not-isness the very act of putting the not-isness there
makes it too easy to as-is and its start to bubble off the minute he
gets distracted by a pretty girl.

      Putting death and damnation there and not knowing one is doing so is 
hard work after all.  Mustn't get distracted and realize one is doing this 
or it will blow away with the first breeze.

      So he has to not-is that he is not-ising, which is an infinite
progression of not-ising continuing on through present time into his
infinite future.

      So you get them to not look first.

      Don't see something!  Good!  You sure you didn't see it?  Good!

      Pretty soon they get comfortable with not seeing and not knowing what 
they are not seeing, and they come up to seeing that they are not seeing 
and that is just fine with them.  They chill out, somatics go away and the 
son of a bitch abomination that they aren't seeing, can't hurt them any 
more because they are not seeing it!

      If looks could kill, just don't look at it!

      So my description of this is to as-is the not-isness first BY NOT
ISING!  This is just something that they tried to get the preclear to do
by asking what is it questions forever in the hopes that something would
change.  Rare as rare it might work, but most just got arc broken and
walked away a black V forever more.

      "If I am not-ising, how the fuck can I know what I am

      Good question, so you don't run tell me something you could
not know about that somatic, run don't know something about that
somatic!  It's easy and the preclear can't take a loss on it
because he can not know anything forever for free.

      Hubbard didn't have a lot of success with Black V's, during the PDC
and standard opening procedure 1.x he could handle step 1's, exterior,
step 2's, almost exterior can use beams to get out, step 3's needed lots
of spacation until their space was clear then they became step 2's, step
4's were more messed up and needed lots of havingness, mockup all the
girl friends you ever had kind of thing, make them walk up to you, then
away from you, on and on until your havingness on boobs, babes bombs or
whatever was complete.  Then there was no more need to put shit in one's
space and the preclear could start having SPACE and make sure its empty
and be happy with empty space.  A lot better than a girl friend. Or 10 

      But then step 5's were the whole rest of humanity, and he couldn't
do a thing with them except say have them mockup blackness until they
have remedied their havingness on blackness and invisibility.

      In other words a Black V doesn't have enough blackness or
invisibility, couldn't possibly have enough blackness to not look at the
bastard from hell he is trying to never see again and not know he is
trying to never see again.

      But that is such an understatement that no body including the
auditor could ever do it.

     You see I have been running failed is-ness processes for years and
getting no where.  Then I started running not-isness, 'dont mockup
something' until the cows came home, but finally I started to see the
bastard from hell that looking upon him will kill me and the whole
neighborhood around me for miles.

      Now I am quite happy being a black V, and I am damn good at it, and
its not a problem any more, because the damn bastard thing from hell is
suffocating from not being able to scare me anymore, and I know if I
ever get it to work for me, I will be able to scare anyone anytime no
matter who it is, and the somatics are slowly resolving with very
careful not-is and is-ness auditing around the core terror, and we are
making progress, slow but steady.

      So that's how I discovered not-isness level cases and is-ness level
cases, and alter-is cases and as-is cases.

      As-is cases are trivial to audit, you just get them dumping, and it
starts vanishing as fast as they can talk.

     You nod your head wisely once in a while to keep them dumping, they
cog out, go VVVGIs, look at you in astoundment saying "Who the hell are
you?" and finally "God you are good at this." and you did exactly
nothing except not stop them from dumping.

     Alter-is cases can dump nicely too, but its all scrambled and they
gotta go through it a few times to get it to really get significance
free.  You see even saying 'Itsa elephant!' is added significance to the
picture he is seeing, and that causes persistence just enough.  He's
gotta as-is the alter-is itsa elephant bullshit, and just get to the
picture as a picture of something he has no clue what it is because he
ain't created what it is yet, and then it goes poof when he lets go.

     So IT IS is as-is, but WHAT IT IS is alter-is.

     That's why asking 'What is it?  all day long causes persistence.

     Better to run mockup up something, now alter-is it.
     "What is it?" means "It is, but I don't know what?" Which postulate
now, do you think is the controlling postulate?

     The second postulate 'persists', but gets its power from the first.

     What a joke, as the church tries to get an an as-is by asking what
is it?

     Then the isness cases are just more of the above only solid, oh my
god its a volcano and I am on the edge and about to fall in from
swinging vertigo, and ...  etc etc.  He has to run it a million times
from across the fucking galaxy before his body will go near it, becauase
he feels like he is going to FALL into ruin, despair, disaster,
catastophe, and destruction, forever if he gets too close to seeing it.

      He just will never recover!

      Smoke coming down the mountain at 100 miles per hour, and he can't
run fast enough to get away from it!  The ground is turning red hot
under his feet as he runs, hey that's not fair!  Finally he gives up
and becomes toast.

      That's despair, can't run fast enough, you see?  So this is your
standard dianetic case, fun to run, scares the shit out of himself every
session, comes out smiling 20 runs over the incident later and thinks
Scientology is God's gift to man, because it is.

      But the not-iness case just says 'What volcano?', nothing there,
nothing there etc.

      Hours and hours and hours of get the idea of something there, get
the idea of nothing there, and its just nothing there, nothing there
nothing there.

      So then you start running

      Fear of not knowing, fear of knowing.
      Too dangerous to audit, too safe to audit.

      Run it on knowing, seeing, looking, feeling, doing, having, being,
thinking etc, and pretty soon the FEAR turns on, I mean he's dead, right
now forever for free if he so much as moves and this thing sees him.

      His fear is so strong in the back of his spine, his body is
about to DIE of it, and that scares him even more.

      This thing is the ultimate nightmare of an infinite God, fools rush
in where angels dare not tread and God's go running for their mamas.

      He has to run the fear AS FEAR until its flat before he can even
think about the ability to actually let the not-isness go.  The
not-isness is SAVING HIS LIFE AND SANITY but only as long as he
continues to not know that he is not-ising!

      No one can run this stuff in the church, maybe because all the
sweetness and light as-is, alter-is, and is-ness cases would go
screaming out the window if they got a hint of their bypassed not-is

      So basically all those churchies trying to handle the not-is case
on lines, kind of suppress it so they don't have to run it, and they
don't understand the not-is case at all, something so scary it will kill
you dead just to remember it's there?

      Nah, only SP's suffer from that.

     And the S&L (sweetness and light) cases go clear on a key out, and
you still can't talk to them about anything real.  But they are better
than they were, they just have no clue how far they have to go to be
able to move the marble on the table or put the table there
along with the monster on it with a stake through its eyeball.

       And they are totally unable to put themselves into existence.

       So they can't let it go, and pop back to native state.

       They are stuck in something NO ONE WOULD EVER HAVE CREATED,
so they can't put it there, so they can't let go of it.

> Is there anyone I could contact to clear doubts when using your Tech ? 
> I'll do Solo, People these days are not even remotely interested in this 
> type of "Therapy", which I understand it, changes (key-outs) are faster 
> with Tech like EFT, Affirmations, Meditations, yada yada.

      You don't need help.

      You do need to run your fear of knowing.  Nothing there is
a lie, but it keeps you safe and sane and producing.

      Are you ready for your personal GNP to go to hell like
a 747 plane crash?

> Any tips on how to do a mini-bridge (adore style) Solo-ing it, some 
> bullets? I know you said I would be processing my bts (whatever those 
> are) but I prefer not adopt that point of view otherwise would be the 
> same depressing song of needing an Auditor ($$$) to make progress. I 
> would like to audit/help others (that is not a problem) just need to 
> find those interested, only time will tell.

     Just understand you are a cluster, probably a WHOLE SHIT LOAD,
count 'em 100 trillion to just make one low grade ghoul.  You know,
chasing you with one arm outstretched, and the other holding his leg
other so it doesn't leave the leg behind.

     When you think you are auditing you, you are auditing the
cluster solo or dual.  Stop worrying about help and $$.  They can't
help you because they would die if they could even conceive
what you are up against.


     Mainly it has to do with willingness, unwillingness to change,
help, solve problems, be responsible for, put there, and create the

     How do you feel about your eternal future?

     No forget that, that's way to heavy to run, you will be dead
in a week.

     Remember the thing that is forgotten, not-ised, MUST REMAIN THAT WAY,
because to even remember that its there is to start as-ising the 
not-isness and it WILL surface in the near future at the most inopportune
times, and your body will start dying from pain, suffocation, can't sleep
etc, all of which is simplly kick back from not thinking about something
for so long there are not numbers to count the age.

     If you ask WHAT IS IT, it will kill you dead.

     If you not-is it properly again for a while, it will chill
out and you will get a change to live again and try again later.

      Also take a good long run at,

      What is the after life like?

      Until you understand that it might be your worst nightmare and the
only safe place is in a body just sure you are going to die one day.

      Your desire to crush out your memory is INFINITE, and you were
infinite when you did it.  Why?

      What could scare an omni sovereign operating Lord God Almighty?

      What's a Lord God Almighty?

      When you see one, you go "Lord God Almighty!"

      How do you feel about being mortal?
      How do you feel about being immortal (in time)?
      How do you feel about being Eternal (above time)?

      Its the fear of feeling that keeps the being nailed to the body in
protecting bodies etc.

      The body just can't handle the future that the preclear has mocked
up for himself by thinking something else has mocked it up for him.

      Remember doubt is self casting, if you doubt you can confront,
you won't be able to, that is absolute.

      Wondering if also kills.

      Along with all the question asking, what is it, why is it.

      You can ask questions, but take the drama and seriousness
out of it.  It's the questions that are important not the answers.

      Questions kill, answers put the nails in the coffin.

      When you see that working, you should probably have your
will written a week before.

      "SinSong is to sing another Source done wrong song."

      SinSong is not Sin as long as it is just Song." - Adore

      There is humor in the horror, never lose faith, but
don't throw fits either, if you can't see the humor you are
vastly underjudging the horror.


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