The argument that this is a two terminal universe, and that one
therefore needs a second terminal to recover from it, arises from the
idea that one's aberrations are the sole result of one's interactions
with other beings, or other terminals.
     Thus it is asserted that the auditor acts as the other terminal so
that the pc can abreact against him while seeking the true terminals in
his bank that are at the source of this aberration. 
     However I believe that *ALL* aberration has Flow 0 as its basic
on the chain.  If the being created his condition without help, as
something he did to himself, it makes sense, if he audits from a top
down perspective, that he can unaberrate himself as long as he goes
for the Flow 0 incident and doesn't get lost in a whole mess of later
on the chain Flow 1, 2's and 3's.
     Now the hard part of course is finding the Flow 0 incident, most
people will be caught in a total preposterousness at the idea.

     Their attitude is "Who me?  Choose?!  Hah!"

     This is the Wall of Preposterousness.

     So they are going to lose from the word go.  They need dual
auditing until they can own up.

     But even those who know they chose, will still have a problem
ferreting out the Flow 0 incident.

     One of the more powerful solo processes that I have come across
is 'casting agency'.

     LRH called it 'put an intention into that object'.

     I never understood that wording, but I do understand casting

     Agency is causal action.  An Agent is a cause of.

     Being able to perceive agency in others is necessary to inter
relate to them and to take responsibility for them on a pan determined
level.  You will never be able to project intention into another (make
them intend) unless you can first cast agency into them.

     They gotta have living self awareness and cause before they can
intend with that cause, you see?

     When you cast agency, you assign cause to another as an act of
causal creation yourself.

     That means they have cause in your universe because you CAUSE
them to have cause.  And you have cause in their universe because they
CAUSE you to have cause.

     Casting agency is a two way street.

     One can cast agency into people, places and things, even
universes.  Agency includes livingness, self awareness, intention,
and causal efficacy.
     You can either cast agency into that you see they already have,
or you can cast new agency into them that you don't think they have.

     You can pick an object, like a glass on a sink, and say

     "Cast some agency into that glass".

     Get the pc to picture the glass as a living knowing being, who is
mocking himself up AS a glass for a reason.  Then unfold and elucidate
those reasons and whether the glass's desire to be a glass on a sink,
and what it wants for its future as a glass, is being violated,
opposed, supported, enhanced or degraded by things as they are..

     This is highly creative processing, and gets right at the core of
beings making other beings, and taking responsibility back for other
beings, both their existence, their self awareness, and the causal
influences that they originate and emanate.

     The E/P of casting agency is able and willing to cast and uncast
agency, that means the being can no longer get stuck in someone else's
overwhelming agency or it's absence.
     Getting stuck in someone else's overwhelming agency usually leads
to going out of valence into that other agency as a low toned effort
to enforce self determinism at all costs.  "Well if I can't have what
I want, I will want what he wants as he has already got it!"

     The absence of overwhelming agency or an inability to create some
for one's own edification might at first glance seem like a good thing,
but has its own negative long term consequences, in that it results in
being unable to make a really hard game to win.
     Being unable to cast overwhelming agency into others also means
when he runs into someone with more agency than he does, he will tend to
succumb to it.

     While doing this process, the pc will run into his Nemesis One.

     Nemesis One is that 'other' agency that has been the most problem
to the pc, and has him the most bonkers on "not being able and willing
to be here".  He is trying to be anywhere else but here, but his Nemesis
One just keeps following him around, as he is glued to it.

     He will also dramatize his Nemesis One periodically to get relief
from its pressure on him, thus he becomes a Nemesis One to others whom
he dramatizes on.  They then become his Nemesis One back again as they
extract their revenge on him.

     The sole reason the pc is unable to cease closing terminals with
his Nemesis One is his failure to cast it's agency.  He granted it more
beingness, existence, self awareness, intention, power and ability that
his own, and he granted it incomprehensibility of intention.

     He made it DIFFERENT than him.

     So now there are two kinds of things in the universe, things like
him and things like this other thing.

     He couldn't figure out what could have, would have or should have
created that thing.

     Certainly not him or anyone else he knows!

     This creates an ARC Break with Source, and results in what Adore
calls Sin Song, to sing another source done wrong song.

     Thus you have a total irresponsibility for condition, namely the
condition of Nemesis One and his own juxtaposition to it, which results
in a compulsive effort to exteriorize from the space of the Nemesis One.
     This is the 'can't get out of here fast enough'.

     It's not just an effort to get out of the space of the Nemesis One,
its an effort to get out of the All-That-Is, wherein lives the Nemesis
     This is also a total failure to hold one's position in space and
LOCATE the Nemesis One where it is, and invite it IN to the game so to

     This failure to make more of it ends in a total interiorization
into that very space, once you give up and seek to find haven and
sanctuary in the arms of the enemy.
     There is peace in the thought that one day no one will ever be able
to confront you.

     You become what you fear most if you lose to it.

     The primary loss was one of casting agency, it made you, and you
could not, would not and should not make it.

     These failures by the way are not accidental or born of flaw.

     They are fair chosen with full awareness of the consequences and
high appreciation for ludicrous demise.

     The design of this conflict is one's Gift of Love to Existence.

     Nemesis One by the way is not just some other enemy.

     Nemesis One is the being's Opposite in all respects.

     If you list for what the being thinks he is, he will at the same
time list what his Nemesis One isn't and visa versa.

     You will find some really hot items doing this.

     Hair raising in fact.

     This process can be soloed by those who are Sovereign.

     It may not be auditable dual because the auditor BECOMES Nemesis
One during the process.

     If he doesn't, the pc is not casting the agency of Nemesis One
widely enough.  :)


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