The following pages contain a complete financial statement for Art
Matrix covering the years 1985 through 1990.
     It starts with a summary statement of earnings and expenses for the
5 years, followed by a brief legend of all the terms used in the
     Following this is a description of the financial principles of
operation used in Art Matrix and generally applicable to any business
working with a cash method of accounting.
     Art Matrix keeps all of its financial records in an APL workspace.
Its records consist mainly of an accurate recreation of its 2 primary
bank accounts.  This includes all deposits and withdrawals, along with a
classification for each deposit and withdrawal.  For example deposits
might be gross sales, capital in, or debt capital in.  Withdrawals can
be any one of many different kinds of business expenses, such as capital
out, debt capital out, telephone, rent, car, inventory, etc.  Each entry
is carefully classified so that the tax reporting programs can assign
each item to its proper category.
     Thus a single command (such as TAXES 91) will produce a complete
and accurate partnership return (Form 1065) along with balance sheets
showing total assets and liabilities.