Well its been a good week of dramatizing on my favorite Nemesis One
Assholes, but I gotta go back to work.

    Dave, some last words of wisdom for you.

    Women should be fed to the snakes that advise them.

    A RELATIONSHIP is where two people RELATE to each other, they tell
each other about themselves (auditing), they share what has happened to
themselves (auditing), what they have done (auditing), their vision,
plans, dreams and goals (auditing) and they engage in CO CREATION with
each other on common goals.

    Auditing is a way to enhance relating, relating to yourself first,
relating to another in your auditor second, and everyone else around you
third. AS an auditor it is a way to help others help others to relate
better with themselves and each other.

    If someone doesn't want to have their relating enhanced or learn
how to enhance the relating of others, then chances are they are
either a God or a shallow facsimile of a human being living in
fear of REAL relating.

    Andrea says she loves herself just as she is.  Bullshit, she is lying
through her teeth.  You do her no favor by letting her get away with it.

    Every human being on Earth is a seething cauldron of fear and self
hatred and hatred for others and for the All That IS.

    Maybe a few who have spent a life time handling the condition
have risen above it, but they will be the last to claim they have,
and they can be counted on the fingers of a few hands.

    Andrea is not one of them.

    That fear and self hatred and hatred of everything else is covered by
the facade of human tones in the 0 to 4 range.

    "The hypocrisy on Earth is so thick, you can hammer nails
into it and hang pictures of smiling faces from them." - Adore.

    Beneath that is the true tone of the immortal being, usually down
around hanging on a cross somewhere forever for free.  "Prove it!" they
say.  That's how you know them.

    If you love Andrea, then you will make sure not to fall for her
bullshit, for it will ruin both you and your children, and everyone else
you, she and them touch in this life.

    Once she comes up tone to admitting that she needs help and wants to
help and that help is available, she will have done well to get her butt
up to -1 on the awareness characteristic chart.

    Until then you are screwing a facade pretending to be real.


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