A D O R E - L   P O L I C Y    L E T T E R
                       APL No. 2    3 MARCH 1989
                               FAIR GAME.
     If you post to the ADORE-L list, you become Fair Game on the list.
     If you exercise your Right to post on ADORE-L, then you must
exercise your Duty to take what comes back to you within the
constraints of the 50 percent rule.
     Even if others violate the 50 percent rule in responding to you,
you are still under oath to remain within its bounds yourself.
     It does not matter who started it.  If you get involved in it, it
is YOUR responsibility.
     ADORE-L is not a forum where your person or ideas will be treated
with respect just because they are your ideas or just because you
posted them.  We are not a society of daisies.
     We get respect the old fashioned way.  We EARN it.
     The PURPOSE of posting to ADORE-L is to find out where YOU are
wrong, not to convert others to some fixed rock solid belief.
     Nor is it a forum for you to put up your ideas expecting them to
be left alone because 'you have a right to your ideas and a right to
be accorded respect regardless of your viewpoint.'
     You don't.  Not here.
     If you post that 'all sinners should go to hell' and other
readers find this a vaguely rude notion, they will probably respond to
your posting in a vaguely rude fashion.  For you to then say that you
were being polite in your posting so they should be polite also will
probably not be met with much favor.
     People will accord you respect either because they agree with
you, or because they agree to disagree with you.  People will not
accord you respect just because you are human.
     If people can not agree with you, and can not agree to disagree
with you, then you will probably get roasted in accordance with this
Fair Game principle and the 50 percent rule (See APL No.  3).