A D O R E - L   P O L I C Y    L E T T E R
                       APL NO. 5  of  14 NOV 1989
                         CONTENT FREE POSTINGS.
     When some people disagree with what I have to say, they call my
postings content free.  That they could not disagree with a truely
content free posting seems to escape them.
     What they mean is that they think I am wrong, but if they said that
they would leave themselves open to further argument and counter
argument which they undoubtedly want to avoid at all costs.  Thus they
claim that I have not said anything, which effectively puts me down
without having to materially counter anything.
     The postings that I made to DISARM-L and POLITICS-L were the most
quality content filled postings I have made in my entire life.  The view
that I stated there over and over again was simply that war is a
religious problem, born of religious views and prevailing religious
insanities, and that with out an address to our past lives and our
future lives we will never solve the criminal element in our societies
that start and make wars and other wise ruin our lives.
     This view was totally unacceptable to 100 percent of the audience
of DISARM-L and POLITICS-L and so it was called content free.
     In my view refering to these postings as content free is pure
intentional evil and should be dealt with in a suitable manner.  As I
have no control over DISARM-L, I left.
     ADORE-L is a different matter.  I have never bounced anyone from
this list, although I have been sorely tempted.  Unfortunately the
longer I go with a perfect record the harder it is to break it
arbitrarily.  Further I am at odds with myself over bouncing people
because I can not determine an absolute criteria by which a person
should be bounced.  Lord knows though that some should be.  Most have
left long ago.
     Also people tend to change.  They may start off bouncable and then
start to make intelligent postings.  This has happened many times and I
remember them well, so I am very hesitant to just can someone for a
first or even second, third, fourth and fifth offense.
     On the other hand I must avoid at all costs getting caught up in
the flame wars engendered by people who make postings that are truely
100 percent content free, yet who tell me mine are content free.
     These flame wars fill our mailboxes with efforts to defend myself
against ridiculous charges and are a waste of time and cause other
people to leave the list in disgust.  The pattern seems to be that when
ADORE-L is absent of the flame wars, which means only I am posting or
intelligent exchanges are talking place the subscribership grows.  When
we start to get flame masters signing up berating me endlessly for what
a bigot I am and I get involved in defense of my position we start to
lose people.
     Probably if I just let these postings go and did not answer them,
these people would get bored and leave as they have no serious intention
on the list anyway.  They just want to berate a moderator that has
locked himself in with rules that say no one gets bounced.
     Of course there is always the fear that if I am silent on these
attacks, that will be taken as defeat by those of you who are
spectators.  Silence is agreement, you know, the guy said something so
right I just cant find the words to say anything back, or some such
     Or it will be taken as a sign of fear that I can not defend myself,
a sign that I am hoping the attacker will just go away and people will
soon forget what he said and that I had no answer.
     Most of you are not that stupid.  Those of you that are, good.  My
purpose is not to endlessly convince border line cases that I am right.
If people like Karen can sway you into thinking I am a totally empty
headed ego maniac, then one presumes that your head is emptier than
mine.  And hers.
     I am not going to take up bouncing people.  But I am going to take
up asking people to leave.  My response to them after that point will be
silence.  You can draw your own conclusions.
     Those of you with any grey matter left will see the wisdom of my
decisions.  And ADORE-L will become a quieter and higher quality list.
I need to avoid getting caught up in the flame wars with the pure
     Telling me my postings are content free is not the way to get on my
good side, and it is no longer the way to draw me into further
     Since the 50 Percent Rule is most often invoked to put down my
'content free postings' and is routinely broken in the process of doing
so (note Karen's recent posting about DISARM-L), I hereby suspend all
content to flame restrictions on this list.  You may speak what you
will, how you will.  If I don't like you, you will be asked to leave.
For me, you will be gone.  Since I am the only attraction on this list
to those people who would make noise, if I do not respond, they will
leave or shut up and the rest of you will not have to be bothered by
their and my mail in your mailboxes.
     Attila the Hun.