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                         BUREAU OPERATIONS 1970
                                 CD - 1
                            31 December 1970
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     The Founder
     cc:  The Guardian WW
     via CS-G
     D/G US ((Deputy Guardian US))
     Dear Ron and Mary Sue,
     For your information, I have attached a summation of the major wins
of the U. S. Guardian Office in 1970 -- a year of expansion in scope and
operation for our office.
     We greatly appreciate the opportunities offered to us in assisting
the forward progress of Scientology, and of course the continually
superb leadership provided by yourselves and The Guardian WW.
     Thank you for your confidence in us.  We look forward to even
greater successes for all of Scientology in 1971.
Rob D/G US
                            30 December 1970
     The Founder
     The Guardian WW
     via CS-G
     D/G US ((Deputy Guardian))
                    US GUARDIAN OFFICE WINS IN 1970
     Dear Ron and Mary Sue,
     Following are the major wins of the U.S.  Guardian Office in 1970.
     1. At the start of 1970, there were three Assistant Guardians
appointed and on post in the U.S.  Currently, Assistant Guardians are
appointed for all U.S.  Orgs and ten are on post.
     2. Seattle's key staff members are staying and/or signing new
contracts rather than deserting the Org.
     3. Unhandled or ignored Freeloaders from San Francisco have been
gotten back or handled per HCO Freeloader policy.
     4. HSST procured for USGO staff auditor.
     5. USGO staff cases near 90% in category 1.
     6. USGO Bureaux manned up.
     7. Effective A/G training program put in.
     8. Staff procurement greatly increased in the U. S. Orgs.
     9. Five straight weeks of rising GI after ASHO projects begun.
     10.  Grand National Convention led to success by D/G Personnel Jim
Mulligan as C/O.
     11.  Per G.O. 210970 MSH, PK in liaison with Tech, Personnel and
Finance indicated and corrected outnesses at ASHO.  Results to date:
four weeks with ASHO GI over $25,000.
     12.  While ECUS ((Eastern Continental US)) was working directly in
outer Orgs, PK was called on several times to hold D/HES ((Deputy HCO
Exec Sec, Div 7 1 2)) and D/PES ((Deputy Public Exec Sec Div 6)).  While
PK held the D/HES post, a very specific set of targets for all outer
Orgs produced sharp rising 'letters out' GDSs, ((Gross Daily
Statistics?)) plus the 2nd highest US gross income in a year.  While
D/PES, PK worked on pre-Grand National Convention promotion, assisting
to gather the large crowd of Scientologists in Long Beach.
     13.  Early in 1970, the PK stats of all Org Divisions throughout
the U.S. in normal or above was at a low of 10.  The PK standard actions
of getting policy known and applied have seen this stat rise
consistently to its current 60.
     14.  PK has supplied at least 100 hats to US execs and outer org
execs, including an almost complete hatting of the Austin org.  PK
initiated the project to provide 25 copies of each Guardian post hat for
U.S. and outer org A/Os.  A PK survey of staff training throughout the
U.S. provided data on how few Org Exec Course graduates were working in
Orgs, PK supplied OEC checksheet stencils to all Orgs, and a program for
setting up and administering the course.  (Note:  Orgs complying fully
with the program showed a rise in GDS condition).
     15.  D/G PK assisted D/G Personnel to run the outer org A/G
((Assistant Guardian)) training program in the US GO.
     16.  PK wrote and produced the NY Dissemination Manual -- the "how
to" of NY prosperity in late 67/early 68.  This manual is now being used
by PESs throughout the U.S., and several requests for copies have come
in from all over the world.
     17.  PK was sent into the L.A.  Org as a Guardian heavy hussar
until L.A.  Exec Dir candidate has completed the FEBC ((Flag Executive
Briefing Course)).  PK's first action was to send five LA staff for FEBC
training.  She is hatting the staff and getting them onto their next
Scientology training level, and is ensuring each secretary has a
specific policy based program to raise his GDSs.
     18.  An attack by the Attorney General in Chicago aimed at the E-
meter and one of the local missions there was successfully stopped with
good PRO ((Public Relations ?)).  There were two hearings held on this
matter and the Attorney General gave us a clean bill of health.
     19.  An attack by the Charitable Status people in Chicago was
successfully stopped by an indication that we could not belong under the
Charitable Status Act since it was in infringement of our religious
freedom and that as a religion we were exempt.
     20.  The Attorney General made a second attempt at the E-meter
through the George Seidler case.  This was stopped dead.
     21.  Confidential materials were obtained back from Rod Taunton.
     22.  Steps are being undertaken to patent all Scientology and
Dianetic processes thus preventing anyone from using them without
     23.  Pubs Org Corporate Status was straightened out and
preparations made for them to do business in the United States.
     24.  Copyright protection obtained for all new books.  Standard
lines get up to ensure all copyrights, eliminating previous confusion on
copyright line.
     25.  Books were refused entry into the United States and a
$6,000.00 fine was levied.  Got fine reduced to $50.00.
     26.  Local policemen around the L.A.  Org were harassing
Scientologists.  The matter was brought before the commissioner and
investigated, resulting in reprimand to the officer involved.  There has
been no further trouble with local police.
     27.  An attempt to prosecute members of the Church for distributing
Church literature in violation of a Littering Act was squashed.  All
three cases were dismissed on the grounds that it was a violation of our
religious freedom.
     28.  Went to court and got non-profit mailing permit reinstated to
the California Church on the non-profit mailing rate of 1.7 cents
instead of 3.7 cents.
     29.  AO and ASHO were given the benefit of the non-profit mailing
rate separately from the Church of Scientology of California non-profit
mailing rate.
     30.  The hotel at which ASHO had arrangements to hold its
Convention refused to honor the agreement as ASHO was late in paying
their money.  ASHO held the Convention at that hotel as scheduled.
     31.  Out-point situation of OTC registered in California, bringing
OTC within the jurisdiction of the United States government handled --
OTC is de-registered and is now out of United States jurisdiction.
     32.  Scientology Trade-marked.
     33.  Allard was scheduled to go on TV -- the station was handled
and a very edited version of his interview appeared, favorable to
Scientology and indicating clearly who Allard was.
     34.  Bange suit against the Church for breach of contract favorably
     35.  Army, Navy and Coast Guard refusing to discharge Scientology
Ministers from the Reserves.  Scientology Ministers who are qualifed are
now discharged from the Reserves as a matter of routine.
     36.  Paperback edition of DMSMH included advertising for other
groups.  All Future printings will be without this advertising.
Received additional 20% discount as damages for all books so printed,
and advertisements removed.
     37.  Dallas Mission was in danger of folding due to an attack via
refund.  Got nearby Mission to come to their aid, handled refund.
Mission is now operating; there was no unfavorable PRO.
     38.  Proposed book by Alex Gerber contained a chapter against
Scientology.  Chapter eliminated before printing.
     39.  Documentation provided refuting lies relating to U.S. and LRH
in the U.S. for SA Inquiry.
     40.  City of Las Vegas tried to get Las Vegas Org to pay for a
business license.  This was stopped.
     41.  Got recognition from State of Texas for Mission Southwest in
Texas as a non-profit Mission.
     42.  Got recognition from State of Nebraska for Nebraska Mission as
non-profit Mission.
     43.  Attitude Magazine printed a retraction of a libelous article.
     44.  Pacific Sun printed an article prepared by us as retraction of
a previous libellous article.
     45.  The Journal printed a retraction prepared by us.
     46.  Black Belt Magazine printed a retraction prepared by us.
     47.  Nation printed an article prepared by us as a retraction.
     48.  Men's Magazine printed a retraction prepared by us.
     49.  Cadence Magazine printed an article prepared by us as a
     50.  Amazing Science Fiction printed an article prepared by us as a
     51.  L.A.  Times deleted libellous statements in John McMaster's
interview before publication.
     52.  Possibly libellous proposed documentary on Scientology by CBS
TV has not been shown.
     53.  Segment of news cast on KABC TV on Narconon broadcast as a
retraction for mention of Scientology in a program on witchcraft.
54. Distribution of libellous pamphlets by Brian Sollazzo stopped.
55. Melvin Belli bringing six million dollar suit against Dell
Publishing Company.  Favorable press conference as a result.
     56.  Prepared affidavit signed by John McMaster refuting all
statements made in Malko's book.
     57.  Attorney General in New York agreed to remove all references
to Scientology in the New York State Educational curriculum.
     58.  Numerous Scientology Ministers now obtaining Ministerial
deferments from the Army.  California has altered its position and no
longer refuses Ministerial deferments.
     59.  Felice Green suing Bernie Green for child support.
     60.  In a recent hearing, Seffern and Green accused Felice Green of
conspiracy with the Church to get him; the Judge laughed Green and
Seffern out of court.
     61.  In the Feldhammer refund case, (an attack via refund by Green
and Seffern), the attack is being turned back against Green by naming
him as co-defendant.
     62.  Green attempted to bring the California Church and LRH into
refund actions; Judge dismissed complaint as to these parties.
     63.  Suit filed against Green, pressure being kept up very strong.
Green, Feldhammer and Altman have approached us for settlement.
     64.  State of California attempting to levy business tax on the
California Church.  The matter has been put off indefinitely pending IRS
     65.  Church assessed for $40,000.00 Unemployment Tax.  The matter
has been put off pending IRS litigation.
     66.  Tax cases arranged so that Hawaii, our best possible case, and
New York will come to court first.  All other tax cases are being held
and the Government continually being stalled on all on them.
     67.  FDA proceeding well; we have a very favorable judge and have
caused by third party a break between the Justice Department and the
FDA, and the Judge and FDA.  ((third party is the effort by C, often by
bearing false witness, to get A and B to break up by saying bad things
to A about B.))  Neither the Judge nor the Justice Department is pleased
with the FDA; Justice is indicating a willing to over-rule the FDA and
enter into a Consent Decree notwithstanding the FDA's position against
this.  The Judge is also considering review of discrimination against us
since no other religion is being persecuted.  The Judge is forcing the
FDA to take a position on our religious status and will not allow them
to side-step this issue as they did before.
     68.  In the FDA TC case, we had limited government proof so that
they cannot protest the fact that we are a religion or that auditing is
a religious service.  We can present evidence on this but they cannot
contest it or present evidence contrary to it.
     69.  In the John Cole case penetrated hospital and obtained medical
reports sufficient to invalidate any lawsuit Cole might file.
     70.  Established business-type cover organization in the form of an
employment agency by which we obtained positions for our penetration
     71.  Recovered upper level course materials from Rod Taunton.
     72.  Recovered upper level course materials from Jack Horner.
     73.  Brought about the largest drug "bust" in the history of
     74.  Put Doug Rambo in jail.
     75.  Put Baron Berez in jail.
     76.  Contributed greatly to Jack Shapiro's arrest for conspiracy.
     77.  Penetrated the L.A.  Better Business Bureau and established a
full-time working agent.
78. Penetrated AMA Headquarters in Chicago and established intelligence
operations in Chicago (Operations Steakhouse and Castle).
     79.  Successfully obtained Phoenix BBB ((Better Business Bureau))
file on Scientology and Arizona Republic Newspaper file on Scientology
(Operation Rook).
     80.  Established close working relations with Ramparts Police
     81.  Established close working relations with California CII
(Criminal Investigations and Identification).
     82.  Penetrated San Francisco Association for Mental Health and
established a full-time working agent.
     83.  Maintained full-time working penetration agent in the L.A.
Association for Mental Health.  Cut income, caused internal strife,
carried out at least three successful third party actions jeopardizing
their finance lines.
     84.  Obtained American Psychiatric Association archive and PT files
on Scientology.
85. Obtained American Psychological Association archive and PT files on
     86.  Successfully conducted Operation Cassandra (obtaining back the
materials Jack Horner had).
     87.  Penetrated American Sexual Freedom Movement and established a
working agent.
     88.  Obtained British Information Service files on Scientology on
both the East and West Coasts.
     89.  Published several articles in Psychiatric News.
     90.  Established an intelligence course for students.
     91.  Originated and carried out tight security arrangements for
Grand National Convention.
     92.  Obtained clipping file on Scientology from Religious News
     93.  Tripled the size of U. S. Intelligence staff.
     94.  Established field case officers.
     95.  Handled U.S.  Coast Guard false reports on Scientology.
     96.  Gained access to some Arizona State Intelligence reports on
     97.  Established Internal Security in the U.S.
     98.  Successfully deprived John Farrell of materials and anti-
Scientology manuscript which was to become a book.
     99.  Initiated Operation Tiger to provide advance info re attacks
against Scientology.
     100.  Successfully penetrated Montreal Convention and obtained data
re squirrel activities.
     101.  Penetrated Toronto Mental Hospital and established an agent
as Director of Volunteers.
     102.  Penetrated Excerpta Medica and established a working agent.
     103.  Penetrated Rockland State Hospital, office of Nathan Klein,
and established a full-time working agent.
     104.  Penetrated Institute of Ability and conducted third party
actions against Jack Horner.  Established extent of Abilitist operation.
     105.  Successfully maintained clandestine operation against
Canadian MHA involving clandestine monitoring of files.  Maintained
continuous third party actions between Canadian MHA ant the Canadian
     106.  Cash/bills in the U.S. improved from $123,522 cash/$154,000
bills week ending 1 January 1970 to $258,406 cash/$128,696 bills week
ending 17 December 1970.
     107.  Got tax returns filed for year ending 31 December 1969 for
the Church of Scientology of California, Seattle, Hawaii, Las Vegas,
Austin, Twin Cities, Detroit and Maimi; New York for year ending 30
September 1969, and DC for year ending 30 June 1969.
     108.  ASHO PROJECT:  ASHO Treasury improved, Gross Income on an
     109.  Completed IRS audit of Church of Scientology of California,
with the IRS tied up in knots.  Audit completed 10 months ago and still
no assessment of tax liability; they must be scratching their heads.
     110.  Handled DC IRS tax liability of $20,000.00 for years 1956-59
so that DC Org is paying only $25.00 per week.  At this rate it will
take between 15 and 20 years to pay off.  IRS collection has not made a
sound since weekly payments started.
     111.  CPA US Marty Greenburg has thought up a way to wipe out DC
Tax Liability for 62, 63, and 64 due to IRS oversight.  Plan being
checked by Tax attorneys.
     112.  Got Finance Bureau mocked up and staffed.
     113.  Handled all insurance for Church of Scientology of
California, kept LA, SFO, AO and ASHO properly covered.
     114.  Handled Department of Water and Power when it threatened to
assess large deposit on the Church of Scientology of California (AO,
ASHO and LA Org) for late payment.  No assessment of deposit has been
     115.  Handled L.A.  City Clerk attempt to audit Church of
Scientology of California and assess business tax by putting off audit
until sometime in 1971.  Attempt by the City started in July.
     BUREAU 6 - TECH
     116.  Provided investigation and corrective action on over 75 U.S.
refund cases, which helped markedly reduce the number of refunds given
in the U.S.
     117.  Instituted data and situation analysis in the area of blown
students which disclosed the existing situation, then instituted
immediate steps for handling and brought the overall situation to
various executive areas attention.
     ((Sounds good, but says nothing.  One seriously doubts they ever
found the right why.))
     118.  From various reports, located and corrected over 40 major
technical or administrative outnesses on Org lines.
     119.  Through programming and case supervision of U.S.  Guardian
Office staff cases, brought about a steadily rising graph of staff in
case category #1, as well as many specific individual wins and
completions for USGO staff.
     120.  Investigation and actions taken regarding ASHO helped in
contributing to the rising trend of their statistics.
     121.  Various students and pcs on Org lines from Hawaii to New York
ARC broken and/or in a "no gain" situation handled via the Tech Bureau,
and moving again.
     ((Uh huh, right.))
     122.  In San Francisco, technical investigation and handling
included grooving in a Class V CS as a cope action so the VIIIs could
complete needed retreading.  The subsequent success of this CS put on
post and carefully grooved in resulted in GWW ((Guardian World Wide))
awarding him his V and Va.
     123.  Seattle Org achieved the highest student enrollment in their
history through completion of MSH GO 080470 Student Roundup.
     124.  Many students who had dropped off lines and prclears who had
not been delivered what was promised in the era of "quickies" brought
back onto lines through the MSH GO Student Roundup and the earlier US
Tech Bureau action regarding blown students.
     125.  D/G Tech US appeared as the pastoral counselor in a TV show
dealing with Scientology and in the film "Freedom".
     126.  Student enrollment in U.S.  Org Academies rising, also as
reflected in total U.S. student points rising form 80,000 at the end of
July to nearly 350,000 in mid-December.
     127.  Various Scientology celebrities, including two possibly
academy award nominees, winning standardly.
     128.  Narconon expanded greatly this year.  In addition to the
group at Arizona State Prison, two new programs were established, one at
California Rehabilitation Center and the other at Vacaville Medical
     129.  A successful Narconon "To the Walls" Congress was held inside
Arizona State Prison in March.
     130.  Scientology was included in a course on religion at the
University of California at Berkeley.
     131.  Nader's Raiders "Chemical Feast" published, attacking the FDA
and supporting the Church.
     132.  Scientology lecture given to a class on American Religious
Movements at Catholic University in DC.
     133.  Yvonne Gillman and Heber Jentzsch, accompanied by Guardian PR
Personnel, played for patients at Belleview and St.  Elizabeth's
Hospital with excellent results:  patients came uptone and staff were
     134.  Successful PRO mission to Toronto in May to handle Committee
on healing Arts report.
     135.  New York Human Rights commission toured King's county Mental
     136.  Toronto established a Human Rights Commission.
     137.  New York Human Rights Commission got psychiatrist Dr.
Richard Kunnes to sign an affidavit about drug experiments at a New York
mental hospital.  Affidavit presented to New York DA and press.
138. Twin Cities Human Rights Commission gave a lecture in ward of
Abbott Mental Hospital on mental patients rights.
     139.  Successful drug abuse info conference in Toronto. 500 People
attended and it was covered by CBC TV.
     140.  Citizens Commission on Human Rights incorporated in DC.
     141. 40-minute TV show in DC on CCHR -- all attack on psychs and
bad conditions.
     142.  Deputation to Congressman L.H.  Fountain's office and
presentation of submission to congressional sub-committee re FDA.
     143.  New York connecting to area Drug Abuse groups.  New York
Class VIII gave a lecture to area group.  New York Org represented in
Flag Day parade; A/G PR ((Assistant Guardian Public Relations ?)) gave
anti-drug abuse speech after parade.
     144.  Grand National Convention got excellent press and CCHR booth
got many memberships.
     145.  Dr.  Thomas Szasz agreed to be consulting psychiatrist for
     146.  Article on Grand National Convention written by PR bureau
staffmember was published in Psychiatric News.
     147.  Theta TV news spot on Scientology in Palm Beach, Florida;
attack line gotten in.
     148.  CCHR formed a 21-member advisory committee which includes
three lawyers, one MD, many chiropractors and a rabbi.
     149.  Formed an alliance with Religious Heritage of America; PR
Bureau staffmember awarded membership in the group.  (Interestingly, the
president of RHA is one of the major contributors to SMERSH.)
     150. 1500 anti-psych posters handed out in front of NATS US
     151.  Well over 150,000 posters handed out in the U.S.
     152.  SP radio head fired as a result of third part actions on L.A.
radio station.
     153.  Don Hill on Omaha made rebuttal on a radio program on a
statement made previously on the station that there is no sure cure for
     154.  EUS ((Eastsern US)) mission covered American Trial Lawyers
Convention.  Dr.  Szasz and John Joseph Matonis spoke.  Fine coverage by
media and good press for CCHR.
     155.  New York CCHR got a 79-year-old man out of a mental hospital
and his grateful family gave CCHR $100.00.
     156.  D/G PR EUS gave a speech in Vancouver on the horrors of
psychiatry and appeared on two TV shows and one radio show.
     157.  "Close-up" TV show came to L.A.  Org and took some film for
their show, which was supposed to be a theta show.  Intelligence
provided info that the same TV crew had interviewed Dianology and was
going to include this in the same show; the PR Bureau handled so that
Dianology was not included.
     ((One wonders what the 'handling' consisted of.  No doubt the
straight truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.))
     158.  At Davis, California, a successful drug abuse conference was
held with state officials and D/G PR US.  There was excellent press
resulting from this.
     159.  In October, a press conference on the Malko suit was held in
New York and San Francisco with Melvin Belli and D/G US.  Many press
attended and good articles resulted.
     160.  KABC TV did entheta mention of Scientology on their
Witchcraft series.  PRO went down immediately and caved them in and
Legal and PRO went to work.  The result was equal time on their station
for Narconon.
     161.  Governor Lazalt of Nevada bought Scientology books and is
reading them.
     162.  L.A.  Times had interviewed John McMaster and prepared an
entheta article.  D/G PR US handled, saw article before publication and
got it toned down considerably.
     163.  A letter to the editor was published in Men's Magazine after
that magazine published an entheta article.
     164.  The expansion of the PR Bureau from two to seven members has
resulted in a big expansion of PR activities and an increase in wins and
PR area control.
     165.  In November, an entheta chapter on Scientology was scheduled
to be included in a book written by Dr.  Alex Gerber and to be published
by McKay.  PR/Legal/Int worked on this and the result is that the
chapter has been removed.
     166.  "The Dictocrats" authored by Omar Garrison was published this
year and devoted space to the attack on Scientology by the FDA.
     167.  John Elliot campaigned for public office in Hawaii, with the
result that Scientology is well known and well thought of in Hawaii.  It
is now "on ethnic" to be a Scientologist in Hawaii.
     168.  PR Bureau staged an all-out attack on the NATS at their
Convention in L.A.  TV coverage and press were good and NATS were caved
     And 1971 will be even better!
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