((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                                 CD - 6
                             1 January 1994
                  Copyright (C) 1994 Larry Wollersheim
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     This is very dense and unhappy entheta which is being circulated by
Larry Wollersheim through a new organization of his called F.A.C.T.
     If you don't know about Wollershiem, here is a short history
gleaned from his affidavit which I read a few years back.
     He was one of the first to do the new NOTS stuff, and was doing
really well, and they started parading him around as a spokesperson for
the new tech.  Things began to go wrong with his case and stability, and
they wouldn't repair the sessions without more money, and eventually the
whole thing went to hell in a big way.
     I just got off the phone with him.  He is very withdrawn into a
valence that holds that LRH was a criminal twisted mastermind taking the
subject of thought and mind control to new and glorious science fiction
heights.  This AFTER having done the entire lower Bridge which he admits
freely is above reproach.
     Apparently after they clear you of your aberrations on the lower
bridge they start to implant them back in again on the secret upper
     As in the case of many people who have left the Church AND become
disaffected techies, their testimony does not ring fully true and is
salted with little fabricated and colorful assertions here and there to
make it all look like a horrendous mind control operation from the
     For example you will notice in the following text he talks about
the hypnotic trance everyone is in before they do NOTS.  NOTS as you
know has to do with debugging you of all your enforced and inhibited
telepathic connections to various GE's, BT's, demons, deities, and
others that you might be composited, joined or melded with.  The purpose
of this is to get all the spooks and ghosts and boogie men out of your
space so that you can be the Sole Operator of your self again.
     Actually they are not operating you, you are operating them but
that is another story.
     Now unfortunately the NOTS material is all very confidential, the
Church doesn't want you to know whats in them, because undoutedly you
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would see how these poor pcs are being used, abused and thrown away or
fed to the Devil or whatever.  All the horrible procedures for
brainwashing people, and fragmentizing them, and destroying their
loyalties and undermining their self confidence and derailing their self
determinism would come to light and the Church would be seen for what it
is, a Monolith of Monsters.
     However the truth of the matter is that the NOTS material is very
straight forward, very simple, very mundane, very decent, and not at all
     1.) Go into session, with admin and meter, some place quiet where
you can be alone.
     2.) Make sure your meter works.
     3.) Find a BT or cluster on your body or in your space using the
meter or just looking for solidities or pressure or pain areas.
     4.) If a Cluster, decluster the group by finding the common
incident, intention or unanswered question or unquestioned answer, or
find out what the pc is doing to cluster them.
     Don't forget clusters held together by the pc during drug
incidents, novocaine, antihistamines, aspirin, laughing gas, ether,
caffein, nicotine, alcohol, pot, speed, LSD, cocaine, heroine etc.  Any
dianetic incident in this or past and future lives can be involved in a
clustering.  Once declustered, deal with each remaining BT individually,
if another cluster, decluster them too.
     5.) Ask the BT what it is being and who it really is until it
realizes that he's himself and blows.  If he doesn't blow, run his stuck
incident with standard Dianetics until he cognites and leaves.  If he
won't talk to you, say Hello to him or have him say Hello to you until
he does.  Audit them telepathically Tone 40, not verbally.
     6.) Go to step 1, continue until no more Other Beings.
     E/P is body is transparent to thetan vision and being is cause over
     Now admittedly LRH takes 200 pages to say all this, and no that is
not ALL there is to it, and there are correction lists and so forth for
fixing up boo boo's and stuff, but that's all there is to it.  Very
decent and very human.
     No horrible secret blood lettings, no mixture of semen with
menstural drippings, no killing of things in the night to call the
secret forces of evil, no rice and beans, no threats or deprivation, no
indoctrination, no nothing except good auditing.
     Of course the Church could probably turn even decent auditing into
a circus, as all the BT's who have recently left the pc move off to
infest the staff members around him, but really if you are clearing
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these guys as the materials say, they are much more likely to go off and
admire the stars for a few thousand years or inhabit a flower.
     NOTS can be physically restimulative for those who have a tendency
to blame other beings for their problems.  Blame is No auditing.
     Other Beings mainly act as an impedance to your forward motion in
life, they are in your way, but YOU are holding on to them putting them
there.  It's a joke.  Blaming them is a waste of time.  It is what you
are doing to them that finally kicks back in your face as physical
     But TRUTH itself is dangerous, for it is the source of danger, so
really those with little grip should get a nice safe coffin and take a
rest for a while until they are up to seeing things as they are.
     And you see Larry KNOWS all this, he has read the materials, he has
audited them, and the only dancing demons of darkness trying to control
and over run his mind are the ones he failed to audit out that are
already there.  They win.
     If he was in a hypnotic trance by the time he got to NOTS on the
Bridge, then somewhere LONG before he was false attesting to lower
'states attained' which hadn't been.
     It is perfectly possible that the people around him were TRYING to
hypnotize him, and with the tech they certainly would know how to merely
by reverse auditing him.  But that has nothing to do with the tech, or
with NOTS.  That has to do with the people in whom hands the tech is
securely encrusted.
     Anyhow I feel for Larry.  I know what it is like to have your case
and body go unstable during High Level auditing.  Me, I just crawl into
my auditing room and audit.  Him?  Well you aren't allowed to audit
without permission which costs I don't how much an hour for NOTS.  Thus
no matter how bad you are dying, if you don't have any more money, you
don't get any auditing.  Period.  That is what happened to Larry, and
frankly the Church deserves his rage.
     I would kill anyone who tried to stop me from auditing or picking
up the cans.
     The real question is does Larry still have his E-meter, and does he
ever use it, now that he is free to pursue his Bridge when he wants to?
     I am possibly being unfair to Larry, and perhaps in the near future
we can get him to tell us directly what happened and what it was like.
Life inside the Church can be enough of a zoo that anyone can go nuts
and jump off a bridge.  Fortunately Larry was a survivor, and I for one
would love to hear his tale.
     Anyhow he is now collecting facts about people who have had serious
trouble with Scientology on a new BBS system, which will be connected to
the internet within a few months.
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     The problem?
     As much as I agree that this kind of data should not be suppressed,
and as much as it is regretable, the end result of wide spread
dissemination will be that auditing itself will come under fire and may
become regulated out of existence.
     This may happen anyhow, and maybe Larry and the rest are but small
pools of enturbulation in a larger scene, but this is powerful stuff and
it hits hard at the hearts and minds of people who read it.
     Was LRH a nut case?  It's hard to hold onto one's reality in the
face of all the entheta about LRH, even I sometimes get hit down by the
entheta and I have to go and listen to a tape or read a bulletin or two
to blow it all away.  But LRH did sow the seeds of his own destruction.
     People on Earth are in very dire straights, they are all nuts
beneath the facade of social living.  Those that are lucky enough to
come into Scientology are facing that craziness and many just do not
make it.  They tend to go crazy all up and down the Bridge but
especially on the 'Upper levels'.
     Since a human being is a crazy thetan that is living under the
controlling influence of a very thin social veneer, it is obviously hard
to audit such beings and fix the inner thetan with out having that
veneer go to shreds once in a while.
     Further the people who are most on the edge are the most likely to
be seeking help as the rest sit smugly by with their papers and morning
coffee playing 'Tsk, Tsk, Ain't It Awful.'
        "And Jesus was a Sailor when he walked upon the waters,
    And He spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower,
   And when he knew for certain that only drowning men could see Him,
 He said all men shall be sailors then, until the sea shall free them."
     That's Suzanne, Leonard Cohen.
     All great religious movements have the same problem, people don't
seek God or savlation until they feel ruined.  By that time the social
veneer is always pretty close to the breaking point.  They often remain
social only for the sake of the Saving Force.
     So Scientology, Psychiatry, Primal Scream, talk therapies, all
these things have their casualties.  It comes as much from the nature
and the quality of the help as it does from the kind of people that are
in need of that help.
     Men don't really know what they are doing at this time, even though
a lot of them strut around and claim they do.  So of course when they
have casualties, they have to cover them up.  Look at the Government.
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You think Scientology is worse than the Government?
     Since the upper levels are so secret and no one knows what they are
about, people have nothing but their own fears to judge against when
these horrible stories about brain washing and thought control come out.
     If people knew more about what the Upper Levels were about, they
would be less likely to fall for the blame that the fallen pcs are
leveling at them.
     Many Expanded Scientologists and Clearing Practitioners have a
fixed solution to all this trouble which is to quietly audit away in
their squirrel holes in the ground, not causing any trouble, trying to
clear as many people as they can before it is too late.
     Whether they will make an over all impact in the final outcome of
the war for men's minds though is open to question, because the
population at large is unfathomably far gone, and they are not receiving
the benefits of clearing at the same speed they are receiving the
entheta, enturbulation, restimulation and lies.
     I don't think that private truth will handle public lies.  Private
clearing will get swamped and washed away, by the frenzied stampede of
the mobs.
     I am sure you have thoughts on this.  This is a situation that is
brewing here in America that threatens the entire Scientology movement,
and thus the planet.  It needs a planetary solution, not a one on one
solution.  Of course the people who will pull off the planetary solution
will need the one on one auditing solution to get high enough to do it.
     But in the end it will be wide spread public clearing that will
clear the vast majority of the planet.
     The coming of internet services to a wider group of people will
make the Church, the Field and the Bashers more known in a way that has
never existed before.  Whether the tech will survive (in a prospering
and flourishing way) all this communication and the revelations that
will come from it is open to question.
     It is bad enough to have to fight the craziness of the Church and
the raw Bashers without also having to fight ARC broken pcs who are mad
as hell because the withhold was restimulated and not pulled.
     The louder they scream about Scientology the more they are still
willing to have the withhold pulled.  But no one is there to do it.
That is what they came in for, and they left because no one would pull
the withhold, or no one was able.  So the pc gets blamed by the Church
for having a withhold in the first place, but if he hadn't had a
withhold he would never have been interested in Scientology.
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     Salvation is from ruin.
     Ruin is NOT from being an effect, but from being CAUSE.
     Wollersheim and Crew need to be handled, not so that they no longer
exist, nor so that they no longer are collecting data, but so that their
intentions are aligned with salvaging and protecting clearing in the
Field AND in the Church, and not getting it contained in a cage where it
is powerless but condescended to because of First Amendment Rights.  It
is interesting how some people hold that the First Amendment is
important, but that religion is garbage.  They are hoping that some one
will come along and show them God, but they have little hope.
     Those without any hope of God at all will tell you the First
Amendment should be done away with.
     The statistics of suicide are always troubling.  The people who
have been involved in Scientology are no different than anyone else.
Probably if someone made a list of all the people who had committed
suicide at Cornell over the past 40 years, it would be pretty
horrendous.  Between the suicides, and the murders, and people running
around the streets naked looking for a place to jump off a bridge, and
others tossing their naked lovers over the side into the Gorge, and
people being found frozen in Chimneys, you might end up thinking that
Cornell and Psych 101 was not very good for you.
     And that was just all in the past 5 years.
     Also it might be enlightening to see how many people have committed
suicide who were under psychiatric care, or medical treatement or just
plain enrolled in business school.  Suicides in the Catholic and gay
communities are also high.
     In fact if you just took a look at how many people over all have
committed suicide, or tried to, or wanted to, or thought about it, or
talked about it, you might conclude that Life itself was not very good
for you.
     So the facts below must be taken with a wide enough perspective to
understand them, and perhaps do something effective with them.
     For every person that committed suicide under psychiatric care,
there are probably 10 that were saved from suicide.  Just so with
Scientology and that's CHURCHIE Scientology.  Field numbers are probably
much better.
     There are two other BBS's that deal with Scientology and its
     (818) 985 7392
     (201) 427 9802
     Larry himself can be reached at (303) 650-3650
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     F.A.C.T, End of 1993
     The pattern and similarity of reports electronically summarized
here for the first time from former members and from tens of thousands
of pages of affidavits, books, and articles, and other materials tell a
chilling story about this controversial group (1).  Reports of coverups
of Scientology members becoming psychotic or suicidal, or committing
suicide, while receiving Scientology's services are far too numerous to
be ignored any longer.
     Your help is needed.
     These reports create a moral and humanitarian imperative for
current and former members to provide all possible information to this
investigation.  Many countries have laws similar to Califomia's
Restatement Agency, Section 395(f) which states, "An agent is privileged
to reveal information confidentially acquired by him in the course of
his agency in the protection of a SUPERIOR interest of himself or a
third party." Staff members are agents.  The public dangers discussed in
this questionnaire represent such a superior interest.
     Only by assembling all of our personal recollections concerning the
individuals and circumstances mentioned herein will it be possible to
pierce any possible Scientology coverups and prevent possible future
calamities.  It is a miracle in many ways that the reports mentioned in
this questionnaire have squeezed through the cracks of Scientology's
secrecy structure, intelligence agency procedures, and practice of
destroying incriminating documents.
     If you are a current or former Scientologist or work with or know
current or former members, please review the following reports.  If you
recognize any of the names or have any information relevant to the
additional questions at the end, please assist us immediately with an
upcoming deadline.  Send your information (even in preliminary form) to:
Scientology Investigation, c/o F.A.C.T.  Net, 601 16th.  C-217, Golden,
Colorado 80403, U.S.A.
1.      Quentin Hubbard died from carbon monoxide poisoning in 1977. from
a hose hooked to the tailpipe of his car. Quentin was L. Ron Hubbard's
second son. OT 7, and a Class 12 auditor.
2.      Flo Barnett a.k.a. Miller died from several gunshot wounds. She
was David Miscavige's mother-in-law. Just before her death she was reported
to have had an argument with David Miscavige and threatened to go public
and sue Scientology.
3.      Noah Lottick jumped to his death in New York, May 11, 1990, one
block from the 46th St. Scientology org .
                                                                  PAGE 8
4.      Rodney Ramando jumped to his death at the L. A. org in 1986.
5.      James Stewart jumped to his death in Edinburgh Scotland. He was
on OT3, a class 7 auditor. and the Executive Director of the Durban Org.
6.      Lila Leighton Brown jumped to her death in San Francisco while a
public PC in 1978.
7.       An individual (name unknown) jumped to his death from the
Hanover bank building in New York City circa 1981-3.
8.      An older woman from Switzerland jumped to her death off the pier
in Clearwater while on the OT levels. Immediately after her suicide the GO
sent a bunch of people to the RPF.
9.      John Colletto, SO staff, became psychotic and suicidal while on
OT3. Very shortly afterward he shot his wife, Diane Colletto, to death.
This occurred in 1979 in front of ASHO in LA. Shortly afterward he killed
himself. The GO made great efforts to keep the whole event silent
10.     Bob Schafner was on OT3 and having problems. He rode a bike
under a truck. dying instantly, in 1987 or 1988.
11.     In 1975 a man in LA shot himself to death with a rifle while on
12.     Gene Trout OT 7, L 10, 11, 12.
13.     Jim Hester, Miami. Florida.
14.     Jane Winkler, OT7.
15.     Martina Douglas committed suicide at East Grinsted, England.
16.     David Baker, OT3, Tech Sec at East Grinsted, 1984.
17.      Lee Johnstone, GO staff, was "baby watched" before he committed
suicide at East Grinsted in 1985.
18.     Rita Smith, at East Grinsted, 1987.
19.     Steven Craine, at East Grinsted.
20.     Susan Meister shot herself to death aboard the Apollo in 1971
after an intense argument with Hubbard.
21.     David Sandwies.
22.     A woman who "drowned" in a bathtub at Flag.
23.     Ernie (last name unknown) was a Scientology suicide in 1978 or
1979 in LA.
24.     Laura (last name unknown), girlfriend of Skip Press, committed
suicide in 1986 or 1987.
25.     D. Dewhurst, a public PC, committed suicide in his car behind
the Vancouver, Canada Scientology mission.
26.     There is a report that an individual who had just gone clear
committed suicide in Albuquerque. New Mexico.
27.     Quentin Schnehager, a Copenhagen staff member, hung himself just
before a Sea Org mission was to arrive in his organization.
28.     A London public PC threw himself in front of a train while
depressed during auditing.
29.     Karen Fuller died on course while on OT3.
30.     Paulette Cooper's book reports a person who left a suicide note
emphasizing that it had "nothing to do with Scientology".
31.     Hubbard claimed that a publisher committed suicide by jumping
from a window after reading Excalibur, the early version of the OT Levels.
32.     A friend of Ari Salonen's committed suicide in Stockholm.
33.     Michael Leube, a 10-year Scientologist and sea org member
committed suicide in July, 1989.
34.     Phil Valinski died during auditing at La Quinta in California.
Scientology withheld information from his family, according to reports.
                                                                  PAGE 9
35.     John Roberts became comatose and died at East Grinsted.
36.     (first name unknown) Van Sefers died at Flag or on his return to
37.     A Scientologist in Washington state, name unknown.
38.      A Scientologist named Christopher (last name unknown) died on
this rundown. Scientology (Western Division) was reported to have quickly
settled a wrongful death case with his family. An ex-GO/OSA member recently
reported that he stole all the court records from Portland Oregon's 3
counties to cover up this case.
39.     A woman given the protective pseudonym "Allison" by Corydon in
his book tells of almost dying because of it.
These need investigation and verification because of suspected coercion to
induce already weakened, infirm or ill persons to buy dangerous additional
"services," commit suicide, or speed their own deaths by abandoning normal
medical practices for economic, convenience, or political reasons.
40.     Yvonne Jentzsch. A report from a recent defector implies Yvonne
actively resisted doing the EOC but was forced to do it. She reportedly was
having major problems with her husband, Heber Jentzsch, and with L. Ron
Hubbard. Since she was such a popular executive, the EOC may have been
politically driven to stop a doubt/PR/security problem in the highest
levels of the group.
41.     Phoebe Mauerer.
42.     Sue Todd Hunter, OT5, was audited extensively while known to
have cancer. She died recently.
43.     There is a lot of information in FBI records and elsewhere that
Scientology operatives tried to get Paulette Cooper to commit suicide.
44.     A bogged Toronto public pc became psychotic and was sent a
letter implying that suicide was her best road out.
45.     An older male sea org member died at Flag between November, 1989
and April, 1990. A former Flag sea org member overheard a GO/OSA agent
talking about keeping the death quiet.
46.     Michael Bonnin died during auditing on the upper levels.
47.     Maria Echararria's son died at Clearwater Florida.
48.     David Orin Cloud died in a 1983 car accident after being
depressed and receiving Scientology, services secretly.
49.     A real estate broker died mysteriously in the Clearwater Florida
area. Prior to his death, this individual had an argument with David
Miscavige over some property. Miscavige wanted to buy from him. He was not
a member.
50.     Doreen Caul and James Sharp were teenage Scientologists murdered
in LA. John McMasters, the first Clear, disassociated from Scientology in
part because of these deaths. He felt that the vindictiveness of
Scientology's actions were somehow connected to the deaths.
51.     John Kennedy died in 1966, in Rhodesia, allegedly while cleaning
his gun. He was a Scientologist who had strong conflicts with the local
group and had left Scientology to set up his own mental health institute.
52.     The Seattle Times reports that William J. Fisk was murdered by
Russell Johnson at the Seattle org during class. The story says it was
because Fisk was having intercourse with Johnson's wife. Johnson's wife was
a Scientologist and Russell was not. Fisk had bragged of being able to
control Johnson's wife.
                                                                 PAGE 10
53.     The Franchise holder from Stuttgart Germany (Andreas Ostertag)
was summoned under duress to Flag and then died in a salvage operation
while in Florida.
54.      An individual named Brown was killed. Steve Fishman connected
him to a Scientology project called GOLDCORE.
55.     Jim (last name unknown) was found dead in Queens, N.Y. while on
an ethics handling.
56.     John Peterson, formerly one of Scientology's leading attorneys.
 57.    Although he did not die, Teny N. Prueher was told Scientology
had a contract on him and was later involved in an shooting where a bullet
grazed his forehead.
58.     Although the targeted individual did not die, in 1988, Milan
Nekuda, who has some association with Scientology, tried to kill a woman.
59.     An army officer watching a demonstration of how to use an
E-meter to find subversives committed suicide shortly after the
60.     Ezio Confleti, a Toronto public pc, in 1991, possibly was
drugged to induce a heart attack. He did not die.
 61.    Steve Fishman, a former GO/OSA operative, reports that after he
was caught by the goverment in 1986, he was ordered to commit suicide to
save Scientology from being exposed for crimes he had committed on their
62.     John Breedlove was at Scientology's Flag land base in the
1970's. He told his mother he was told by Scientology to commit suicide and
that Scientology could get anyone to commit suicide if they wanted. He did
commit suicide after he left Scientology.
63.      One of Hubbard's first wives, Sara Northrup Hubbard, appears to
have been coerced by Hubbard to try to commit suicide to protect his
64.     Did the same thing happen to L. Ron Hubbard Jr. after he left
65.     David Sandelwies committed suicide after Scientology threatened
to reveal confidential information in his PC folders.
66.     Mary Sue Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard's wife, 1954, 1980-1981.
67.     1, Ron Hubbard threatened to commit suicide if one of his
girlfiends didn't marry him. Later during his auditing on various levels he
went through suicidal periods.
68.      Quentin Hubbard attempted suicide before he actually killed
himself. One such attempt was a drug overdose.
69.     Peter Lewis, ED of the LA Org, was locked up by Scientology for
days after his suicide attempt.
70.     Manfred Eichorn attempted suicide at East Grinsted in 1991, then
was "baby watched."
71.     Lawrence Wollersheim attempted suicide immediately after
receiving L-12 and other upper level auditing.
72.     Margery Wakefield.
73.     Robert Hart, 1971.
74.     Ari Salonen, 1982, Finland.
75.     Sandy Fuller.
76.     (first name unknown) Anderson.
77.     Hana Eltringham, now Hana Whitfield.
                                                                 PAGE 11
78.     Paulette Cooper's book mentions an individual who became
psychotic and suicidal on OT3 and committed himself to avoid suicide.
79.     Robert Kaufman (from Paulette Cooper's book).
80.     Monica Pignotti.
81.     Mario (last name unknown).
82.     Cooper's book mentions another individual who threatened suicide
but didn't because he was afraid it would invalidate Scientology.
83.     In 1992 a Toronto male public pc jumped off the Bloor/Dansforth
84.     Diana Hubbard, L Ron Hubbard's daughter, OT7, around 1980.
85.     Hedi Delgro, at East Grinsted, probably September 1992. An
isolation order was written on her after she became psychotic and
threatened or attempted suicide.
86.     Two Swedish public PC's, one from Stockholm and one from Malmo,
became psychotic after Flag sec checking.
87.     Bruce Welch was locked up on the Apollo for weeks after he
became psychotic.
88.     Carl Barney was locked up aboard the Apollo after he became
89.     Marianne Coenan was locked up in Pomona in 1991.
90.     Sam Binion or Benion became psychotic while on OT3. lt is
reported that Heber Jentzsch was involved in physically restraining him and
ripping off his clear bracelet so he wouldn't give Scientology a bad name.
91.     An individual named Robertson shot DMSO into himself while
92.     According to an ex-Sea org member, it was a common occurrence
both on the Apollo and in Clearwater to have staff and RPFer's who became
psychotic locked in the bathroom.
93.     Charles Manson had 150 hours of auditing. The GO hid this
information but it showed up in documents seized by the FBI.
94.     Ann Rosenblum's affidavit tells about GO/OSA members bragging
about driving 2 defectors/critics into a mental institution with nervous
95.     Dave Voorhies, in Seattle, Washington. became psychotic on OT3
and was given thorazine which the Scientologists told him was vitamin B.
96.     Hana Eltringham, now Hana Whitfield.
97.     Bill Howie, on OT3. He was a high level. long term Sea org
executive. His wife was the deputy CO of Celebrity center.
99.     Willie B. Wilson, on OT 3 in the late 70's or early 80's. He was
a wealthy Texas oil man.
99.     A Beverly Hills pediatrician who joined the Sea Org and then
became psychotic.
100.    Travis Harris became psychotic while auditing on the Apollo in
101.    L. Ron Hubbard became psychotic while auditing on OT3, and had
many other psychotic episodes according to defector affidavits.
102.    Steve Fishman.
103.    Ann Rosenblum became psychotic while on the RPF.
104.    An affidavit from a former high ranking auditor states that if
staff members became psychotic on the OT levels they were sent to the RPF.
This may indicate an attempt to cover up Scientology-induced psychotic
                                                                 PAGE 12
episodes within the organization.
105.    Roxanne Friend was told she wasn't ill and needed more auditing
when she had cancer. In 1990 she refused auditing, was declared psychotic,
and kidnapped to Flag.
106.    A former NOTS C/S reports that he knows of individuals who were
ordered by the GOIOSA to reverse audit security risks.
107.    Reverse auditing was done on Arthur Running Bear. He did become
psychotic from the auditing.
There are reports that Scientology is letting staff members with cancer or
other serious and expensive illness go without treatment. They work them
until they drop, and by then the cancer or other illness has progressed too
far. Please contact F.A.C.T. Net if you ave any knowledge of this subject.
There may be people in this position now who still could be helped.
108.    Ed Brewer, an LA sea org member was left to bleed to death
trapped in a car. He was left without medical attention and without calling
for help while other staff members who were with him went back to the
Guardian's Office to get instructions on what to do so the accident would
not create a PR flap.
109.    Sally Esterman Chaleff, a 20 year Sea Org member died a painful
and slow death of treatable and operable cervical cancer. She was denied
almost all care that could have saved or extended her life.
110.    A child was run over at the Scientology nursery in Clearwater.
This may be a covered up negligence situation.
111.    Arlene S. Heller describes the stress Scientology put her
family through, which caused a mental breakdown and suicide attempt in
September of 1981. Her daughter was a member.
112.    Lawrence Wollersheim believes that Scientology harassment was a
major factor in his father's heart attack.
If you have any information about these or similar cases, write a report or
affidavit -- anonymous if you must. Please be specific with as much
relevant detail as possible.
Please specify:
Scientology services the person was taking, i.e., purification rundown,
introspection RD, OT levels, false purpose RD, RPF, etc..
Who were the people delivering the service?
Dates and location.
If the individual was a staff member, what post(s) did he or she hold?
What were the individual's actual reactions, emotional state, and unguarded
comments about what was being done to them by Scientology?
Names and addresses of family and friends who the individual may have
confided in.
How can we obtain further information?
We are also interested if you have any knowledge about:
celebrities who have had similar experiences,
persons involved in destroying records,
anyone receiving Scientology services who was "baby watched" or subject to
isolation orders or hospitalized, and
the whereabouts of the individuals or families of GO/OSA agents Leonard
                                                                 PAGE 13
Liebowitz (US), or Clarice Guidice (Italian), or Jay Grossman.
How might we contact recent defectors from any Scientology organization or
their families, particularly Pat and Annie Broeker and Terry Gamboa?
How might we locate or contact the parents or non-Scientology families of
the senior Scn executives?
Do you have information about other people or circumstances relevant to any
of the sections of this questionnaire - such as names of former GO/OSA
auditors, staff C/S's or medical officers who would have had access to this
type of information before it may have been removed or destroyed?
What recollection or materials do you have of any Scientology materials or
internal reports (micro film computer reports etc.) which mention:
dangers of inducing psychosis or suicidal impulses, actual attempted
suicides or psychotic episodes,
the experimental or dangerous nature of Scientology techniques, or
putting the children of staff members at risk because of inadequate care.
Do you have any information about any of Scientology's alleged financial
frauds, not limited to postulate checks, credit card scams, student loan
scams, Author Services, Inc. Special Properties scams, or Church of
Scientology asset transfers?
To help inform others, would you be willing to appear on TV or in other
media to discuss your knowledge about Scientology in the areas of this
questionnaire? Would you be willing to attend a conference (location and
dates not determined)?
The information will be used to assemble comprehensive summary reports that
may eventually go to government or private agencies responsible for
protecting the public safety and mental health, and agencies that protect
the public from criminal activities in all countries where Scientology
operates. The information you provide also may be used to assist ongoing
civil or criminal litigation on wrongful death or other charges. It may
also be used to assist investigative media reporters seeking to call the
public's attention to these matters. If you wish to restrict the use of the
information you submit to us, specify the restrictions in your report.
Distribute copies of this document to every current and former
Scientologist you can contact to anyone else you think could help, and on
any computer bulletin board (BBS) to which you have access.
If you have a computer and modem, write for a F.A.C.T.Net electronic
library cardholder application. Send a SASE with 58 cents postage to:
F.A.C.T.Net., Inc. There is no charge to approved applicants and no connect
If you don't have a computer and modem, send a 58 cent SASE for an update
and additional information. All reports, requests for additional
information, and F.A.C.T.Net cardholder applications must he in writing
Don't confine your remembrance to the names on this list. We suspect this
may be just the tip of the iceberg. Who else do you know about?
F.A.C.T.Net, Inc. (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network) is a nonaligned,
nonprofit, research and educational public service consisting of an
electronic leading library, electronic mail service, and electronic news
transfer service. F.A.C.T.Net specializes in informing the public about
human rights abuses caused by coercive psychological systems much the same
way that Amnesty International informs the public about human rights abuse
caused by physical coerdion. F.A.C.T.Net's specific and only goal is to
help protect freedom of thought, choice. and speech from advances in
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coercive psychological tactics and systems. For more information, or to
request an application for a library cardholder's agreement, write to
F.A.C.T.Net. Inc., 601 16th St. #C-217, Golden, CO 80403, U.S.A. 303
an alternative opinion
Scientology's control techniques are derived from a collection of
sources--some benign, others not. Some of the more benign techniques are
plagarized without recognition from a mishmash of pop psychology and other
psychological and psychiatric schools. After people are hooked by the
friendly, benign come-on, Scientology uses exercises that covertly put the
receiver in hypnotic trance. The purpose of covert trance induction is to
increase the subject's suggestibility and control the subject's resources.
These techniques are derived from traditional hypnosis and from rituals
used to produce fanatical loyalty in the inititatory rites of past secret
societies. (Early in his career, L. Ron Hubbard was involved in a Satanic
secret society.)
These coercive control techniques alone could explain the many reports of
psychosis and suicide, but Hubbard went far beyond traditional techniques.
He studied and wrote a book on brainwashing, and commented that he could
use his knowledge to turn people into "willing slaves." While developing
what Scientology call its L12 processes, Hubbard allegedly said that if
they did this program wrong they might as well build a pine box for the
individual receiving it.
Hubbard experimented with first generation Russian and Korein brainwashing
techniques on unknowing members under a cloak of "religion." His innovative
experimentation helped produce a second generation of thought reform and
mind control techniques. These are considerably more dangerous than their
first generation predecessors. Hubbard combined these new control
techniques with the bizarre occult cosmology of his past, high pressure
sales techniques, traditional deception techniques, and sociological and
psychological stress techniques.
These second generation though reform programs are commonly called
"coercive persuasion" in the courts. In United States v. Lee 455 U.S. 252,
257-258 (1982), the Califomia Supreme Court found that "when a person is
subjected to coercive persuasion without his knowledge or consent... (he
may] develop serious and sometimes irreversible physical and psychiatric
disorders, up to and including schizophrenia, self-mutilation, and
The goal of all coercive persuasion programs is to produce subject
compliance and control the subject's resources by holding the subject at a
point of maximum psychological stress without inducing psychosis.
Unfortunately, the second generation coercive programs have increased the
chance of error because subjects tend to he less well monitored and the
advanced techniques used to induce stress are more powerful and less
predictable in their effects on the individual.
In coercive persuasion programs, frequent and intense attempts are often
made to cause a person to reevaluate the most central aspects of their
experience of self and prior conduct in negative ways. Efforts are designed
to destabilize and undermine the subject's basic consciousness, reality
awareness, world view, emotional control, and defense mechanisms. They are
engineered to induce the individual to reinterpret his or her life's
history and adopt a new version of causality.
On Scientology's secret upper levels, the individual is told (while in the
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suggestibility of hypnotic trance and stress states) that he or she is
really not one individual but a composite of hundreds, possibly thousands
or tens of thousands of individual beings (called "body thetans" or "BTs")
trapped in his or her body as the result of a galactic war 76 million years
ago. Individuals receiving these techniques are told (while vulnerable)
that these beings are fighting for control of their body and identity, that
these beings can make them act irrationally or become terminally ill, and
that only Scientology has the technology to safely remove these beings from
their bodies. Members spend sometimes hundreds of hours on these secret
levels, talking to their various body parts, trying to get these other
beings out of their bodies. They are told that they could go insane and die
if they do anything wrong while trying to remove these other beings.
In these secret levels, to more effectively attack the person's core
concepts of self, Hubbard tricks the person in trance into believing he is
not who he always thought he was. To fragment the individual's personality
and integrity, Hubbard induces a hypnotic state of multiple personality
similar to an artificial schizophrenia. Many observers report
Scientologists switching "personality" dramatically and abruptly according
to context.
It is no wonder people could become psychotic or suicidal when tricked into
deeply believing and acting upon this BT story when their suggestibility is
at its highest and their defenses at their lowest.
Scientology's security isolatoin and control of negative information is how
it works. Scientology members are forbidden to talk to each other about
anything negative that happens to them while undergoing Scientology
techniques. The only Scientology staff with whom they are allowed to
discuss the negative effects of Scientology are forbidden themselves to
disclose the true nature, .severity, or number of these negative
experiences to anyone but one or two other individuals whose primary job is
to prevent this type of information from getting out to the public.
Members are deceived into thinking and rationalizing that any such reports
they might accidentally hear are caused by something wrong with that
individual (but not with Scientology) or that the path through the secret
initiatory levels is a narrow and perilous "wall of fire" and casualties
are normal and to be expected.
Members have no idea they are being used as guinea pigs for dangerous
psychological control experiments and have no idea that many people before
them may have suffered dire harm because of these techniques.
WERE YOU PAID $2-400,000/YR IN THE SEA ORG? The October 22, 1993 New York
Times reports the Scientology salary David Miscavige and his wife reported
to the IRS for 1991 was $94,042. The article didn't add the market value of
year-round housing, servants, cooks, travel, vehicle and entertainment
allowances. With David's love of trendy mountain resorts this could amount
to another $ 1-200,000 per year. More importantly, the article failed to
reveal that Miscavige and several other top Scientology executives, as
trustees or board members of Author Services Inc., allegedly share another
5% of the gross income of ASI trusts A and B. Not including what may be
funneled back to them from other Scientology-related organizations, the
estimates for just hidden additional 5% ASI income are $4-800,000/yr.
acquitted on other charges, 73 high level members of the Scientology
organization in Italy have been convicted of conspiracy, tax evasion,
extortion, and criminal actions against minors and the infirm. Sentences
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range from 4 months to 4 years.
battle and numerous appeals, several to the U.S. Supreme court the State of
California has finalized the Wollersheim judgment and given Wollersheim the
OK to begin collection. Wollersheim said, "My suit was won because I was
coerced with a freeloader debt, coerced into going to the RPF, coerced into
disconnecting from my loved ones, physically coerced and restrained when I
wanted to leave, and coerced into becoming an unknowing guinea pig for
Scientology's human experimentation with thought reform techniques which
caused m to go psychotic. If any of these things has happened to you or
anyone you know. get a lawyer and discuss your rights. In many
jurisdictions you have one year from the date you discover that you have
been harmed to file a suit"
EXEMPT STATUS? Do documents sealed in the IRS deal reveal that David
Miscavige sold Hubbard out as a criminal in admissions necessary for
Scientology to get its new tax exempt status? We may soon find out.
Scientology had to battle for 40 years to get a non-profit status that the
IRS routinely gives away to Satanic and neo-Nazi groups that can show a
legitimate religious nature. Now, within weeks of the IRS ruling,
Scientology's new status has already been challenged as based on fraud. A
coalition of ex-members and other interested parties is assisting those
challenging the IRS ruling. Don't be surprised if they soon find a way to
unseal Miseavige's secret IRS deal and document the alleged Scientology
misreprensations on which the IRS based its decision.Might criminal charges
be forthcoming against Scientology's executives, attorneys and accountants?
SCIENTOLOGY CODE OF SILENCE BROKEN: More than ever before in its history,
former Scientology staff members and public are speaking out and revealing
what they know about the alleged crimes and immoral activities of this
group. The list of people now working to expose the truth about Scientology
reads like a who's who list of Scientology's former best and brightest
staff, executives. and public.
        Vaughn Young typifies the outspoken and courageous former
Scientologists who dare to break the Scientology code of silence. For 15
years Vaughn and his wife, Stacy, worked at the highest levels of the
GO/OSA until they recently left. Vaughn's affidavit of October, 1993
states, "During this time [1981], the GO was being converted to the Office
of Special Affairs (OSA). This was done under the direction of Vicki
Aznaran who later became the Inspector General and has since left
Scientology. While it was later touted that the GO had been 'disbanded' the
truth was that it was really nothing more than a name change. The same
people were running the group. We had the same offices. We had the same
Please - help bring these matters to light and protect possible future
victims. Mail your recollections as quickly as possible to: Scientology
Investigation, c/o F.A.C.T.Net, Inc., 601 16th. C-217, Golden, Colorado
80403, U.S.A.
To learn about a dial-up computer library resource with an extensive
database of information about human rights abuses caused by systems of
coercive psychological manipulation, please send a self addressed envelope
with 58 cents in postage, to F.A.C.T.Net Inc., 601 16th St. #C-217, Golden,
CO 80403, U.S.A.
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