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>     Homers answer also has much validity. In solo, here we are on the wild,
>wild west. 'angels fear to tread'. It is harder for example to take apart an
>incident where you felt bad about blowing up a entire planet because they
>didn't put enough fruit on the feet of your statue, than it is to run the one
>of the time you socked the little girl in the eye because she pulled your
>hair, and got expelled from grade school.

     It's also deeper than might be suspected.

     The pc at the beginning of his journey wants *OUT*, he doesn't
want to be here, so he asks how many hours until I am free of being
here and never ever need to be here again?

     I personally doubt anyone has attained that.

     It's an effort to get out of the universe, which is an effort to
get out of yourself, so pity the poor dude that succeeds.

     What really happens is after a bit of auditing he starts to
realize that the true E/P of OT is "Able and Willing to Be Here."

     Now that's a whole different ball game and set of abilities.

     Presumably its easy to be out, man is it hard to be in.

     So the amount of case gain necessary to a being that wants to
remain in and continue on being here doing something of interest
without getting eaten by the dark side, well that's a lot of case

     Lot's of people can get out, they are just so much Monster Food
when they come back in.

     This is in part why I am so hard on certification, it produces an
arrogance that the person *KNOWS* something.  Particularly about
someone else.

     "Come on boys, bring your nails and wood over here, let's see
just how close to his God this turkey really is."

     Knowledge is a weight of stone around the neck of a God that is

     If people could attest to knowing how much they don't know, then
I might find certs more amenable, but instead they get certed and they
feel they know more than the next guy, not how much they don't know
mind you, they think they know MORE.

     They think that what they don't know has become *LESS*.

     Well knowing more is an anchor that will sink and is sinking one
to the bottom of the sea to become so much sediment in someone else's
biology experiment a million years hence.

     Freedom is the ability to not know, and to create things to know,
its not a cert that says how much you know.

     People who really know, who know how much they don't know, and
who know how to not know more, to the point where they don't KNOW it
any more, they can just DO it, people who can help others know how
much they don't know, and how to not know more, don't put certs on
their walls.

     It just adds to the anchor around their neck.

     And that they know.  :)


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