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     If I speak with AUTHORITY it is only because I am AUTHOR.
     The following is an act of creation by Homer Wilson Smith who is
fully responsible and accountable for its contents.  He acknowledges the
help of many people and lives in this creation.
     This document is in no way meant to imply that the views expressed
herein are the views of all Clearing Practitioners, or the views of the
people partaking in this list, or that anyone must hold these views to
be part of this list.
     I wrote it, I posted it, it is an expression of ME.
     If it is also an expression of you, that's fine.
     If it is not also an expression of you, in all or in part, that is
fine too.
     That's called granting of beingness.
     May we never be the same.
     Homer Wilson Smith  4/29/93 Ithaca, NY
                          CLEARING TECHNOLOGY
     Clearing Technology is a coalescence of the methods, codes,
practices and techniques used by Clearing Practitioners around the
     Clearing Technology is a growing collection of experimental and
established therapeutic techniques designed to help people locate,
contact, confront, relive (revivify) and release otherwise hidden
moments of suppressed anguish, pain, anger, fear, sorrow and apathy
resulting from loss, death, departure, reversal and other trauma in
their lives, with the resulting healing of their body, heart, mind and
soul from self imposed psychotraumatic conditions created by the being
to deal with the trauma.
     It is a collection of highly tested and testable practical
techniques by which a person can improve their own life in their own
estimation, by handling in a permanent fashion, self imposed barriers of
body, heart, mind and soul.
     Clearing is a Technology in the sense of a body of techniques.
     Technology 2.) the application of knowledge for practical ends, as
in a particular field, e.g.  educational Technology.  (From Greek,
technologia, systematic treatment.)
     Technique 2.) the body of specialized procedures and methods used
in any specific field of endeavor, 3.) technical skill; the ability to
apply procedures or methods so as to effect a desired result.  (From
Greek, techne, art or craft.)
     Both definitions are taken from The Random House College
Dictionary, Copyright 1975.
     Clearing Technology is a quickly growing subject of great richness
and diversity.  By forming this group we wish to aid in the survival of
those who would see Clearing Technology OF ANY KIND grow and expand into
a respectable subject, freely available and of benefit to all on a world
wide basis, independent of race, creed, color, religion, national origin
or sexual preference.
     We also wish the subject to be openly available to investigation by
anyone interested in doing so.
     There is much discussion on as to whether
Clearing Technology is a science, a religion, or a science of religion.
     Because Clearing Technology deals with the repair of the human
body, heart, mind and soul from psychic influences it is classified as a
religion.  However its methods are those of science, so it is also a
     Although the matter is open to debate, the aims of Clearing
Technology are clearly Religious in nature, and its methods, being based
on observation, hypothesis and experiment, are clearly Scientific in
     Clearing Technology is a Scientific approach to Religion, as best
it can be, given the nature of the subject under study.
     In any case Clearing Technology is certainly a BODY OF TECHNIQUE
whose application to oneself gives rise to long term desirable end
results in one's self, in one's own estimation.
     One more point, the people who come into Clearing Technology almost
always HAVE a religion firmly in place, even if it is the religion of no
religion.  These people are not looking for a new religion, and they are
certainly not interested in being forced to change their religion or
HAVE a religion.  Most of them also consider that it would be improper
or heretical to follow two religions at once.  Thus, since Clearing Tech
is of great benefit to all people regardless of what religious beliefs
they hold, it is imperative that Clearing Tech NOT be considered an
independent religion of its own lest it drive away ALL of its members.
     However by declaring Clearing Tech a merely secular activity, it
loses the protection afforded to those things which are covered by our
Constitutional rights to freedom of religion and its practice.  Thus
declared, Clearing Technology would be left open to suppressive
interference by government, medical, and psychiatric agencies.  Since
Clearing Technology flies in the face of the financial and control
interests of the governmental, medical and psychiatric professions, it
has come under no small measure of attack.
     Thus many Clearing Practitioners have solved this dilemma by
shielding their practice of Clearing Technology under the umbrella of
their own legally established but personal Churches, usually of whatever
denomination they were brought up in.  Anyone can start a personal
Church, and might consider doing so if they intend to practice Clearing
Tech in a serious manner.  You don't HAVE to take the tax breaks offered
to religions, which will keep the IRS off your back.
     Thus Christians, Jews, Muslims, and anyone else can offer Clearing
Technology to their parishioners without offending them with 'other'
religions, and still maintain the protection offered in the free world
by the sanctity of the Church to Spiritual Counseling.
     Clearing technology is thus a generic religion, it is the operating
manual if the GodSoul.
     This newsgroup will,
     1.) Be unmoderated and openly available to anyone with an interest
in Clearing Technology, including those hostile to its tenets and
practice.  This group will REMAIN unmoderated, no matter what.
     2.) Accept anonymous postings of any kind in general.  It is
requested that anonymous posters use identifiable handles and post in a
meaningful and responsible way.
     3.) Accept anonymous postings from any enabled anonymous server.
     4.) Accept anonymous postings sent to readers of the list and
reposted by them, at their discretion, with all headers stripped off.
The reposter must take full responsibility for the content and
repercussions of such postings.
     5.) Accept postings submitted to the list from those in the field
who do not have internet access via readers of the list who do.
     6.) Be archived permanently, along with important documents
pertaining to the subject.  Such documents will include but not be
limited to tech, codes, definitions and addresses of practitioners, or
people who desire to be contacts for Clearing Technology.
     The purpose of this newsgroup is the posting of:
     1.) Papers on all available Clearing Technology, no matter how
elementary or advanced, regardless of source or origin, new and old,
including its roots, development, purposes, methods, and results.
     2.) Ethical Codes of conduct such as the Clearing Practitioner's
Code, or any others that are of interest or might be written in the
     3.) Reports on case gain and actual case histories, either personal
or with the permission of the client.  'Hey guys, last night I ran such
and such, and this is what happened, and these were my cognitions and
wins.' Also discussion of losses or not-gains suffered from Clearing
Technology of any form, and suggestions for improvements.
     4.) Transcripts of sessions, or session notes, either personal or
with the permission of the client.
     5.) Cognitions attained, abilities regained, disabilities lost
during the practice of Clearing Technology.
     6.) Personal papers relating to experiences pertaining to Clearing
Technology, its theory, its world view, and its results.
     7.) Supporting or detracting evidence from external third party
scientifically objective observers as to the efficacy of Clearing
     8.) Personal curriculum vitae (go look it up) regarding life
interests, training and experience with Clearing Technology and one's
own profession.
     9.) Discussion and counter discussion on all of the above.
     10.) Discussion on various practioners of the tech, their
competency, the client's experience with them, the tech used, how it
worked, how well it worked, what happened, any complaints and
recommendations, including data, stories and personal anecdotes
concerning prior or continued involvement in various forms of Clearing
Technology or its Churches.
     11.) Reports on scamsters in Clearing Technology, or any efforts to
use Clearing Technology for negative purposes or solely for financial
gain or power play.
     12.) Low hype notices by practioners of Clearing Technology to let
those who wish to partake of their services know what services are being
offered, where they are being offered, and how much they will cost,
including notices from their Churches.  Notices should contain name,
address, telephone number, fax number, qualifications, services offered,
costs and conditions.
     13.) Reports on immanent threats by various agencies or people, on
Clearing practioners, their Churches, their tools, their practices,
their persons or their domiciles and property.
     14.) And when you get tired of talking tech, you can all just sit
around the fire and discuss the finer things of life, food, sex,
recipes, dogs, whatever.
     15.) Off charter posters may, at the discretion of readers, be
encouraged to move their thread to the appropriate group.
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
     Dear People,
     I have formed a new mailing list called CLEAR-L which is gatewayed
to a.c.t.  
     This will allow those who are not able to receive a.c.t to get
quality pro Clearing tech postings from those who wish to share their
tech and their experiences.
     Anyone may sign up to CLEAR-L, even if you don't intend to post,
and even if you get a.c.t.  This means that you will receive in your
mailbox postings that will also go to a.c.t.
     If you post cow pies, dharma treason, hostile noise or pure
stupidity to CLEAR-L I will remove you.  You will be given one warning,
if you do it again you are off the list for good.
     I am the sole judge and only authority in this matter.
     Bluntly, CLEAR-L is a tyranny of one, me.
     After one warning, if you get bounced, you get bounced for GOOD.
     You may subscribe to CLEAR-L by going to:
     You may post to CLEAR-L by sending your posting in a mail file to,
     Your subscription to CLEAR-L is confidential, no one can find out
who is subscribed except myself.  If you don't trust me, you are out of
     You can not subscribe using an anonymous id, I wish you could, but
its not presently feasible.
     Subscribing to CLEAR-L alone does not endanger your anonymity,
however posting to CLEAR-L will.
     I will however be posting most of my primary postings to a.c.t via
CLEAR-L.  Of course discussion will take place on a.c.t as usual.
     If the noise level on a.c.t can be kept to a minimum perhaps we can
consider making it a two way gateway between CLEAR-L and a.c.t.