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                          THE ORIGIN OF VISTAG
                                CLR - 1
                            7 February 1994
                   Copyright (C) 1994 Joe Harrington
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     VISTAG (Volunteers In Service To A Galaxy) has its root in an era
that predates the creation of the physical universe.  Time being a
variable measure of duration peculiar to a specific solar system,
expressions of years are pointless.
     The Home Universe was a state of existence which defies description
in human terms.  It was a universe of Truth, Logic, pure Communication,
Love and Creation.  Bodies as known to Mankind were unknown and
unnecessary.  Religions, Races, Gender and other labels were non-
existent.  Existence was as beings of pure radiant light, unfettered by
physical form.  But it was not a Perfect State.
     As to whether all beings have their origin in the Home Universe is
unclear.  However, memories of the Home Universe appear to be ingrained
in the hearts of Humanity, and fragments of Home have appeared in the
oral and written traditions of Mankind since the dawn of time.  Across
the planet, Homesickness is pandemic.
     Following the co-creation of the physical universe, a series of
events lead to a dwindling spiral of catastrophic events that occurred
in the Home Universe.  The impact was of such magnitude that the memory
of the details became blurred in those present.
     There were a division of viewpoints concerning the actions that
lead up to the series of disasters.  Both sides suffered tremendous
losses.  Home was rapidly becoming a barren Universe.  Beings now found
themselves floundering in a physical universe.
     The divisions that arose in the Home Universe continued in the new
universe and spread throughout all creations.  Beings from a non-
physical world now found it necessary to identify with physical forms to
serve as reference points in a increasingly hostile universe.
     Some became so infatuated with the physical forms and became
confused and identified themselves as the forms, rather then the co-
creators of the forms.  Some sought to exploit the confusion and impose
dominion by proclaiming themselves as Gods of the Confused Ones.  Thus
began the enslavement of Free Beings.
     There were those who thought the Gods were free to exercise
dominion over the Confused Ones.  And there were those who felt that the
enslavement of another violated a tenet of the Code Of Honor of the Home
Universe, that all beings would be eternally free and never
involuntarily subservient to another.
     Throughout the entire universe tremendous conflicts arose
concerning the freedom of Confused Beings.  Unspeakable treachery and
methods of dominating others came into being.  Weapons of mass
destruction devastated entire galaxies.
     VISTAG was an autonomous branch of the A-3 Guild and operated under
the auspices of the Supreme Commander of The Guild.  The Guild was
formed to correct the injustice caused by the actions of the Gods, and
restore the Code Of Honor.
     VISTAG members were Masters in their chosen field of Service and
executed oaths of eternal allegiance to the Guild.  Volunteers served
throughout the galaxies and assisted planets inhabited by confused
beings, whose cultures and civilizations had been degraded by the
activities of the Gods who later abandoned them.
     VISTAG was never a military organization and planetary governments
were often hostile to volunteers who served in small teams.  Great wars
waged and volunteers often found themselves stranded on dying planets.
Some broke faith with the Guild and joined in the endless conflicts
against the Gods.  Others merged into the races of the planetary
populations and became confused ones.  Others, considered "un-
reformable" by the planetary governments dominated by the Gods were
captured, electronically re-indoctrinated, and scattered throughout the
galaxies, many to this sector of the galaxy, and planet Earth.
     In Feb 1986, the A-3 Guild formed a inter-galactic coalition in
pursuit of the organizational purpose.  On 17 Feb 1991, the Supreme
Commander of the A-3 issued a directive calling for the re-activation of
VISTAG.  On earth, the mission shall be known as the Expanded Horizons
Project.  The prime purpose is the recovery of the all former VISTAG
members and the restoration of Justice to the physical universe.
                           SECTOR COORDINATOR
                               A-3 GUILD
                             JOE HARRINGTON
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