Lyn Keller ( wrote:
>If there is fighting on this list - then what would be the winning
>factor and what would be the losing factor?

     I think the fighting is caused by Code conflict, once everyone
here as their codes they will stop acting like monkeys bouncing around
in a cage.

     You know not only do people not know their own Codes, they
certainly do not know other's codes, yet they continuously try to
figure out what they are, and respond therefrom, so it acts as a
massive continuous ongoing implied wrong indication they are making to
everyone around them.

     So people get enraged by the presumptions that are put on them by

     This is in part, part of the problem of people not talking about
their Codes.  Once someone knows your Codes for real, then they can
start figuring out where you are coming from without emmanating lots
of wrong indications.  Not only do they make sense to themselves,
since they know their own Codes, but YOU begin to make sense to them
as well.

     Thus I would guess it is imperative for people to discuss their
Codes with each other, individually and as a group.  Although it is
presently popular to claim that pre Codees should not hear the Codes
of Codees, on the face of it this isn't going to work in an open
forum, so it *HAS* to be wrong, as right as it might seem.

     The only other solution is to have an elite super private group
with high security etc, that watches its every word, and who it talks
to, and we all know where that leads, right into the toilet on many
levels.  You also get into a massive problem of people claiming they
have their Codes, when they don't, just so they can be part of the
group.  How do you know if someone has their Codes?  Really?  So how
are you going to know who is safe to talk to?

     If Codees carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval stamped on
their asses because they have passed some Code Authority and gotten
their license to talk, you still don't know if its real or not, unless
you trust the Authority explicitly, and that's just another route of
control down and even bigger toilet.
     The only other alternative is to have everyone consider that
Codes aren't important to talk about, and so they start talking
*AROUND* them.

     That's the kind of hypocrisy and social facade that drives
talking down into talking *ABOUT*.

     Certain things are inexorable, all considerations to the
     Once Codes are known, they are *THE* most important thing to talk
about and get to know in another person.

     Has to be.



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