This is about and auditing proceedure offered by Alan Walter and
Knowledgism concerning a person's personal Codes, the breaking of which
has presumably lead to his present case state.  To make matters worse,
apparently people are running self secret codes!

      The issue at hand is whether a person has a right/duty to talk/not
talk about his codes with others once he knows his own.



      The hidden implication behind Alan's comments about me (collapsed
fool) is that the reason I am making such a stink about code secrecy is
because I myself am living in violation of my own Codes, and this
results in my own collapsed universe.  And yes my universe is collapsed,
and Alan hasn't the slightest clue what a collapsed universe is until he
has seen mine.

      The further implication is that if I were to get my Codes, I would
see the logic to *PROMISING* to not talk about my Codes to non Codees
*BEFORE* I got them.

      This of course presents a problem, because it is getting a person
to make a promise about something that he is lacking data on, and is in
fact totally clueless on.

      It would seem that a careful auditing address to this problem
BEFORE the person got his Codes might relieve some of the burden of the
problem.  Alan at least has a responsibility to see that his prenoodles
are making fully informed decisions before they make such a promise on
data they have no clue about.

      Such auditing would also feret out those pre Codees whose Codes
were actually opposed to keeping their Codes secret or were opposed to
keeping them secret on an OTHER DETERMINISM, so that they could be
removed from the production line as soon as possible.

      By invoking a *PROMISE* Alan is actually using the person's Codes
against himself before he knows them, because breaking a promise is
probably going to be yet another Code break.

      Of course *MAKING* such a promise is a Code break too for many.

      Alan seems to be sloughing this off, apparently intentionally as he
has been informed of it many times, and has yet to post a sensible
defense to his position.

      Alan's assertion that people's Codes are *SUPPOSED* to be kept
secret from non Codees, is on the face of it absurd.

      There may be good tech reasons for doing it, and if so, one
imagines that most Codees would see the light once they got their Codes,
or would be able to use their judgement in each situation.

      I don't think this happens, I think instead once people get their
Codes, they think "Well this is cool, but I promised Alan I won't talk
about it, so I won't, who am I to know!"

      Talk about a make nothing and a collapsed universe.

      At that point Alan has them hooked and obedient.

      Their universes remain uncollapsed because they are held apart by
Alan's licence to survive, rather than their own judgement.


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