Look, it is very simple.
     The protection of artists' income through copyright is not worth
the creation of a totalitarian police state.
     We are talking about a world where every posting is moderated,
traceable, and chargeable.
     Those that cry, "But without copyright there will be no more
art!" are lying for their own control purposes.

     They aren't the art creators.

     Those that cry "But the artists deserves some recompense for his
work!" are speaking the truth in a false cause.

     They aren't the art creators either.

     We are talking about the power hungry control freaks, who are
jumping on yet another bandwagon, along with child pornography, drugs,
crime and terrorism, in order to put in place the police state they so
     It has NOTHING to do with protecting the artists.

     It has everything to do with controlling one and all for their
own personal benefit.

     Don't let the power hungry con you into providing a police state
to help them 'protect the helpless'.

     It just ain't so.

     It is ok to have child pornography.

     It is ok to have drugs.
     It is ok to have crime.

     It is ok to have terrorism.
     It is ok to have free copy ability.
     It is NOT OK to have a police state.
     If you had a world with a police state big enough so that there
was NO child pornography, NO drugs, NO crime, NO terrorism, and NO
copyright violations, would you want to live in that world?
     Think about it.


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