There is an interesting way to do dating on a meter if you find
the old greater-than, less-than hard to do.
     Take a piece of paper and draw out a time line, you can do this
for this life if you are dating back to conception, or you can do it
for the whole track.
    For the whole track it might look something like
    0                    10               100            1000
    1000                 10,000           100,000        1 mi
    1 mi                 10 mi            100 mi         1 bi
    1 bi                 10 bi            100 bi         1 tri
    1 tri                10 tri           100 tri        1 quad
    1 quad               10 quad          100 quad       1 quint

    1 mi    = 1 million     = 1,000,000
    1 bi    = 1 billion     = 1,000,000,000
    1 tri   = 1 trillion    = 1,000,000,000,000
    1 quad  = 1 quadrillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000
    1 quint = 1 quintillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

     Conceive it as one long line with the numbers spaced evenly along
the line even if its wrapped around on many lines as I have show

     Notice the last number on each line is the same as the first
number on the next line.
     Then hold the cans in one hand and a pen in the other and POINT
with the pen along the continuous line from 0 to 1 quint.  Where the
needle reacts hunt around with the pen back and forth in that area
until you get an exact blowdown reaction.  Mark the line with the pen.
THEN figure out what date the point on the line refers to, if you
still need to.  You can get very exact dating done this way without
ever actually getting all the digits of the number.

     You can also do this when hunting for the next major incident to
run in this life, the file clerk will sometimes respond to a pen point
when it won't respond to dating.  Just make a line and number it from
1998 to 1951 or when ever you were born, or even before by about 10
years if you want to get your last death, and start pointing and mark
and take up what reads.
     For line plots of this life I like to mark the years along
the line but then I also mark the beginning and end of each
school year, and the beginning and end of each summer.  I mark
also when my birthday was and how old I was during each period.

     This makes for a more complex line plot that look slike
the following, but its more meaningful for the pen pointing.

    12th grade               Freshman             Sophmore
  --------------|       |--------------|       |--------------|
        1969                  1970                    1971
                 Summer                 Summer
                 at camp                in NYC
                 18 years old             19 years old

     It makes for a complex time line, but if you can get in every
year at school, what dorm you were in, who your room mates where,
where you went for summer vacations, all the way back to 0 years old,
you will have quite a time line.  Then you can also mark your major
injuries and losses etc.
     By the way when dating with words during this life I tend to NOT
like to date 2 years old, 3 years old etc.  THat time line starts at 0
years old which my body doesn't like.  So I use 1st year of life, 2nd
year of life, 3rd year of life etc.  And don't forget conception, the
being actually turns 1 year old 9 months before anyone generally gives
him a birthday party for it!
     If you are hunting for early childhood engrams or prenatals in
the sticky blackness, you can draw out one year with Jan, Feb Mar etc,
and run the pen pointing on that line.  You can have one month per
line if you want really fine spotting or have them all on the one line
if you just want the approximate month something happened.

     Once you find an area that reads, go before the read and then
after the read until the needle finds an area that is NOT reading, and
then hone in on the exact point that is reading, back and forth until
you narrow it down to a single point.

     Then mark the point and consider that your answer, if you want to
put it into words, come up with an exact answer if you can or an
approximate answer if you wish.  Don't push it.
     This is a very powerful dating technique and one that your GE and
BT's/clusters can relate to really well as the language thing kind of
leaves them hanging.


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