The reason that nobody speaks much or they deal in trivialities or
social facade most of the day is because people are *INTENSELY* polarized
on how to run a civilization. 

   The commons is a micro civilization and it is *UNBELIEVABLE* to me that
anyone would think these discussions don't pertain to its long term
viability and the resolution of the *WARS* that are going on between its
various participants.
   Basically most people feel if they came out and said their real views,
half the planet would lock them up or crucify them.
   I have learned to be me, there are lots of people who strongly
agree with me, and lots of people who strongly disagree with me.
   I am not trying to make milktoast friends with everyone, I ran out of
barf bags long ago, I am trying to make real friends with those of my

   I KNOW that will make me some real enemies of the rest.  If it doesn't
then I am not doing my job. 
   Libertarians try their best to piss off both the right and the left, so
if anyone here actually still likes me, I will just have to try a little
   But the country doesn't need any more left/right swing of the pendulum. 
It needs freedom to think for youself, and to take full responsibility for
yourself and to suffer the consequences of yourself. 
   We can provide social nets up to a point, but only by negotiated
agreement of all, not just the majority. 

   Majority rule is not good for people as holocausts and welfare states

   Minority rule is not good for people either as the slaveries of
aristocratic capitalism show. 

   Only unanimous rule is good for people. 
   Getting agreement is hard as each tries to elect itself into protected
species status at the expense of others it considers unworthy. 

   But that's the libertarians job, to get agreement FROM ALL, and build a
government around it.  

   And let personal reponsibility take care of the rest. 

   Have you made an enemy today?

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