If its ok for me to say that the physical universe doesn't exist
in actuality but only in virtual reality, then it is just as ok to say
the same of engrams, i.e.  engrams exist as function but not as

     The physical universe certainly exists as function, but the
meatball thinks it exists as structure too.

     They see space, so they think there IS space.

     They admit that the seeing of space is not the same as space
itself, and that the seeing of space is but a symbol in consciousness
for space itself, but they continue to insist that the symbol could
not exist without the referent also existing.

     To the meatball the existence of the symbol necessarily implies
the existence of the referent.  The existence of function necessarily
implies the existence of structure.

     Now clearly the existence of function implies the existence of
SOME structure, but one can get very lost if one takes one's cue about
the nature of that structure from the image shown by the symbol.

     The conscious experience of space (symbol) LOOKS 3 dimensional,
but that doesn't mean actual space (referent) is 3 dimensional!

     OK, so the same with engrams.

     The functions described are pretty clear.

     We have incidents, not-isness, encystment of free theta,
resulting in ridges, dispersals, vaccums, mental masses, energies,
spaces and times, that don't vanish after the incident is over.

     The whole idea that a being can take a 'picture' of an event and
keep it around as a separate actuality from the event itself is
probably pretty odd, but again the functions we can observe and are
trying to describe fit well enough with this structural model of a
persisting picture, that we have come to use it easily.

     The main issue here is cause, what CAUSES the being to suffer after
a non confronted traumatic event?  What causes the being to dramatize
and compute psychotically after the scaring over of such an event
without full healing?

     Why does healing involve fully reexperiencing the event in

     Well one can model certain things in the incident after resistence,
capacitors and inductors.

     As the being piles not-isness on the incident, he builds up
'mental' mass on pictures of the event, and this mass has mental
resistence so his ability to flow into the event and perceive it becomes

     Further such things also have capacitance, which means that as the
being flows into the event trying to stop it, it builds up charge that
pushes back.  Thus in order to keep the event hidden he has to apply
continuous pressure on the event to keep it in place.  If he let's go,
the charge built up on the event flows back at him, like current flowing
out of a highly charged capacitance.

     Worse such events also have inductance.  If he flows into the
event to keep it hidden, and then suddenly lets go, the being will be
forced to flow MORE into the event, he can't stop flowing for a short
while after he tries to stop, THEN he gets the kick back from its
capacitance :).

     One may complain bitterly at the idea that traumatic events
ACTUALLY have resistence, capacitance or inductance, but they
certainly do act with those functions, and thus we come to talk about
circuits in the mind, because in the physical universe, circuits are
made of power sources, resistance, capacitance and inductance.

     In the physical universe inductance and capacitance form a
resonant circuit that will oscillate at a resonant frequency.  Sure
enough, a pc caught in an incident with both capacitance and
inductance will be found to be oscillating back and forth at the
command of the incident at the resonant frequence.  One can SEE this
on the meter.

     By bleeding the incident of all charge, the effects of
capacitance and inductance are reduced to zero, by removing the mental
masses scaring over the picture, we remove the resistence, and that
leaves the thetan in control of the incident again, rather than the
other way around.

     Being dogmatic about function may be stupid but being dogmatic
about structure is completely nuts.

     Not even Hubbard made that mistake, which you will well know if
you have read ALL of Hubbard.

     As for engrams, Hubbard said, when you think engram, think BT.
What he meant was that living life forces are involved in the
persistence of mental masses and pictures and their restimulation, it
ain't made out of "electrons, protons and morons"...  :)

     So in some sense KP is right, there are no engrams as far as
structure is concerned.  Its all caused by living beings and their

     Hubbard also said that the fate of most thetans is to dwindle down
to become other's BT's.  So thats a fitting fate for KP eh?  To become
someone else's engram!


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