It is absolutely impossible to eradicate all guns on the planet at
this time.
    Therefore SOMEONE will have guns.
    It is tempting to try to put ALL the guns in the hands of an elite
group of "all good and all powerful beings" who will protect the rest of
us from the bad guys. 
    However if you put out a job request for an "all good, all powerful
being" every criminal in the state will apply. 

    They say that Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.  The implication is
that no one can hold power for long without becoming a criminal.  This is
not true, any one of you could manage the reigns of power forever and not
become a criminal.

    The problem then is not whether any particular being or group of
beings will succumb to Corruption, Temptation and Seduction, but whether
their personel department can filter out the beings who apply for work in
your Power Center with pre-existing hidden criminal intent.

    It's one thing to be all good and all powerful, quite another to be
all wise and all seeing. 

    Can you tell the bad guys?  Can anyone?

    It follows absolutely therefore, that once lawmakers outlaw criminals,
criminals will become lawmakers.  If you give absolute power and authority
over the productive populace to any one group of people, in order for them
to protect the good from the bad, then the bad will naturally be attracted
to positions within the central power authority because it's the only
place they can safely hide. 

     Criminals know a good thing when they see it.

     Once criminals get elected or weasel their way into positions within
the central authority they start to weed out the good, and soon the
central authority is totally over run by criminals who now have total
control over the populace to protect the bad from the good. 
     Therefore, although it may appear to be an ideal scene that only
the cops, army and government officials have guns, and no one else does,
this is in fact possibly the single most dangerous situation you could
have for long term democracy to prosper and flourish.

     Shortsightedness can be measured directly by the tenacity with
which a person holds to this ideal scene.
     The ONLY way to prevent criminals from taking over the power
centers, is to make the power center less attractive to them, by making
it less powerful.  One does this by distributing the power center across
the whole population.  Thus if guns and knives and bullwhips are to
exist, then they must be owned by everyone, and the police, the army and
the government must be answerable to the people, by force and escrowed
encryption if necessary.
     Once the people can not fight back, the country is gone.
     As for drugs,

     "Drugs are bad for children, drug wars are worse."
     As for marijuana, pot is better for children than cigarettes and
alcohol are for adults.
     I support the legalization of pot in all its uses, and a total end
to the war on drugs on all fronts.

     How many children and have died and families ruined from drugs?
     How many from wars on drugs?

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