In the chinese yin/yang theory, they take a circle and draw a line
through it.

     The half on the left is the male, and the half on the right is the

     This indicates that the male and female are complements that
together form a whole.

     That means that the abilities that the man doesn't have, the female
does have, and the abilities the female doesn't have, the male has, and
together they form the whole of all necessary abilities to survival in
general, and to raising children in particular.

     Adore disagrees with this in two ways, mostly because it leaves out
the role that CHILDREN themselves play in survival of the family, and
the need for a god to keep things right.

     So first Adore says that the circle needs to be divided into 4
parts, not two, named child, woman, man and god, perhaps an up/down
line, and a left right line, quartering the circle.

     If one really divided the circle this way, then the four parts
would be a 4 way complement forming a whole of 4 parts.

     But Adore says this is wrong.  Instead it divides the circle into a
series of 4 concentric circles presenting the principle of
encompassment, rather than complementation.

     These two principles are similar, but have a key difference.

     Take the yin yang theory for example.  Instead of drawing the
circle and dividing it in two, draw two concentric circles.

     The outer circle is still divided into two, female in the inner
circle and male in the outer circle.

     In this case the abilities outside the female circle are the
abilities the male has alone, but the abilities inside the inner circle
are abilities that BOTH the male AND the female have.

     In a complementation, the male has abilities the female doesn't
have, and the female has abilities the male doesn't have.

     The male complements the female and the female complements the

     In an encompassment, the male has abilities that the female doesn't
have, but the female doesn't have abilities the male doesn't have.

     The male encompasses the female, but the female does not encompass
the male.

     The female prefers complementation to encompassment, but your
average male will tell you quietly that encompassment is the truth.

     (When it comes to ACTUAL male and female homo saps, you have
to remember that they are all in very different grades, and comparing
Joe to Sue without taking into account which grades they are in,
it complete lunacy and will result in wrong answers.

     However if Joe and Sue are in the same grade and the same arena in
life, and if Joe is male phase in that arena (not just a male body) and
Sue is female phase in that same arena, Sue will be learning from Joe
and not the other way around.

     The sex of the BODY clouds the issue of the phase of the beings in
the body.  Sometimes, maybe often, male phase beings end up in female
bodies, and they become the learned from by the others.)

     It is however asserted that the ideal scene is that male phase
beings be in male bodies and child and female phase beings be in female
bodies.  It is left open where god phase beings should go, they are god
phase, they have mastered child, woman and man, so they can come back as
a female child messiah if they want.)

     It's the same way between child and mother, the child doesn't think
mother has any abilities the child doesn't also have, but the mother
knows better.  Mother ENCOMPASSES the child, mother and child are not
complements.  Unless of course mother lost all her childhood abilities
while growing up.  :)

     In the same way father encompasses both mother and child, and god
encompasses all three.

     Adore says that true realization of encompassment only takes place
when the female allows and makes it so.

     The female striving for complementation or worse, equality of
ability between male and female, produces a demasculated male that can
barely live up to being a complement to the female.

      Adore states further that there are not just two circles but four,
each outer one encompassing all inner ones.
     So the female leaves out the child and god aspects, which
completely stultifies her ability to learn how to master anything
including male phase, and society heads out the tubes.  Children become
a doll in mother's doll house, and father becomes the family's appendix,
useless, and god becomes womyn.

     Adore says that ALL strife in the world between man and women, and
men and other men, and between child and mother, comes from this overt
on the part of women to fail to create true encompassment between god,
man, woman and child.

      Adore holds the woman accountable for violating the laws of mother 
nature because in the end she has the child in the beginning when it
counts, both prenatally an after birth.

      Whatever the child becomes is her full repsonsibility.

     Her responsibility is to create raise child and female phase
children that can raise other children, male phase children who can
lead, and god phase children who can complete the mastery.  Body sex per
se is not relevant.

     Mother is the name of God on the lips of children, and the children
become what mother admires.

     Adore also allows that any set of 4 circles can be inside a whole
other set of 4 outside it, as arenas of activities get bigger and bigger
and depend on the skill of everything learned before in smaller arenas.

     Thus one up from the god phase of grade 3 is the child phase of
grade 4.

     We are not talking about BODIES, but the 4 fold phases of acquiring
mastery in any area of endeavor.  Mastery of survival of family is a
good place to start.

     Because bodies mimic the bottom three circles, of man, woman and
child to some extent, there can be great confusions.  But the dependency
of the child on the women, and the woman on the man can not be denied,
nor can the nonoptimacy of having it any other way be denied.  even in
the physical realm.  Exceptions prove the rule.

     Adore says that in the quest for survival as a family, there is no
place a woman with child can go that a man can not go, but there are
many places that a man can go that a woman with child can not go.  And
no man would LET her go.

      Thus we have a natural chain of apprehenticeship and command.

      Grade N                         Grade N + 1
      Child -> Woman -> Man -> God -> Child -> Woman -> Man -> God -> etc

      The child is an apprehentice to the woman.

      The woman is an apprehentice to the man.

      The man is an apprehentice to the god.

     The god is an aprehentice to the child at the next grade up.

     Thus a woman in grade 4 can command and be master to a man in grade

     A man who has been surrounded by higher grade women than he is,
will feel perfectly happy and honored in fact to be apprehenticed to,
and commanded by women.  It's not a matter of male or female, is a
matter of what grade each being is in and where they are in that grade.

     When two people get together, they come from very different
backgrounds, and thus will have developed very different abilities in
other arenas of activity.  Thus whatever the present arena of master and
apprehentice they are in, they will have other areas that complement
each other, or exceed each other in many different ways.

     Thus if a man and woman are in the same grade and learning
mathematics from a master or god, the man will encompass the woman.  But
the woman may know all kinds of things about botany that the man never
heard of and can't even think with, and the man may know all kinds of
things about flying that the woman can't encompass.

     But the woman wants to get her flowers from Columbia to the states,
and the man knows how to fly them in effectively.

     That's inter arena complementation.

     The Master/Apprehentice relationship and assignment of grade is
relative to a particular arena of activity and is not relevant to other
arenas they may have already engaged and advanced in.

     All Adore is saying is that when man and women are in the same
grade in the same arena of activity, the woman is apprehentice to the
man for that grade and for that particular arena of activity.

     Adore does insist that marriage and raising children is a specific
arena of activity, where each being should be in the same grade.

     For this reason, when marriages are properly intra grade, the male
is pilot and the woman is co pilot and the children are passengers.


      Women listen closely now,
      Your family is a star ship,
      A ship of stars. star captains and star cap(tain)ability.
      You are co-pilot.
      So pick your pilots wisely then,
      and your children will be pilots too." - Adore

     When marriages are inter grade, well then sometimes the children
become pilots, and the parents get locked up in the toilet room.

     Adore likes to over generalize, but many women scream bloody murder
over the above, while men quietly understand it to be the general truth.

     Womyn like to complain that the 'only' difference between men and
women is physical strength.  They forget that with the ability men also
have the ability to use it properly.

     That men don't use their physical strength properly is generally
blamed on men's broken Y chromosome, but Adore says "men don't need to
be shown (genetically) how to be stupid." That's a reference to a
woman's complete X chromosome.

     Because beings are hiding in bodies, or worse, they tend to deny
there is any 4 fold encompassment of ability not only in their body
life, but in their spiritual life.

     That's a very low grade headed downwards.

     Below a certain grade, awareness of the existence of 4 fold
encompassment, or even complementation, becomes zero, as does awareness
of grades and arenas themselves, and the various purposes of ability.


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