It is not possible to simply reverse the next postulate that comes
along that you don't want.

     One's case is made in layers, and earlier layers hold later layers
down big time.

     This is why engrams are run earlier similar to basic because
otherwise they won't lift and the postulates in them will remain active
from the force of the early bigger postulates sitting on top of the them
along the same line.

     But once a preclear spots the LINE of postulates and properly goes
down that line to basic basic, then the whole line will blow as he wants
it to.

     Thus finding the right postulate and line to run can be difficult.
because the preclear can't conceive of a BIGGER similar postulate, so
the little hole has buried himself in won't change.

     You can never get out of small holes, you can only get
out of big holes.

Andrea ( wrote:
>I have read a reasonable amount of Scientology stuff, but never been an
>active Scientologist. Visited Saint Hil though, lovely place. Any ways, I
>often get a fairly instinctive feel with Scientology processes as to just
>what effect they are likely to have and how/why they work... but I'm still a
>little unsure about UCP. Is there some straight-forward and to-the-point way
>of clarifying what it does/how/why?

     The real question you should be asking (I know you know this), is
what do you want out of auditing?

     Then you need to look into a process or try it out to see if it
does what you want it to do.

     I can only give you the Adorian view on this.
     The end goal of any processing is the recovery and flip flop of a
'God Postulate'.

     God Postulates are those postulates the being thinks are true
because he has observed them to be true, when in fact they are true
solely and only because he has considered them to be true.

     Consideration and Observation are dicoms, much as being
cause and being effect are dicoms.
    Consideration is looking by knowing, and creates in the moment
what is known.

    Observation is knowing by looking, and creats in the moment
the illusion of learning.

     Notice that Knowing by Looking is ass backwards on the Know to
Mystery Scale, yet all beings will be found to be doing this almost
exclusively until they start waking up.
    God Postulates are what are sinking the pc, as they present to
the pc a world already created, that he had nothing to do with,
and can at best fight, usually a losing battle.  
     When you find the area of ruination on a pc, you will find the
burial ground for his many God Postulates.  It is called a burial
ground because each God Postulate was treated with a 'I can't do
anything about that, that's just the way things are' and so they are
forgotten as useless to think about further.

     A good process will get the being to look in present time at what
he is DOING.  This is because when he ran into a God Postulate, and
buried it as a given, he took the failure and changed course and
started doing something different.

     One could say that almost all of a pc's present time life is the
result of 'doing something different' than what he originally set out
to do.  And each turn away from his correct course was marked by a God
Postulate that wasn't spotted as such.

     As the process gets the being to LOOK at what he is DOING and WHY
in present time, the God Postulates will surface again.  When they do
the pc gets a glum sinking feeling, "Oh yeah right, now I remember why
I don't want to remember/be alive/do/have etc., it's *IMPOSSIBLE*.

     His tendency while running the process will be to blow the
process at that point because he needs to blow from his awareness of
the God Postulate.  A God Postulate can't be gotten around, it can't
be solved, it can't be substituted, its a total ruin and the pc knows

     The God Postulate is a 100 percent absolute total stop to the pc
without chance of mercy.
     The God Postulate is so bad the pc actually considers it a waste
of time keeping it around in his awareness or contemplating it at all.
     Why hurt himself with other determined losses when he can pretend
it isn't there?

     However a God Postulate CAN be reversed!  And easily.  But the
pc has to have the balls to say "This ship will stop sinking because
I say so!" and have it work.  God Postulates are in fact the ruinous
postulates of a God being, the pc, who in the making of the postulate
created the condition he now believes in.  
     Just so by recovering
the pure moment of looking at what the postulate created, and reversing
his idea that it isn't being created by the postulate, the pc will

    When he is creating the postulate again he is admitting
that the postulate is causal consideration rather than learned
     Then he can let go of it, change his mind, and whatever was
sinking him will suddenly vanish into thin air.

     And yes the pc will feel the God power again flowing through him.
because only a God could have created the condition in the first
place, and only a God could have vanished it into thin air.

     So any process that gets the pc to look and see how what he is
doing, knowing, wanting is the result of changes in course he made due
to ruinous but fully active and responsible postulates, will raise the
pc WAY up tone, blow that particular condition completely, and open
the grave yard to finding the next earlier God Postulate.

    On the other hand Adore is so much slosh....