Alan Walter ( wrote:
>Homer W. Smith wrote:

>>    Oh, and Alan, you and your secrets can go fuck yourself.

>You still yapping about secrets?

>What about your cavalcade of gross secrets?

     I do not deny that I have secrets and that they are bad.

     Your efforts to redirect attention to my withholds away from
yours and your Program Operation for Earth is transparent to all but
your Happy Camper noodles.

     When ever a group offers help to an individual, there are usually
rules and mores that they enforce, both for their own protection and
the protection of the individual.

     LRH says that auditor takes control over the pc in order to
return control over himself back to the pc.

     This is not a bad thing, it is part of the package that you buy.

     The group puts the individual into the spirital jail-box of
restrained obedient helpee, and itself into the spiritual jail-box of
all knowing helper.

     This is fine as long as the ultimate goal of the help is to
regain the being his Sovereignty, and render null and void his need
for help, and allow him his own determinism again.

     The problem comes in when the group starts to run a hidden agenda
of attaining immortality for itself through the eternal subjugation of
the individual.

     This group will not sell "Free from the harmful effects of help
and free from the need to help or for help."

     A group for example whose reason d'etre was to help and make a
lot of money with that help would put itself out of business selling

     This is the result of weak group members who fear Sovereignty and
feel they need the support of the group FOREVER.

     They don't see the "End of endless help" rundown.

     They particularly fear that if any one member gets too strong
that member will break off and start its own group, which may obviate
the need for the first group but which is too advanced for the old
members to join.

     In particularly they fear that the new group may have mores and
rules at odds with those of the original group, namely less boxed in
and less prone to tithe, thus blowing their cover, schemes and
dependency lines, causing the disintegration of the original group.

     Mores having to do with secrets are particularly vulnerable to
disintegration by Sovereignty.

     There is nothing wrong with self determined secrets, its the
other determined secrets put upon you for your own good while you are
being helped that eventually run you into trouble once you have
outgrown that need for help.  The group may not have outgrown their
need for help nor their need to HELP YOU and get paid for it, so your
own Sovereignty and rewriting of the rules threatens them which then
turns them against you.

     Thus help towards Sovereignty always turns to betrayal and
suppression of Sovereignty to the degree that NON Sovereignty is part
of the enforced formula for help.

     To the degree that help can enhance Sovereignty at all turns, and
allow others to operate on their own self determinism and pan
determinism, then help will not turn into betrayal and suppression of
the helpee once he gets near the top.

     The point here is, that each of us seeks help of a certain kind,
and each of us is willing to pay a certain price for that help.

     If one seeks to be put in a spiritual jail-box by people who know
far more than you about how to get out of jail-boxes, and if the
jail-box they wish to put you in is better than the one you are in,
and if they can produce ongoing and lasting gains and improvements in
the jail-box you are in while maintaining the jail-box they have put
you in, in order to help you, then by all means such an operation is
good for one.

     For example if an auditor wishes you to stop smoking pot while he
audits you, then he is putting you in the jail-box of being straight
while he gets you out of the jail-box of being a drug addict.

     Now if his goal is to get you to where you can take or leave
drugs alone without getting addicated, then once you are there, you
can shake off his jail-box of being straight and your jail-box of
being addicted.

     But if he says "We are going to help you take or leave drugs
alone, but once you are there you must never ever do drugs again" then
you know something is wrong.

     "We are going to help you become totally free, but you must never
reveal the secret of total freedom" or be banished from the group
is of like ilk.

     If you are free, who cares about the group, let alone their

     So what group is going to help you?

     Such groups gain their fiat sovereignty, immortality and
independency, from the eternal dependency of their members.

     Groups tend to think in double talk and put it in the smallest
print that will lay ink on paper.


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