Help and Harm have to do with Self and Other Determinism.
     One wants to help or harm OTHERS, one considers that others can
help or harm one.

     There is,
     Looking by Knowing and Knowing by Looking.
     Looking by knowing is the creative outflow of a spirit who
creates space and time and things to look at by knowing them into
existence first, then he has something to look at.  This is an outflow
of created knowledge.
     The great painter who gets an idea of what he wants to see, and
then puts it out on canvas so that he can Look at it and others can too.
     Knowing by Looking or Learning by Looking is the effective inflow
of a spirit who comes into a precreated space and time with things in
it, and wishes to find out about them by looking at them and receiving
the knowledge so gleaned.  This is an inflow of learned knowledge.
     These are the people looking at the painting that they did not

     In ADO-6 "The true anatomy of the Missed Withhold" it is claimed
that the basic action of a total knowingness is to outflow a space
time reality via Knowing by Looking, then turn it around and forget
that he did so, and then play the game of Learning by Looking to find
out what he or others put out there.
     Adore calls this the Observation Consideration Flip flop.

     "The difference between a God and a Human, is

     The Human considers that he observes there are things he can not

     The God observes that he considers there is nothing he can not

     The word To determine has an interesting dicom built into it.
relating to the two actions of Looking by Knowing and Knowing by
Looking, to the two actions of cause and effect, and outflow and
     To determine can mean to cause.  This is the usual meaning of the
words Self Determined, it means to cause as Self, and it means to
determine something into existance, It is an outflow of causal
     "Make is so!" - Captain Piccard

     To determine can also mean to be an effect in the sense of to
learn or to find out.  This is the usual meaning of the words Other
Determined, it means to learn or find out about a precreated
something, made by OTHER, through being an effect of that something.
This is an inflow of causal determination (or 'sensing') which results
in gleaned knowledge.

     The Proof calls this Learning by Being an Effect.

     All learning is by being an effect of some other cause, even if
it is just reading the light waves off a piece of paper.  The paper is
cause, the retina is effect.  If the paper were not cause, the light
waves would not bounce, and the retina would not sense what was there.
It is impossible to learn about something that has no cause over you.

     Learning by Looking implies being an effect and learning BY
being an effect of the cause you are learning about.

     This defines Other Determinism, and the purpose of ALL other
cause is to produce an effect and thus produce a learning of sorts.

     The goals "To Find" and "To Find Out" are major dramatizations of
human beings at this time.  They pervade almost every effort of the
attention through out the day's work.

     Run the goal "To Find <--> To Lose" particularly in regards to
Truth or Knowledge.

     So we have these two definitions of To determine, one meaning to
causally outflow knowledege, and the other meaning to effectively
inflow knowledge.
     Conscious Determination is the same as conscious responsibility,
knowing willing cause with full awareness of the consequences.  This
is an outflow of cause and corresponds to Looking by Knowing.

     This is responsibility FOR the existance of something, that means
you created it knowing what you were doing.

     'Being determined' might seem like a causal outflow as it is a
trying hard to cause something, but is most often a being determined
to find out, which is trying to learn about something one denies one
created and thus has no sense of responsibility FOR, but one wishes to
take responsibility OVER now that one is in the middle of it.

     Taking responsibility OVER means adding one's own responsibility
and causal determination into a pre existing situation in order to
change it for the better.

     "To determine the course of history" is a causal use of the word.
It is an effort to create something to look at by knowing what one
wants first.

     "To determine the cause of the accident" is an effect use of the
word.  It is an effort to know by looking at something one did not

     Another example is "To determine the Truth of the matter".
     These pat phrases flow through our civilization like the glue
that binds us to our lives.
     Rarely do people consider that they can causally determine Truth,
as they consider that Truth exists independent of what we think.  This
is of course true for some truth's, but not for all, in particular not
for created space-time game streams which are at best virtual
realities whose truth's are the artist's paint on the canvas of

     A total knowingness that created the universe with Looking by
Knowing, thus becomes trapped in the endless hell of trying to figure
his way out by Knowing by Looking.

     Help and Harm relate to cooperation and ex cooperation.

     All cooperation is against something that is not cooperating, be
it human or the MEST universe.
     Help and Harm have to do with Other Determinism which opposes
Self Determinism.

     Self Determinism gets defined by identification with "What is

     It's not just what you are as a Self, but also what you defend.

     What you care about.

     "What would be a loss to Self?"
     "Are you being Helped?"
     "Are you being Harmed?"

     All this is Other Cause, a subtle form of Knowing by Looking,
often by being FORCED to look by other cause.

     That's an impact.

     Some impacts are good for you, some are bad.

     There can be too much impact and too little impact, both can be

     Thus help and harm are closely interwoven with self and other

     "Are you helping?"
     "Are you harming?"

     "Do you want to help?"
     "Do you want to harm?"

     "Can you create some help?"
     "Can you create some harm?"

     "What help have you intended?"
     "What harm have you intended?"

     "What help could there be?"
     "What harm could there be?"

     The defense of self by self leaves self interiorized into what
self is defending.

     Self is unwilling to make more of it's own permanent destruction,
this is fundamental and immutable.

     This leaves you interiorized into what you are defending because
you are trying to make nothing out of what you are defending against,
and you don't want to make nothing out of yourself!

     Worse it is no longer a game to you, its for real.
     You have become serious about making nothing out of something

     This is dramatization.

     Dramatization causes persistence because the way to vanish
anything is to make it again.  You can get rid of anything as long
as you are able to put it there and had a reason to do so.

     Trying to get rid of things that 'should never have been there'
is a fast way to get them to persist forever.

     Interiorization is being only what you are willing to have be,
and not being what you are unwilling to have be and are actively
trying to make not be.

     Interiorization is a form of dramatization, for you must separate
from what you are trying to destroy before you strike at it,
lest you take yourself with it.

     This limits one to being what one is defending.  Since most of
the universe is being defended against, the being becomes smaller and

     "What could you defend?"

     One is cornered into being what one is willing to have be.

     "How many corners can you back yourself into before you become a

     Exteriorization is willing to have anything be and being willing
to be it.

     But this is the end of defense of one side against another.

     And the end of defense is the end of Help and Harm.

     Is anyone OT?


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