The morning is a good time to audit, just after you wake until you
actually get up out of bed.
     This is because its a time where you can observe the process of
'giving your body the command to get up and go.'

     Why do you get up in the morning?
     Because you have to?
     Because you want to?
     Because you enjoy what you are doing?  Because you enjoy where you
are, and what's going on the world?
     People confuse 'working for' with 'working towards'.
     One works for IBM, one works towards a goal.
     The question is whose goal is it?
     When you work for someone, you work for their goal.
     Egoism doesn't mean working for yourself, it means EGO ism, seeing
the world in terms of egos.  Egos here, egos there, everyone has an ego
     Altruism is usually defined in terms of other egos, working for
THEIR egos rather than your own.  That's still egoism!  don't you see?
     It's seeing the world as egos and relating to them as egos etc.

     Protecting, owning, controlling, being responsible for egos, your
own and others.
     A truely egoless state wouldn't see other egos at all, its a
different view.  One wouldn't be working for oneself or for others.
     One would however be working for 'someone or something' and towards
someone's or something's goals even if they are the goals of some
greater Self.

     It's tempting to say I want to work for MY goals, and you will find
it very hard to get people to give up 'their' goals most of which are
substitutes for who or what they really want to be working for and
     Goals and identities are very much related, each identity has a
goal, and each goal has an identity.  Asking people to give up their
goals is asking them to give up their identities, and asking them to
give up their identities is asking them to give up their goals.
     You know the identity is gone when the goal is gone.
     But what is there when all my own goals are gone?
    An identityless being who is clean and pure and pristine, clear
harmony shining through the light that is operating out of the goal of the
universe, it is working FOR the universe, and TOWARDS the future, but its
a universe goal, not an individual goal.  
     Beings at this level are hard to relate to, its like relating to
the sky, but there's a lot of love and light there.  
     When they come down to individuating, and colorizing their clear
harmony to take on personal shades, they give their personal
contribution to the universal pulse.
     If they come too far down, they disconnect from their origins, and
now they are like a little bubble that is no longer connected to
anything, with their own goals that are usually opposed to the existence
at large, which is why they finally disconnect in a final act of
defiance and outrage.

     Now you have a first dynamic, joining together with other first
dynamics to form second and third and fourth dynamics, to all make
things 'right' again etc.  They are ALL disconnected and fighting the
what is.  They work for themselves, for each other, maybe for no one,
anything but what is.
     But all of it is one great big PROTEST, trying to make things
better before the What Is kills them anyhow.

     When was the last time you worked for the What Is?
     Think about it.  That's a horrible thought isn't it?  Identities
can't stand working for the What Is, they don't have an accurate view of
what it is anyhow, they can't see the humor, THAT they are SURE of, and
fighting the what is, is all they can understand.

     The closing in of the night.

     Mostly they are into fragility and protection.  They are powered by
FEAR and visions of impending doom.

     But they fight their own visions of what isn't there.  They see
only a part, not the clear harmony and the white light and clean space
that originated it all with a twinkle of an eye and a smile of excaliper

     (Ex Caliper means beyond measure.)

     So they fight forward in life, with the claw of the Devil crushing
the back of their heart, wondering where God is, or worse 'not believing
in God', smoking 10 packs of nausea poison a day to keep the real nausea
at bay, to keep the swirling virtigo of true freedom, power, willingness
and appreciation as far away from themselves as possible.

     Oh yes, and they go to Doctors.

     Don't forget the Doctors.
     And where is the Holy Ghost in all this?

     Has the Name been taken in Vain forever?
     Has the ineffable Name of God become unworthy?

     That's who we work for, not *GOD*, the *NAME*, that's where emotion
to get up in the morning comes from.
     Who or what's purpose is it?

     It's ok to 'have your own purpose' and nuture your identities.
     It's a trap to take on the purposes of others and their identities.
     That's not what we are talking about here.
     We are talking about riding the endless wave of the Holy Spirit
which powers the universe.

     We are talking about reconnection with the fountain head of source.
It's not a disconnected ego goal, its a connected Self goal.  It is
however why be alive in this universe.

     It's not a I AM goal, its a WE ARE goal of the HIGH US.

     And it's not fighting the bad guys, because they are part of
the HIGH US, in fact at this level the good guys and the bad guys
have the same goal!

     Think that one through carefully, its a new thought.

     And this common goal to everyone is why get up in the morning.
     Audit it.


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