I wouldn't call life a school.  That implies some kind of higher 
wisdom behind it's construction.

      I see bodies, this whole universe in fact, designed as tombs for the 
final interrment of beings, with no effort to help involved.  We are 
getting better and escaping this nonsense inspite of our prison guards and 
the intent of those who designed this place.

      We can conceivably turn life into schools, but schooling is a
very bad analogy in my opinion, the problem is not that we have
something to learn, but that we have something to unlearn.

      If you want to say we have to learn to unlearn, that's fine as
long as emphasis is on unlearning and not learning from above.

      Life is not a school.  Life is a game.  We lost.

      People are in bodies on the physical plane because they are
stuck in a shock point in a higher universe.

      The way out of crucifixion in the physical body is to audit
the shock point in the higher universe and higher body.

      Shock consists of an unexpected impact.

      Impact can be either spiritual, mental, emotional or physical,
not just on this plane, but on higher planes as well.

      The impact contains reentry into the timelessness that made the
original forward going postulate, but instead of remaking it, one makes
the opposite postulate.

      One picks one self up from the shock by operating BOTH postulates at
the same time.  This produces a ridge and a kind of random brownian motion
through life, like someone who has been hit a little too hard on the head
and is walking around dazed in a zig zag.

      The shock moment contains an indecision, indeciciveness,
incredibility, extreme taking exception to, and violation of one's
acceptability FOREVER, followed by a DECISION to TO DO BOTH at the same 

      An incredibility is

      Certainty something is true,
      Certainty something is impossible.

      The incredibility leads to an invalidation of one's looking, one
considers that one can not trust looking any more because it merely
shows one something that is both certainly true and certainly
impossible.  Being a total knowingness, this invalidates the most
fundamental security of the thetan.  He has become too lost in
learning-by-looking rather than the more creative looking-by-knowing.

      The indeciciveness leads to running both postulates at the same
time as a way to cover one's bets so to speak.

      The moment of shock, the 'shock point', is the moment the thetan
lost his trust in himself and existence, lost his confidence that he did
this thing to himself, and developed his ARC break with existence.

      He is no longer free to determine what is, either by causing it to
be, or by learning by looking what is there, because whatever is, is
something that can't be, and certainly shouldn't be.

      He's in an outrage and a preposterousness that has his forward
motion stopped cold on the time track.  Everything after that is a
substitute for where he was going before.

      He may still be moving somewhere in present time, but he's really
not going anywhere at the point that counts.  He's still there at the
cross roads, built his house, and lived the rest of his universes inside
that house.  Lot's of apparent motion on the inside, never going outside
at all and getting on with the real journey.

      He's stuck in a couldn't have, wouldn't have, shouldn't have.

      "I wouldn't have created this, and couldn't have because it can't
exist anyhow, but there it is."

      This leads to a mind numbing notisness resulting from the absolute
inability to resolve the "Does it exist or doesn't it exist?"

      Just before the shock point, the thetan considers himself
'sovereign' playing his own game, but his sovereignty is not what
he thinks it is at that point.  There is a prior sovereignty that
is reigning which he no longer knows about by choice.

      The first and true sovereignty set up the second faux
sovereignty so it could run into a surprise incredibility
which drives the being to conclude that he could have had
nothing to do with it, because it can't be anyhow.

      That is the beginning of any dwindling spiral.

      He is done for after that.


Sat May  9 19:34:04 EDT 2015