I do not perceive acceptance to be an act of will, something you
have a choice about doing or not doing.
     I perceive acceptance to be the natural result of concordance
between desire and things as they are, perceived reality.
     Reality is here defined as that which we think is true.
     Actuality is here defined as that which is true.

     I believe that desire and truth are co synchronous and
concordant, that is eternally in perfect accord.
     Thus all violations of desire involve lies.  However since these
lies are themselves the issuance of truth, they too are in accord with

     It is possible to have a lie that is not an issuance of truth, but
then this lie would never be issued, as Truth is the issuer of all.

     The All-That-Is is conceived as literally a form of Living Truth.

     This Living Truth seeks expression through manifestation of
persisting harmonic lies.

     Truth is Harmony and Accord.

     Lies are Disharmony and Dischord.

     Beauty and Humor result from Dischord - Resolve sequences.
     By harmonic I mean an artistically created Dischord - Resolve
     A harmonic lie is a lie that is in harmony with Truth, via a
Dischord - Resolve cycle.
     By resolving the lie into its truth, Beauty and Humor are obtained,
and the purpose for creating the lie becomes revealed.

     This ends the apparent violation of desire.

     The primary game of this Living Truth seems to be the issuance of
apparent imperfections in a perfect manner.

     As long as desire does not see that a false reality is a lie, or as
long as desire does not see that the lie itself is a harmonic issuance
of truth, then desire will find violation in that falsehood, AND HENCE
UNACCEPTANCE, and it will continue to do so until desire recognizes that
the lie is in fact a falsehood, *AND* that it is in fact a harmonic
issuance of truth.

     Wisdom then contains two understandings:

     1.) Only truth is acceptable.
     2.) ALL truth is acceptable.

     Knowing these facts, the conscious unit can bring acceptance to an
event even though it has not yet found the understanding necessary to
produce harmonic resolution.  It does this through rejectance of all
knowings whether false or true concerning the event, in order to
deactivate the violations of desire caused by as yet unspotted lies.

     You can't know a lie, if you are not knowing everything.

     This process of acceptance through not knowing is faith.
     Faith however is the result of inner certainty that truth and
desire are eternally concordant and that *ALL* violations of desire are
the result of lies which are themselves the harmonic issuance of truth,
even if it is not immediately apparent that this is true at the time.
     Such initial acceptance *RESULTS* from an act of will powered by
faith and wisdom.

     The will however, expects a return on its investment, a return that
is in accord with both truth and its desire.

     Bringing truth and desire back into alignment is a major stumbling
block on the way to enlightenment.

     Faith born of vision must be strong, and the ability to not know
must be strong.

     The real question then is how can a lie be a harmonic issuance of
     The ability to not know the answer to that question, without
forgetting the question itself forever, is paramount.