After all that I have written, after all that has gone on here in the
past 5 years, Allen still has doubts that I might be lying about my
physical condition. 
    Then from that perspective of my deceit he tries to interpret all the
rest of my behavior. 

    Then he wonders why I get so royally pissed at him during this
endless barage of wrong indications.

    The genesis of the service fac is probably an effort to convince
someone os something.  Here we have the pc fighting the convictions
of another by creating a counter conviction to convince them otherwise.
    Probably most service fac's are a form of fabricated illness that
eventually becomes real.  But prior to that was a time when the pc was
trying to convince someone of something and they wouldn't have it. 
Parents in particular are prone to discountism, oh poshing, denying and
making nothing the pc's complaints and injustices in life. 

    Allen and Lightnin and the others on this group that think
I am making up my physical condition are of course restimming the
effort to convince others that I am not.  This makes the condition
very much worse, stops the breathing, turns on the desperation and
despair/depression, and really makes me what to withdraw for good.
    Of course the Service Fac is that action effort of the pc to withdraw
from a state of beingness in order to get others to coax him back into a
state of beingness.  Basically its an effort to reverse the flow of others
who are spending too much time trying to push the pc into a state of non
beingness in the first place, so he decides to withdraw into even more
beingness in order to scare them into pulling him back from the brink.

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