There are at least two definitions of clear.
   The first is "knows he or she is mocking up their own bank."
   The second is "no longer has a bank."
   No bank means the person's own picture bank is gone, they no longer
have facsimiles to restimulate, their core bank of mass and force is gone,
and their own personal GPMS are gone as in first goal clear, second goal
clear, all goal clear, done. 

    Running dianetics on the second definition of clear would
be a waste of time, and if forced would cause them either
to mock up a bank in order to make the auditor right, or
to pull in the incidents and banks of others.

    It can be argued that such a second definition clear would
really be an OT, but in truth, everyone is an OT, but some
are not clear!

    OT has to do with ability, clear has to do with aberration of

    There are lots of OT's who aren't clear.  They can move the
marble, but they tend to move it in weird ways.

    Once clear the pre-OT is no longer trapped in his considerations
of power and limitation, and can then begin to practice moving the
marble and moving it right.

    The clear is still surrounded by non clears, both incarnate 
and discarnet, the universe is a bit like an ocean soup, one is
absolutely immersed in other beings who are not clear.  Once one
goes clear, one has to clear out some space around one so one
has some space to be clear IN.


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