> At 9:33 PM -0500 5/10/98, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
      When the present time is causing the pc to dramatize the
computation that holds his bank in place, he can't move anywhere, and he
can't run where he is on the track cuz he is out of valence DOING IT, or
being in valence benefiting from it.

On Sun, 10 May 1998, Ted Crammer wrote:
> I almost grok this. I don't grok "being in valence benefiting from it."

      Contra survival engrams are dramatized out of valence, doing to
others what others did to you.

      'Pro' survival engrams (sympathy engrams) are dramatized in
valence, doing what you did and being what you were when you got hurt
but then also received sympathy for it, followed by the emotional
upcurve following the arrival of the golden ally.

      The computation is basically some form of 'the way to survive is to
succumb', which pulls in the non survival of the sympathy engram in an
attempt to get the emotional upcurve that follows it.  It is this effort
to get up tone by going down tone that is possibly the basic addiction.

      The service fac is an action method of withdrawing into a state of
non beingness in the effort to get others to coax one back into a state
of beingness.  AP&A

      The withdrawing into non beingness is the state the pc was in
during the sympathy incident which elicited the sympathy response from
the golden ally.  This withdrawing into a state of non beingness is
dramatizing the engram in valence.

      The desired coaxing back into beingness is what the golden ally did
in the original sympathy engram incident and is what caused the later
emotional upcurve, to which the pc is addicted and which the pc is
trying to realize again.

      The ally computation is the last to be given up on the case.

      With it goes the addiction to doing well by not doing well.

      Everything else prior to giving up the ally computation is a waste
of time except to the degree that it empowers the pc to dramatize in
valence more and elicit more accurate duplicates of the sympathy and
help that he craves, and/or disengage from the arenas of life that
endanger him, namely his own basic goals.

      Both will create the apparancy of 'doing better in life'.  It's a
form of climbing the mountain while the continent sinks.

      He is surviving by not playing his most important games.

      One wins by reaching, he is trying to by withdrawing and getting
others to coax him back into reaching and to reach FOR HIM.

      He survives by recruiting others to play for him.

      This is why long term continuous auditing is actually bad for
people unless the central computation is blown.  They merely become
better dramatizers and recruiters, and/or substituters.


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