> > How about some of you tech masters and OT's shedding a little light onb
> > this for us peasants at the bottom??? 
>      The seriousness of the game kind of falls on its face.
>      Dramatization consists of seriousness, permanence, pain, and
> importance."

   I want to add to this.
   Dramatization is Drama.
   Preclears consider OT to be 'outta here', no longer in the MEST
universe, no longer 'entrapped' by it. 
   Truth is an OT is someone who is able and willing to be here.
Although there are many other places to 'go' than the MEST universe,
the MEST universe is actually an important part of the overall 'here'
of a real OT.
    The OT hasn't gone anywhere, he hasn't 'left' the MEST universe,
he has merely turned it around from being a place where he doesn't
want to be into a place where he does want to be.
    There is no 'getting out' of where you don't want to be.
    Sleep and peace comes from satisfaction with where you are now.
     When the game becomes a dance you know you are getting close.

     You one day kind of forget to be upset by it all and you doze off
into Nirvana.

     When you go back into the dream and get all upset about it all,
you not only make it more solid for yourself but also for others.

     It is open to question whether an OT can 'help' others more by
*DOING* something about their condition or by simply letting go into
the big Nirvanic Snooze.

     You know to even look at this place and get the idea, "Hey man
that's bad, that needs to be fixed!" is a terrible thing for an all
powerful being to do to the world, whose every thought comes true by
the mere thinking of it.  That is what you consider an OT to be right?
So watch it.

     We are not asking you to 'accept' your suffering and pain and
just suffer it.  Suffering and pain are the result of dissonance and
dischord between 'yourself', that is what you *THINK* you want, and
what is.
     We are asking you to reconsider your resistence and 'must do
something about it' which empowers that dissonance and dischord and
produces and keeps alive the suffering and pain in yourself that you
so detest.

     Going OT is a reality flip that changes the direction of the
struggle vector 180 degrees, and when you get it right, the chinese
finger trap lets go.

     It's fine to want to change things, its not fine to not want to
want to change things, but feel you have to want to change things and
are inopportuned by it all.

     You want to know how to get out?
     How did you get here?