Speaker Allen said:
> What I think is garbage is for them to disagree and then maintain, "I
> postulated myself into existence."  

     What exists is the One and the Many, Source and Sourcers.
     The native state is a co-union between the two that periodically
leaves the snooze state and casts into manifestation.  Once manifested
the sourcer self is free to say "I don't like this lets end it", or "I
like this, let's continue more."

     WHAT happens is determined by Source.

     What PERSISTS is determined by Sourcer.

     It can be said that even what the Sourcer/Self selects as desirable
for persistence is a result of Source, that's fine, as there is only one
Cause with the illusion of two parts.
     But the selection of manifestation for continuance is at least a
necessary function of the Self's own sensibilities and inherent
resonance with what was created.  In other words Source can not force
Self to select for persistence what Self fundamentally finds dissonant
and unworthy of alotting a while to it.

     Remember there is manifestation and persistence, casting and

     Source can cast what Self does not approve of, but Source can not
force Self to approve of what is unapprovable.

     Source can not force self to continue what self does not approve

     Thus there is concordance between source and self that governs all
*PERSISTING* creation.

     The creator aspect (source=unconscious ground of manifestation) and
the approval aspect (sourcer=conscious unit) are two functional aspects
of the same whole.  Thus talking about the dual process of casted
manifestation and continuance in terms of a consequetive interplay of
two different entities, source and self, is a convenience at best.

> They reject the explanation because they feel minimized by it, but then are
> left with a much worse fate: some greater power put them here; but that
> puts a really big dent in their beliefs about self-determinism, and scares
> the shit out of them (leaving little of anything else left!)

     Allen, some day you will actually understand their position.
     Until then you fight your own strawmen, which are in fact
*CORRECTLY* put down for the exact reasons that you say.

     Congratulations, you are right.
     Unfortunately *NO ONE* holds the position you have debunked.

> Remember, everyone is at least a trace-amount pre-emptively defensive.

     Except you of course, who is WAY more than a trace amount defensive. 

> Approaching the void is terrifying to anyone who can't find himself therein.

     This is an arbitrary.

     And positions you as superior because you have the courage to face
the unconfrontable terror.

     There is no fear at truth on the tone scale.

     Of this I can ASSURE YOU.

     A something can look like a nothing to itself and of course this
will generate fear.  The being is coming UP through Being Nothing on the
tone scale.  Fear is a sign of impending life.
     A nothing could never look like a something to itself.

> Currently, I seem pretty much isolated but with infinite potential and no
> coherent competition.  The revamped ASC page will change everything.

    It will only change the number of tomatoes tossed in your direction.