LRH said "Once God created the universe, he became the Devil"
Creation of Human Ability.
    This is in part why Adore calls the thetan the Imp Soul, as it is the
mischievious Imp Soul that crafts his own ludicrous demise, and it is
getting the J.O.K.E. that resolves the demise.

    This impishness is not the heavy lugubriousness and massey evil one
finds at the bottom of the tone scale, but its hardly good either, as it
sets up catestrophic disasters with the twinkle of an eye.  The Imp Soul
however only does this to itself for its own edification, and others join
in because they too wish to engage in the majestic twinkle of the eye.

    Tragedy and Travesty Romance and Sin,
    Miracles in Majesty, that's where I've been.

    Miracles and majesty, romance and song,
    Tragedy and Travesty, that's where I've gone.
    Thrill is the effort to get lost.
    Romance is the effort to get home.
    Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge.


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