I believe it is incorrect to assert that one must merely tone down
from demand to mere want in order to get rid of something.  Demanding to
get rid of something and wanting to get rid of something are both
efforts to push away, and doing less of something wrong, pushing away,
is still a complete alter-is of the truth.

      Adore says that prior to the NOT WANTED is a WANTED.  Adore says
that the only way to fully as-is something, one must contact the WANTED
prior to the UNWANTED, at which point one is then putting it out there
with full operational acceptance.  Of course one accepts what one is
making willingly as an original creation.

      For example, LRH says the preclear chose his condition with full
knowingness and awareness exactly as he is now suffering it.  So at that
time it was WANTED and included an aesthetic.  The aesthetic sticks the
creation because its never duplicated, the wanted and the aesthetic are
'gone' to the pc's present time awareness

      The being chooses the condition, and then chooses to not know that
the condition is wanted and beautiful, and chooses to NOT WANT the
condition instead under the guise of he can't get rid of it, and he also
chooses to not know that he is choosing to not know he chose these

      The alter-is from wanted to unwanted is necessary to cause
persistence.  This is not a mistake or a flaw, as there are no such

      The being is trying to vanish unwanteds by taking responsibility
OVER the unwanted, but this still denies his responsibility FOR the
unwanted.  The subtle change from responsibility FOR, to responsibility
OVER is enough of an alter-is to cause a persistence which is why
talking responsibility over as a sole procedure never works and results
in games that one can never win as everything persists by default of the

      (To take responsibility over something means to add your cause into
an existing situation to make it better.

      To take repsonsibility for something, means to own up to having
created the situation in the first place.)


Mon Jun  8 15:36:25 EDT 2015